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The New Vellum-wove Club-house Paper. Manufactured and sold only by PARTRIDGE & COOPER, 192, Fleet Street, Corner of Chancery Lane. "Oh for the power of easy writing-that would be easy reading! Did the noble poet who penned that exclamation live in our day he would find his wish gratified. The man who, with a sheet of Partridge and Cooper's vellum-wove clubhouse note paper before him, could not write fluently and beautifully would be a sorry writer indeed, and he who could not read with facility whatever was written on this exquisitely smooth and ivory-like substance ought to give up reading altogether. We have seen and tried paper of divers qualities and of many degrees of fineness, and we feel bound to declare that this is incomparably the finest, the smoothest, and best. Made, not of straw, or other cheap material, but of the choicest linen fabrics, and manufactured with peculiar skill, this is emphatically the paper for gentlemen and ladies to use, and we have much pleasure in recommending it to all who desire a really superior article in the way of note paper.'

Civil Service Gazette.
Sample Packet post free for 19 stamps.


192, Fleet Street (Corner of Chancery Lane).


NOTE PAPER, Cream or Blue, 3s., 4s., 58., and 68. per ream.
ENVELOPES, Cream or Blue, 48. 6d., 58. 6d., and 6s. 6d. per 1,000.
THE TEMPLE ENVELOPE, with High Inner Flap, 18. per 100.
STRAW PAPER-Improved quality, 2s. 6d. per ream.
FOOLSCAP, Hand-made Outsides, 8s. 6d. per ream.
BLACK-BORDERED NOTE, 48. and 68. 6d. per ream.
BLACK-BORDERED ENVELOPES, 18. per 100-Super thick quality.
TINTED LINED NOTE, for Home or Foreign Correspondence (five
colours), 5 quires for 18. 6d.

COLOURED STAMPING (Relief), reduced to 48. 6d. per ream, or 88. 6d. per 1,000. Polished Steel Crest Dies engraved from 5s. Monograms, two letters, from 5s.; three letters, from 78. Business or Address Dies, from 3s.

SERMON PAPER, plain, 48. per ream; Ruled ditto, 48. 6d.
SCHOOL STATIONERY supplied on the most liberal terms.

Illustrated Price List of Inkstands, Despatch Boxes, Stationery, Cabinets, Postage Scales, Writing Cases, Portrait Albums, &c., post free.



Tottles induded, applied to the leading clubs, pe 128. per dozen

E. GALLAIS & CO., Wine Growers in Médoc, 61, Regent Street, and 27, Margaret Street, Regent Street, London, W.

[R. HOWARD, Surgeon-Dentist, 52, Fleet Stree TEETH, fixed without springs, wires, or ligatures; they so perfect resemble the natural teeth as not to be distinguished from the origina by the closest observer. They will never change colour or decay, an will be found superior to any teeth ever before used. This metho does not require the extraction of roots or any painful operation, an will support and preserve teeth that are loose, and is guaranteed restore articulation and mastication. Decayed teeth stopped and re dered sound and useful in mastication. 52, Fleet Street.

Consultations free.

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To be had of all Perfumers and Chemists throughout the Kingdom, and at Angel Passage, 93, Upper Thames Street, London.


IESSE & LUBIN'S WHITE ROSE. "Then will I raise aloft the milk-white rose,

With whose sweet smell the air, shall be perfumed."

Shakspeare. Sold in Bottles, 2s. 6d. and 58. LABORATORY of FLOWERS, 2, New Bond Street, London, W.

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Queries, with No. 134, July 23, 1870.





[blocks in formation]

Five eggs, 431

"My Child's father," 272

Smile: laugh, slang words, 296

A. (E. H.) on Hucknall under Huthwaite, 32

A. (E. M. W.) on Gunpowder Plot, 222


Esop's Fables," Froben's editions, 34
A. (G. R.) on a Scotch ballad, 568

A. (H.) on rare-overs for meddlers, 257
Airlie, burning of the bonnie house of, 398
Aitken (H. E.) on Chatterton, 455
A. (J. E. F.) on genealogical queries, 380
A. (J. E. J.) on Sir John of Clarence, 412
Albums, their fate, 527

