The home of Shakspere illustrated and described

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Chapman and Hall, 1847 - 32 oldal
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18. oldal - All the time of her life a true and faithfull servant of her good God, never detected of any crime or vice ; in religion most sound ; in love to her husband most faithful and true; in friendship most constant; to what...
5. oldal - Arms is reported to have been brought from the neighbouring church of Bidford. From the house where Shakspere was born to the place where he obtained his "small Latin and less Greek," is but a short distance. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL is situated in the High Street, beside the Chapel of the Guild, or of the Holy Cross, a good specimen of the ecclesiastical architecture of the reign of Henry VII.; and the interior of which was originally decorated with a series of remarkable paintings; the principal being...
1. oldal - The walls of its squalid chambers are covered with names and inscriptions in every language by pilgrims of all nations, ranks, and conditions, from the prince to the peasant, and present a simple but striking instance of the spontaneous and universal bom \ge of mankind to the great poet of Nature.
17. oldal - ... it. The laxity of game-laws then, and the sympathy with which popular feeling regarded the act, re-echoed only the sentiments rendered popular by the constant singing of the Robin Hood ballads; and viewed such adventures much as we should regard the boyish robbing of an orchard. The plays and poems of the period abound with the expression of similar sentiments. In the play of The Merry Devil of Edmonton, mine Host and Sir John the Priest both join in the fun of deer-stealing ; the Host declaring,...
18. oldal - ... the envious. When all is spoken that can be said, a woman so furnished and garnished with virtue as not to be bettered, and hardly to be equalled by any.
30. oldal - Heere lyeth interred the bodye of Anne, wife of Mr. William Shakespeare, who depted. this life the 6th day of August, 1623, being of the age of 67 yeares. Vbera, tu, mater, tu lac vitamq. dedisti, Vae mihi; pro tanto munere saxa dabo ! Quam mallem, amoueat lapidem bonus Angel [us] ore, Exeat ut Christi Corpus, imago tua. Sed nil vota valent; venias cito, Christe; resurget, Clausa licet tumulo, mater, et astra petet.
6. oldal - a priest fit and able in knowledge to teach grammar freely to all scholars coming to the school in the said town to him, taking nothing of the scholars for their teaching.
30. oldal - HEERE LYETH INTERRED THE BODY OF ANNE, WIFE OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, WHO DEPTED THIS LIFE THE 6 DAY OF AVGV : 1623 BEING OF THE AGE OF 67 YEARES. Vbera tu mater, tu lac, vitamq. dedisti : Vae mihi, pro tanto munere saxa dabo. Quam mallem Amoueat lapidem bonus Angels, ore Exeat christi corpus imago tua : Sed nil votA valent ; venias cito, Christe, resurget ClausA licet tumulo mater, et AstrA petet.

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