Aquarium notes. The octopus; or, The 'devil-fish' of fiction and of fact

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123. oldal - A Handbook of Architectural Styles. Translated from the German of A. RoSENGARTEN by W. COLLETT-SANDARS. With 639 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, Coloured Frontispiece and Illustrations, cloth gilt, "]s.
111. oldal - On reaching it, one of the men struck it with his " gaff," when immediately it showed signs of life, reared a parrotlike beak, which they declare was " as big as a six-gallon keg," with which it struck the bottom of the boat violently.
109. oldal - Architeuthis dux. The body was cut in pieces by the fishermen for bait, and furnished many wheelbarrow loads. Mr. Gwyn Jeffreys % says Dr. Morch informed him that the beak of this animal was nine inches long. He adds that another huge cephalopod was stranded in 1860 or 1861, between Hillswick and Scalloway, on the west of Shetland. From a communication received by Professor Allman, it appears that its tentacles were 1 6 feet long, the pedal arms about half that length, and the mantle sac 7 feet.
43. oldal - He was much astonished at seeing at his feet a most extraordinary looking animal crawling towards the surf, which it had only just left. It was creeping on its eight legs, which from their soft and flexible nature, bent considerably under the weight of its body ; so that it was lifted by the efforts of its arms only a small distance from the rocks.
113. oldal - ... water at a tremendous pace. The men gave chase, and, after a hard pull in their frail canvas craft, came up with it, five miles out in the open Atlantic, and severed another of its arms and the head. These portions are now in the Dublin Museum. The shorter arms measure each 8 feet in length, and 15 inches round the base : the tentacular arms are said to have been 30 feet long. The body sank.
106. oldal - No. 5 was a group of women bathing in the sea ; one of them had been caught in the folds of a cuttle-fish, the others, in alarm, were escaping, leaving their companion to her fate. The cuttle-fish was represented on a huge scale, its eyes, eyelids, and mouth being made to move simultaneously by a man inside the head.
116. oldal - The White Rose. Cerise : A Tale of the Last Century. Brookes of Bridlemere. " Bones and I ; " or, The Skeleton at Home. "M. or N?
43. oldal - I now laid hold of one of the tentacles with my hand, and held it firmly, so that the limb appeared as if it would be torn asunder by our united strength. I soon gave it a powerful jerk, wishing to disengage it from the rocks to which it clung so forcibly by its suckers...
43. oldal - Beale endeavoured to stop it by pressing on one of its legs with his foot : but although he used considerable force for that purpose, its strength was so great that it several times liberated its member, in spite of all the efforts he could employ on the wet and slippery rocks.
103. oldal - ... snapping off its masts, tearing down the yards, and on the point of dragging it to the ''bottom, if the crew had not succeeded in cutting off its immense limbs with cutlasses and hatchets. De Montfort had good opportunities of obtaining information, for he was at one time an assistant in the geological department of the Museum of Natural History in Paris ; and wrote a work on conchology,t besides that already referred to.

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