Alciphron on Liverpool typography, 316
Alden, or Aldon family, arms, 520
Alfred (King), removal of his remains, 578
Ali, Dey, a military officer, 145
Alloa House, burning of, 111, 236
Almsgiving, seven degrees of, 581
Alpha on an incident in journalism, 60
Panegyric on the ladies, 214

Alphabet keeper, 558

Alpine travelling, 191

Alréennes, Les Trois, 516

Rubens's "Loves of the Centaurs," &c., 276
Shakspeariana, 189

Alsike, the trifolium hybridum, 76

A. (L. T.) on Dr. Benjamin Franklin, 518

Altars of stone in churches, 296

Alto-rilievo, the Holy Family, 145, 215
America and the Bible, 31, 106; French missionaries

in, 338; privately-printed books, 358
American civil war, date of its close, 504
Americanisms, 61

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Arms not granted to namesakes, 358

Arnold (Dr. Thomas), Life by Dean Stanley, 29

Arnot family monuments, 92, 135

Art Catalogue of Books, 239

Arts in the middle ages, 306
Aryan nations, mythology of, 393

A. (S.) on Beza's New Testament, 28, 259

Asgill (John), MS. memoirs of, 146, 569 Ashbourne church, in Derby, dedication stone, 27

Ashur, its meaning, 598

Asmonean, origin of the word, 22, 232, 283 Athias (Joseph), printer at Amsterdam, 314 Atkinson (J. C.) on Patronymic "-ing," 559 Provincial Glossary, 363

Pickeridge, &c., 104

Rock basins, 169

Thornton as a local name, 521

Attorneys, Roll of, 225, 522

Aubrey (W. H. S.), on Palmerston's dismissal, 576

Auctioneer's hammer, 272, 367

Australian law courts, 60, 348

Autographs, fictitious, 54, 550
Autographs or lithographs, 224, 330, 517
Automaton chess-player, 402, 509, 563
Avares, or shepherds of India, 198, 542, 605
A. (W.) on Andrew Cant, 377

Roman inscription, 201

A. (W. E. A.) on armorial book-plates, 286
Fanquei and Pang, 32, 105

Axon (W. E. A.) on Liverpool typography, 519

Man in the Iron Mask, 73 Polynesian tract, 533 Provincial Glossary, 564 Scrimshaw (Jane), longevity, 522 Winnington (Thomas), M.P., 370 Axtell family of Berkhampstead, 103 Azarias, his will, 358

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Privately-printed books in America, 358
Barrow (Dr. Isaac), "Sermons and Fragments," 292
Barrymore (Lawrence, last Earl of), 421
Barton (Rev. James), family, 31

Basques, origin of the, 89, 229, 331, 411, 498
Bates (Wm.) on anonymous works, 274

Bisset (James), 67, 368
Booty, apparition of Old, 185
Cant (Andrew), 472
Cocker's "Arithmetic," 205
Carey (William), biography, 481
Elegy on Sir William D'Avenant, 576
Gallery of Comicalities, 43
Geddes (Janet), 459

[blocks in formation]

Bedell, origin of the name, 601

Bedell (Bp. Wm.), descendants, 311, 591; tomb, 485

Bedford, its etymology, 532

Bedo (George) on court or manor-house, 366

Chaucer's bob-up-and-down, 159

Cinque Ports Doomsday Book, 118
Crassipies, 217
Crests on helmets, 184
Faversham church, 533
Flints for building, 570

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Queries, with No. 134, July 23, 1870,

[blocks in formation]

Bell, the great, of St. Paul's, 418, 455

Bell inscriptions, 22, 315, 352, 407, 436; Dagtale, 90, 327, 437

Bell literature, 117, 143, 184

Bells in Norfolk, 117, 197, 237, 305, 332; at St. Mary's, Oxford, 445; English legends on them, 597 Belsize House, at Hampstead, 1

Bemond explained, 253

Bempde (Van den), family, 33

Benham (W.) on Morton family, 548
Bennet (Rev. George) of Carlisle, 50, 160
Bentham (Jeremy), lines on, 244, 303; common-place
books, 379, 408; antithesis of, 579

Berjeau (C.) on singing mice, 368

Berkshire Naturalists' Club, 274

[blocks in formation]

Bible, Vulgate, reading of 2 Chron. xxxii. 22, 146, 238; edit. of 1516, 226 Bibliography, its study, 555

