Reports of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government Board [Great Britain]. 1905/06 suppl

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1907

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236. oldal - It is always to be desired that the people should, as far as possible know what real precautions they can take against the disease which threatens them, what vigilance is needful with regard to its early symptoms, and what (if any) special arrangements have been made for giving medical assistance within the district. For the purpose of such information, printed hand-bills or placards...
244. oldal - ... of good bricks, stone, or other hard and incombustible materials properly bonded and solidly put together : — (a.) With good mortar compounded of good lime and clean sharp sand, or other suitable material ; or (6.) With good cement ; or (c.) With good cement mixed with clean sharp sand.
234. oldal - Disease. (1) Wherever there is prevalence or threatening of cholera, diphtheria, fever, or any other epidemic disease, it is of more than common importance that the statutory powers conferred upon Sanitary Authorities for the protection of the public health should be well exercised by those Authorities, acting with the advice of their Medical Officers of Health.
245. oldal - Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing byelaws shall be liable for every such offence to a penalty of five pounds, and in the case of a continuing offence to a further penalty of forty shillings for each day after written notice of the offence from the Council...
254. oldal - Order, 1898 (herein-after referred to as " the Order "), We, the Local Government Board, made certain rules and regulations with respect to public vaccination; And whereas it is expedient that the Order should be altered so that such provision as is herein-after set forth may be made in relation to the subject-matter of the Order : Now therefore, in pursuance of the powers given to Us by the statutes in that behalf.
236. oldal - ... it is essential that, where cholera is epidemic, arrangements should be made for affording medical relief without delay to persons attacked, even slightly, with looseness of bowels. So again, where small-pox is the prevailing disease, it is essential that all unvaccinated persons (unless they previously have had small-pox) should very promptly be vaccinated ; and that revaccination should be performed in cases properly requiring it.
245. oldal - Provided, nevertheless, that the> justices, or Court before whom any complaint may be made or any proceedings may be taken in respect of any such, offence may, if they think fit, adjudge the payment as a penalty of any sum less than the full amount of the penalty imposed by this regulation. COMMENCEMENT OF THE REGULATIONS. 19. These regulations shall come into force on and after the day of 18 REVOCATION OF REGULATIONS.* 20.
240. oldal - ... shall not be too far distant from the population for which it is intended, a due regard to public health requires that it shall not be dangerously near. The most suitable distance will vary in different cases; it will be greater in the case of a large than of a small cemetery; greater also in the case of a large and rapidly extending town than in that of a small and stationary village.
248. oldal - systematic inspections " are meant inspections independent of such inquiries as the medical officer of health may have to make into particular outbreaks of disease, or into unwholesome conditions to which his attention has been specially called by complaints or otherwise ; and such inspections will include the house-to-house inspections which may be necessary in particular localities. In making systematic inspections, as in much of his other action, the medical officer of health will usually have...
254. oldal - To the Board of Guardians of every Poor Law Union in England and Wales ;— To the Public Vaccinators...

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