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ONE hue of our flag is taken
From the cheeks of my blushing pet,

And its stars beat time and sparkle
Like the studs on her chemisette.

Its blue is the ocean shadow
That hides in her dreamy eyes,

And it conquers all men, like her,
And still for a Union flies.

Several members of the committee find that this “anthem has too much of the Anacreon spice to suit them. We next peruse a

NATIONAL ANTHEM. by thomi as bailey A-.

THE little brown squirrel hops in the corn,
The cricket quaintly sings;
The emerald pigeon nods his head,
And the shad in the river springs;
The dainty sunflower hangs its head
On the shore of the summer sea;
And better far that I were dead,
If Maud did not love me.

I love the squirrel that hops in the corn, And the cricket that quaintly sings; And the emerald pigeon that nods his head, And the shad that gayly springs. I love the dainty sunflower, too, And Maud with her snowy breast; I love them all ; but I love — I love — I love my country best. This is certainly very beautiful, and sounds somewhat like Teanyson. Though it may be rejected by the committee, it can never lose its value as a piece of excellent reading for children. It is calculated to fill the youthful mind with patriotism and natural history, beside touching the youthful heart with an emotion palpitat

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Balow, my babe, ly stil and sleipe 1
Beautiful Fveivn Hope is dead . -
Beautiful! Sir, you may say so .
Beautiful, sublime, and glorious. . B. Borton 471
Beautiful was the night . Longfellow 5so
Because I breathe not love to everie one Sir Ph. Sidney 64
Before I trust my fate to thee. A/iss Procter 63
Before Jehovah's awful throne Ji'affs 284
Before proud Rome's imperial throne B. Brrtore 459
Hehold her single in the field Ji or 'sovorzh 570
Behold the flag Is it not a flag” R. H. Verve/F 775
Behold the sea - . R. Ji'. Emerson 625
Behold the young, the rosy Spring (Translation of
Thomas Moore) . - - A macreon 309
Behold this ruin ' 'T' was a skull Anonymous 622
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms

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Darkness is thinning (Translation of J. M. Neale
St. Gregory the Great 258
Daughter of God that sitt'st on high Wm. Tennent 373
Day dawned; within a curtained room Barry Cornwall 195
Day hath put on his jacket . - O. J.P. Hø/mes 739
Day in melting purple dying . Maria Brooks 156
Day of wrath, that day of burning
Trans by A &r. Coles, M. D. 262
Day set on Norham's castled steep Jocort 525
Day stars that ope your frownless eyes Horace Smith 363
Dead : one of them shot by the sea in the east
E. B. Browning 192

Dear Chloe, while the busy crowd AW. Cotton 135
Deep in the wave is a coral grove 9. G. Percizal 476
Defer not till to-morrow to be wise Congreve 616
Did you hear of the Widow Malone, Ohone :
Chats. Lever Ios
Did your letters pierce the queen Shakes/eare 233
Die down, O dismal day, and let me live Pazzia Gray 304
Dip down upon the northern shore Tennyson 304
Deserted by the waning moon Thos. Diódin 479
Does the road wind up-hill all the way? C. G. Rossetti 261
Do we indeed desire the dead Tennyson 183
Down deep in a hollow, so damp Mrs. R. S. Micho's 672
Down in yon garden sweet and gay Anonymous 202
Down the dimpled greensward dancing Geo. Darley 11
Dow's Flat. That 's its name . F. B. Harte 764
Do you ask what the birds say? Coleridge 45
Drink to me only with thine eyes (Translation of
Ben Jonson) . - - - Philostratus 608
Drop, drop, slow tears . P. Fletcher 258
Duncan Gray cam' here to woo Burns 106
Early on a sunny morning . - Anonymous 93
Earth has not anything to show more fair l'ordsworth 528

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Fair pledges of a fruitful tree . R. Herrick. 361
Fair Portia's counterfeit? What demi-god
Shakespeare 4o
Fair ship that from the Italian shore Tennyson 1S2
Fair stood the wind for France . M. Drayton 386
False diamond set in flints W. C. Bryant 97
False world, thou ly'st ; thou canst not lend
F. Quarles 612
Fare thee well and if forever . Ayron 149
Farewell, a long farewell, to all my greatness
ShakesAeare 237
Farewell, - farewell to thee, Araby's daughter
T. J.Moore 197
Farewell if ever fondest prayer Byron 1.49
Farewell, life my senses swim T. Hood 239
Farewell I thou art too dear for my possessing
Shakespeare 1.5o
Farewell, thou busy world, and may . C. Cotton 572
Farewell to Lochaber, and Iarewell my Jean
4. A'amsay 148
Far to the right where Apennine ascends Goldsmith 530
Father of all in every age - Pope 269
Father thy wonders do not singly stand Jones Pery 266
Fear no more the heat o' the sun Shakespeare 190
Fear not, O little flock the foe (Transl.) M. A stenburg 396

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