degrees of comparison ; giving the best prize to him that performs beft; a less valuable one to bin that comes up next to the belt: and another to the third, commendations, encouragement and advice to the reit; kecping up their hopes, that, by industry, they may excel another time. The names of those that obtain the prize, to be yearly printed in a lift.

The hours of each day are to be divided and disposed in such a manner as that some classes may be with the writing-maker, improving their hands; others with the matheinatical master, learning arithmetic, accounts, geography, ule of globes, drawing, mechanics, &c. while the rest are in the Engliíh school, under the English master's care.

Thus inttructed, youth will come out of this school fiited for learning any business, calling, or profession, except fuch wherein languages are required; and though unacquainied with any ancient or foreign tongue, they will be masters of their own, which is of more immediate and general use; and withal will have attained many other valuable accomplishments : the time usually spent in acquiring those languages, often without success, being here employed in laying such a foundation of knowledge and ability, as, properly in proved, may quality them to pass through and execute the several offices of civil life, with advantage and reputation to themselves and country.

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