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Green little vaulter in the sunny grass Leigh Hunt 356 Guvener B. is a sensible man J. R. Lowell 769 Had I a cave on some wild, distant shore Burns 168 Hail, beauteous stranger of the grove John Logan 342 Hail, holy Light, offspring of Heaven first born! Milton 297 Hail to the Chief who in triumph advances ! Scott 394 Hail to thee, blithe spirit ! - - Shelley 343 Hamelin Town's in Brunswick . . R. Brozwning 640 Happy insect : ever blest Js after Harte 355 Happy insect, what can be (Translation of Abraham Cowley) . - - - A nacreon 355 Happy the man, whose wish and care Pope 134 Hark! ah, the nightingale Afatt. Arnold 349 | Hark! forth from the abyss a voice proceeds Byron 71o Hark, hark the lark at heaven's gate sings

Shakespeare 344 Hark! the faint bells of the sunken city (Translation of Jas. Clarence Mangan). 14'. ..]/ueller 635 Hast thou a charm to stay the morning star Coleridge 28o Hal there comes he, with sweat (Translation of Charles T. Brooks) A lopstock 435 Have you heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay O. Jo. Holmes 743 Ha! whare ye gaun, ye crawlin' ferlie? Burns 357 Heap on more wood the wind is chill Scott 527 Hear the sledges with the bells . E. A. Poe 538 Heaven from all creatures hides the book of fate Pope 615 Heaven, what an age is this " . - C. Cotton 569 He is the freeman whom the truth makes free Coroer 461 He is the happy man whose life even now Cowper 57o He jests at scars that never felt a wound Shakespeare 100 He, making speedy way through spersed ayre Szenser 636

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In a land for antiquities greatly renowned
Jane Taylor 671

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In a valley centuries ago . - -
In a valley far away - - -
Indeed this very love which is my boast
A. B. Browning 1 to
I need not praise the sweetness of his song
7. R. Lowell 702
In either hand the hastening angel caught Milton 233
I never gave a lock of hair away E. B. Browning 1 ro
In good King Charles's golden days Amonymous 754
In heavy sleep the Caliph lay . ... }. F. C. 673
In Köln, a town of monks and bones Coleridge 736

A nonymous Thos. Dazis

In May, when sea-winds pierced R. Ho. Forterson 366
In Paestum's ancient fanes I trod R. W. Raymond 532
In Sana, O, in Sana, God, the Lord . G. H. Baker 5-3
In slumbers of midnight the sailor-boy lay
W. Dimond 484
In summer, when the days were long Anonymous So
In the ancient town of Bruges Longfellow 577
In the days that tried our fathers R. H. Mewell 775
In the fair gardens of celestial peace . H. B. Szczee 176
In the hollow tree in the old gray tower
Aarry Corozoal! 354
R. Herrick 263
Punch 7.58
. G. H. McMaster 446

In the hour of my distress -
In the merry month of May -
In their ragged regimentals .
In the silence of my chamber . . W. A. Aytown 231
In the sweet shire of Cardigan - 14 ordsworth 245
In this one passion man can strength enjoy

Po/e 6or In vain the cords and axes were prepared H. Falconer 485 In Xanadu did Kubla Khan - Coleridge 643 Iphigenia, when she heard her doom IP. S. Landor 678 I prithee send me back my heart . Sir 7. Suckling 47 I remember, I remember . - . T. Hood 19 I saw him kiss your cheek! . - C. Portzitore 78 I saw him once before - - . O. W. Holmes 225 I saw two clouds at morning . 3. G. C. Brainard 57

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King Francis was a hearty king . . Leigh //iant 574 Kissing her hair, I sat against her feet A. C. Swinburne to? Kiss me softly and speak to me low . J. G. Sare 78 Know ye the land where the cypress and myrtle

Byron 337 Lambro, our sea-solicitor, who had . Byron 555 Lars Porsena of Clusium - . T. B. Macaulay 431 Last night, among his fellow roughs Sir F. H. Doyle 385 Laud the first spring daisies . - Edward ) out 307 Lawn as white as driven snow . . Shakespeare 562 Laws, as we read in ancient sages . Beattle 600 Lay him beneath his snows - . Miss Jsulock 713 Leave wringing of your hands. - Shakespeare 679 “Less wretched if less fair” . E. B. Browning 453

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Man's love is of man's life a thing apart Byron 5-ro “Man wants but little here below " . J. Q. Adams 567 Many a green isle needs must be . Shelley 335 March, march, Ettrick and Teviotdale Scott 3/6

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Mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning is asser 98 Men dying make their wills – but wives J. G. Sarae 729 Merrily swinging on brier and weed H'. C. Bryant 345 Merry Margaret . - - - - John Skrit on 38 Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam

