London: A Complete Guide to ... Hotels, Places of Amusement, [and] Objects of Interest ... Also, a Directory ... of ... Houses in the Various Branches of Trade

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Herbert, 1872 - 179 oldal

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50. oldal - British empire, a public institution for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching, by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments, the application of science to the common purposes of life.
50. oldal - are desirous of forming a society for the cultivation of the science of natural history in all its branches, and more especially of the natural history of Great Britain and Ireland...
14. oldal - Among the public buildings, which can merely be enumerated here, are Westminster Hall, containing the supreme courts of justice ; and adjoining to which are the houses of lords and commons ; the Guildhall of the city ; the Sessions House; the Tower, an ancient fortress, in which are some public offices, a magazine and arsenal, the regalia of the kingdom, the mint, and a menagerie; the Tri.
50. oldal - ... for the communication to the society, and through it to the public, of all such useful inventions, improvements, and discoveries, as tend to that end.
14. oldal - ... groups of carriages are drawn up at the doors of the more elegant shops. Towards its upper extremity, Regent Street crosses Oxford Street; and the mass of streets West of it, throughout its length, may be said to include the residences of the greater part of the nobility, and other high classes in the metropolis. In this quarter are Old and New Bond Streets, and a number of the principal squares : Hanover, Grosvenor, and Berkeley Squares on the South of Oxford Street; and Cavendish, Manchester,...
176. oldal - He-plating done by the patent process. CUTLERY, WARRANTED. The most varied assortment of TABLE CUTLERY In the world, all warranted, is on sale at WILLIAM S. BURTON'S, at prices that are remunerative only because of the largeness of the sales.
21. oldal - The choir is divided from the body of the church by the organ gallery, which rests on eight beautiful Corinthian pillars. This, as well as the rest of the choir, presents much carving in wood, the work of the celebrated Gibbons. The choral service is performed here twice a-day.
69. oldal - ALLAN" LINE OF MAIL STEAMERS, Under Contract with the Government of Canada for the Conveyance of the CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS, RUNNING IN CONNECTION WITH THE GRAND TRUNK, BALTIMORE...
92. oldal - Her Majesty the Queen, their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the members of the Royal Family.
14. oldal - London, would be to enumerate all that other places in the kingdom are separately noted for, and would include nearly every article of utility or luxury ; for such are the facilities which the metropolis affords for the performance of all operations on an extensive scale, and such is the spirit of competition that exists among its industrious and enterprising inhabitants, that whatever speculation in art, manufactures, or commerce, holds out a fair promise for the advantageous employment of capital...

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