What Will People Say?

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Xulon Press, Incorporated, 2007 - 124 oldal
Many people today have been influenced by what people told them somewhere along the line be it in their families, their schools, colleges, workplace or even church and for the most part, this has had a negative influence on their outlook in life and especially on their personal dreams and visions. There are others whose actions reflect on what people will say about them and so they try to live other people's lives and frustrate themselves trying to please and impress others. "What will people say?" encourages us to live our lives as God sees it fit and to be ourselves. It exposes the dangers of concerning yourself with what people say and also reveals how wrong and insignificant negative comments by others can be. This book is an eye-opener for everyone who has been blinded one way or the other by what people said and through personal experiences, short stories and dialogues as well as instances from the Bible, the reader will realize that at the end of the day, only God has the last say. Hilary Amara was born in Freetown, Sierra-Leone in West Africa, where she spent almost three decades of her life before moving over to Germany in June of 2001, to join her husband Albert Amara, who is an active duty service member of the United States Army, assigned to Germany. She is a graduate of Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra-Leone. Hilary loves the Lord and has been faithful and dedicated to the things of God since she got saved in May of 1995. Hilary and her husband Albert are currently Deacons at Victory Through Faith Christian Fellowship Church in Kitzingen, Germany and they are blessed with two beautiful children, Joy (4), and David (2).

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