3. H. Payne 133 Mild offspring of a dark and sullen sire H. A. H hite 366 Mine be a cot beside the hill . . Rogers t34 Mine eyes have seen the glory . . 3. Jo. Hoove 462 Mine eyes he closed, but open left the cell

Milton 12Moan, moan, ye dying gales' . . Henry Veele 224 More strange than true: I never may believe

Shakespeare 5 Mortals, awake! with angels join . Medley 27: Most potent, grave, and reverend signiors

Shakespeare 99 Most sweet it is with unuplifted eyes Wordsworth sto Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast

Congrove 585 “Music!” they shouted, echoing my demand

Bavaro sayser ros

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My curse upon thy venomed stang Burns 602 | Now upon Syria's land of roses T. Moore 337
My dear and only love, I pray Earl of Montrose 6o Now westward Sol had spent the richest beams
“My ear-rings, my ear-rings” . ... j. G. Lockhart 96 R. Crashaw 35o
My eyes | how I love you . . A nonymous 74 O, a dainty plant is the ivy green C. Dickens 370

My genius spreads her wing - . Goldsmith 536 Oaths terminate, as Paul observes, all strife
My gentle Puck, come hither . . ShakesAeare 655 Cowper 594
My girl hath violet eyes and yellow hair R. Buchanan 103 O beauteous God uncircumscribed treasure

My God, I love thee! not because (Translation of Jeremy Taylor 266
Edward Caswell) . . . . St F. Xavier 257 O blest of heaven, whom not the languid songs
My hair is gray, but not with years Byront 551 J/ark A kenside 630
My hawk is tired of perch and hood Scott 517 O blithe new comer I have heard M ordsworth 342
My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains O, breathe not his name ! - - T. Moore 455
John A. eats 236
My heart leaps up when I behold . Wordsworth 323 O Caledonia stern and wild . - Jocott 441
My heart 's in the Highlands . . Burns 514 O, came yeower by the Yoke-burn Ford James Hogg 50o
My heid is like to rend, Willie . J.P. Motherwell 174 O dearest Lamb, take thou my heart |
My letters' all dead paper, mute and white Asoravian Collection 276
E. B. Browning 111 |O, deem not they are blest alone H'. C. Bryant 610
My life is like the summer rose . . R. //, // 'ilate 610 O, dinna ask me gin I lo'e ye Dunloa 79
My little love, do you remember . Buswer-Lytton 77 O'er the glad waters of the dark blue sea Byron 478
My loved, my honored, much-respected friend O saint, delicious, springtime violet ! It'. W. Story 367
Burns 291 O fairest of creation, last and best Milton 13o
My love he built me a bonnie bower Anonymous 207 || Of all the girls that are so smart . . Harry Carey 52
My love, I have no fear that thou shouldst die Of all men, saving Sylla the man-slayer Byron 711
7. R. Lowell 126 Of all the notable things on earth 7. G. Sare 728
My love in her attire doth show her wit Anonymous 47 Of all the thoughts of God that are E. B. Browning 576
My minde to me a kingdom is H'm. Byrd 565 Of all the torments, all the cares Hon. It alsh 59
My mother sighed, the stream of pain }. P. Curran 426 Of a the airts the wind can blaw . Burns 153
My mule refreshed, his bells - . Rogers 335 | O Father, let me not die young . . Amonymous 288
My name is Norval: on the Grampian hills Of Nelson and the North - - Campdell 486
John Home 502 |O for a lodge in some vast wilderness C, wer 462
My native land, thy Puritanic stock R. H. Vewell 774 O, formed by nature, and refined by art T. Tickell 123
My prime of youth is but a frost of cares C. Zychóorn 613 Oft have I seen, at some cathedral door Longfellow 527
My sister my sweet sister l if a name Byron 138 Oft in the stilly night . - - . T. Jacore 227
My soul to-day - - - T. B. Read 631 O gentle, gentle summer rain. . Bennett 607
Mysterious night ! when our first parent knew O God, methinks, it were a happy life Shakespeare 135
Blanco White 3oz O God : our help in ages past. - H atts 271
My true love hath my heart, and I have his O God though sorrow be my fate (Translation)
Sir Ph. Sidney 57 Asary Queen of Astangary 262
My voice is still for war . . . A doison 435 | O, go not yet, my love - - . Tennyson 146
Nearer, my God, to thee . - . S. F. A dams 278 O happiness our being's end and aim Pope 57.1
Needy knife-grinder whither are you going? O happy day that fixed my choice Doddridge 275
G. Canning 726 |O, happy, happy, thrice happy state T. A food 758
Never any more . - - - A. Browning 166 Oh! best of delights, as it everywhere is T. Moore 85
Never wedding, ever wooing . Camoe.'” 64 O hearts that never cease to yearn A nonymous 176
Next to thee, O fair gazelle . • Bayard Taylor 359 || Oh it is excellent . - - - Shakes/etre 595
Night is the time for rest . - . Montgomery 303 O, lay thy hand in mine, dear ! Creraua 4/4ssey 124
Night was again descending . - A’ogers 332 O, how the thought of God attracts Aother 284
No more these simple flowers belong Whittier 703 || O, I have passed a miserable night ! ShakesAeare 578
No single virtue we could most commend Dryden 196 || O Italy, how beautiful thou art Rogers 531
No stir in the air, no stir in the sea Southey 482 O, it is pleasant, with a heart at ease Coleridge 634
No sun – no moon | - - - 7. //coa/ 317 | Old man, God bless you ! (Translation of Charles -
Not a drum was heard, nor a funeral note Chats. It’oss 717 T. Brooks) - - - Pfeffel 398
Not a sous had he got Thomas /noosasov, Esq. 767 | Old Master Brown brought his serule down
Not far advanced was morning day Scott 387 A nonymous 26
Nothing but leaves; the spirit grieves Anonymous 269 | Old Tubal Cain was a man of might C. Mackay 376
Not as you meant, O lear led man A. D. F. Rando/ok 275 | Old wine to drink I - - . R. H. A sessenger 609
Not in the laughing bowers - . Anonymous 223 O lovely Mary Donelly, it's you I love the best
Not only we, the latest seed of Time Tennyson 558 ls'. A 'singham 52
Now came still evening on, and twilight gray O. luve will venture in where it daurna weel be seen
Milton 3ol. Burns 53
Now has the lingering month at last gone by O Marcius, Marcius . - - . Shakes/eare 33
H'm. Morris 83 O Mary, at thy window be . - Burns 51
Now ponder well, you parents dear A nonymous 10 O Mary, go and call the cattle home C. Kingsley 483
Now stop your noses, readers, all and some O melancholy bird, a winter's day Lord / hurlow 353
Dryden 719 O mighty Caesar ! dost thou lie so low Shakespeare 693
Now the bright morning star, day's harbinger O Mistress mine, where are you roaming? ShakesAeare 51
A/f/fore 31o O mother dear, Jerusalem . - David IDickson 257
Now the last day of many days . . Sheffey 333 O mother of a mighty race . - H'. C. Bryant 444
Now there's peace on the shore . J. G. Lockhart 406 O. my God can it be possible I have Shelley 695
Now the third and fatal conflict . . R. C. Trezech 581 O my lurve 's like a red, red rose Burns 144

