Annual Report of the Adjutant-General ... for the Year Ending ...

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143. oldal - Bow down, dear Land, for thou hast found release! Thy God, in these distempered days, Hath taught thee the sure wisdom of His ways, And through thine enemies hath wrought thy peace! Bow down in prayer and praise ! No poorest in thy borders but may now Lift to the juster skies a man's enfranchised brow.
139. oldal - Wut's words to them whose faith an' truth On War's red techstone rang true metal, Who ventered life an' love an' youth For the gret prize o' death in battle? To him who, deadly hurt, agen Flashed on afore the charge's thunder, Tippin' with fire the bolt of men Thet rived the Rebel line asunder?
88. oldal - the brave heart, the trusty heart, the deep, unfathomable heart," in words of more than mortal eloquence, uttered though unexpressed, speak the emotions of grateful veneration for which these lips of mine are alike too feeble and unworthy. General, I accept these relics in behalf of the people and the government. They will be preserved and cherished amid all the vicissitudes of the future as mementoes of brave men and noble actions.
88. oldal - ... thankful memories of a deliverance wrought out for human nature itself, unexampled by any former achievement of arms ; immortal memories with immortal honors blended, — twine around these splintered staves, weave themselves along the warp and woof of these familiar flags, war-worn, begrimed, and baptized with blood. "Let the 'brave heart, the trusty heart, the deep, unfathomable heart...
86. oldal - MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY, — We have come here to-day as the representatives of the army of volunteers furnished by Massachusetts for the suppression of the Rebellion, bringing these colors in order to return them to the State who intrusted them to our keeping. You must, however, pardon us if we give them up with profound regret; for these tattered shreds forcibly remind us of long and fatiguing marches, cold bivouacs, and many hard-fought battles. The rents in their folds, the battle-stains...
135. oldal - ... Island, though the smallest, is tenth in rank of all the States as a producer, and her people are consequently rich and prosperous. If, in the later years of the war, they found substitutes in large numbers, it must be, at the same time, remembered, that they contributed more largely than any other State, in proportion to numbers, to that noblest of all charities — the Sanitary Commission. But Englishmen will very likely say, " Give us an instance of any but a New England State; they are exceptional.
87. oldal - ... the courage and constancy shown, that the nation might live. It is, sir, a peculiar satisfaction and pleasure to us, that you, who have been an honor to the state and nation, from your marked patriotism and fidelity throughout the war, and have been identified with every organization before you, are now here to receive back, as the state custodian of her precious relics, these emblems of the devotion of her sons. May it please your excellency, the colors of the Massachusetts volunteers are returned...
664. oldal - General Read was killed and his small force overpowered. This caused a delay in the enemy's movements, and enabled General Ord to get well up with the remainder of his force, on meeting which, the enemy immediately intrenched himself.
137. oldal - ... of the war, an army equal in numbers to the total volunteer force now under arms in Great Britain. Rhode Island is not so populous as Sheffield ;'and in eighteen months she armed and sent South, 15,000 of her citizens. I know that England, in like need, would be equal to a like effort. Let us honor, then, as they deserve, the people of our own lineage, to whom the call has come, and who have met it. I need scarcely pause to note how the Northern people have paid in purse as well as in person.
143. oldal - Biglow Papers": — " Bow down, dear Land, for thou hast found release ! Thy God, in these distempered days, Hath taught thee the sure wisdom of His ways, And through thine enemies hath wrought thy peace...

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