! Now to the haven of thy breast . Chas. H 'esley 273 O, my love's like the steadfast sun A. Cunningham 127 -T-I -L

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R. Ryan 5o O say, can you see by the dawn's early light

F. S. Key 447 O say, what is that thing called Light C. Ciober 244 O, sing unto my roundelay ! . - T. Chatterfort 206 O, snatched away in beauty's bloom Byron 188 O that the chemist's magic art - Rogers 607 O that those lips had language . Cowper 18 O the banks of the Lee, the banks of the Lee

Thos. Darris 126 O the broom, the yellow broom Mary Howitt 366 O the charge at Balaklava A. B. Meek 406 O the days are gone when beauty bright T. Moore 167 O, the French are on the say! . . Amonymous 455

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O the pleasant days of old . -
O the snow, the beautiful snow
O, those little, those little blue shoes
O thou of home the guardian Lar
O thou vast Ocean : - . Barry Cornwall 472
O trifling toys that toss the brains Anonymous 611
O unexpected stroke, worse than of death

J/r/for 232 O unseen spirit now a calm divine ochn Sterling 200 Our band is few, but true and tried W. C. Bryant 446 Our bugles sang truce, — for the night-cloud had

lowered . - - - - Caznaćell

Our Father Land 1 and wouldst thou know

Samuel Lover 591

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Pauline, by pride - - - Bulwer-Lytton 159
Pause not to dream of the future before us
F. S. Osgood 425
Peace let the long procession come R. H. Stoddard 715
Peace what can tears avail? . . Barry Cornwall 151
Phillis is my only joy . - - . Sir C. Sedoey 48
Pibroch of Donuil Dhu . . . Scott 393
Piped the blackbird on the beechwood spray
Z". H'estwood 631
Pleasant it was, when woods were green Longfellow 566
Pleasing "t is, O modest Moon : . . H. A. Ji hite 421
Ponderous projectiles, hurled by heavy hands
R. H. Wewell 774
“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”
A/iss Mock 425
Praise to God, immortal praise A. L. Barðauld 278
Prize thou the nightingale (Translation of John
Bowring) . . . . . M. 1. Poisscher 348

Put the broidery frame away . . E. B. Browning 139

Quivering fears, heart-tearing cares Sir H. Wotton

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