Bibliothecar. Chetham. on Baptism for the dead, 424

Bible known to heathens, 262

"Historie of a Mayden of Confolens," 371
Machiavelli and Aristotle, 331

Bingham (C. W.) on early alto-rilievo, 145

Document = precept, 160
Hymnology, 32

Mourning, rules for, 118

"The Fruit Barrow," a painting, 118 Binns (R. W.) on sword-blade inscriptions, 388 Torture at Nuremberg, 255

Biography, Handbook of Contemporary, 190
Birch (Col.) of Birch Hall, 558, 605
Birds' eggs unlucky to keep, 370, 516
Birds in church towers, 532

Birnham Wood, 559

Bisque, a gaming-house, 31

[blocks in formation]

Tennyson's "Idylls of the King," 537 Weston, the treacherous Englishman, 535 Blair (Sir James), Burns's poem on his death, 593 Blandford (G. F.) on Provincial Glossary, 363 Blaudyck at Stonyhurst college, 496 Blenkinsopp (E. C. L.) on Greek printing, 351 Italian and Spanish languages, 606 Blewitt (John), musical composer, 188 Blomfield (G. B.) on St. Emmeran: Bolbona, 561 Blore (Thomas), "Rutlandshire," 465 "Blue Boy," another painting, 31

Blumberg (H. d'Arnim) on "Corde de Pendu," 390 B. (L. W.) on art queries, 339

Boat race, the first Oxford and Cambridge, 374 Bobbies and Charlies, 342

Boggarts and Feorin, 23, 156, 216, 287, 365, 517

Bohemia, letter of Elizabeth queen of, 339
Bohemian ballad literature, 556, 605

Böhm (C.) on the derivation of vampire, 522
Bolbona, a Cistercian monastery, 561
Bolle family, 106

Bonaparte (Napoleon), did he visit Rome? 118, 259; in Palestine, 580

Bonaparte (Napoleon Louis), his death, 228
Bonaventura (Card.), his "Memoirs," 51
Bone (J. W.) on Friday, an unlucky day, 365

Mutual forgiveness, 543

Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris, letters in, 489

Bigsby (Dr. Robert) on Ordre Impérial Asiatique, &c., Bookbuyers, swindling, 223


Book inscription, 469

James II., his flight, 358

Lucas's MS." History of Warton," 317 Snape, or nape, a local termination, 388 Bonfire or Bonefire, 519

Book-plates, armorial, 65, 210
Books, notes in, 172

Books privately printed in America, 358
Books published by subscription, 59

Books recently published:

Adlard's Amye Robsart, 164

Anacreon in English, by T. J. Arnold, 218

Almanacks, local, 25

Annual Register, 393

Atchley's Builders' Price Book, 136

Bacon (Francis), Baron Verulam, Letters and Life,


Bannister's Glossary of Cornish Names, 136

[blocks in formation]

Books recently published:-

MacCarthy's Two Lovers of Heaven, 500
Maclean's Parochial History of Trigg Minor, 523
Margoliouth's Vestiges of Historic Anglo-Hebrews,

Marlowe's Works, by Col. Cunninghan, 218
Marriott's Testimony of the Catacombs, 572
Martin's Handbook of Contemporary Biography,


Montagu (Marquise de), Memoirs, 353
Morris's Glossary for North Lancashire, 109
Naunton's Fragmenta Regalia, 353
Noble's Memorials of Temple Bar, 287
Osborn's Outlines of Wesleyan Bibliography, 438
Palmer's Topography of St. Pancras, 439
Pepys's Diary, 288

Pick's Dictionary of the French Language, 164
Pickford's Week in the Yorkshire Dales, 109
Piers the Ploughman's Visions, 353
Putney, the old houses at, 190

Pyne's England and France, 267

Register of Lands held by Catholics and Nonjurors,


Recreations of a Recluse, 413

Rob Roy, by Sir Walter Scott, 413
Robinson's Mushroom Culture, 549
Roxburghe Ballads, 79

Rushton's Shakespeare Illustrated, 136
Schmitz's Lectures on the History of Rome, 190
Scott's Waverley and Guy Mannering, 190, 307,

523; Rob Roy, 413; Old Mortality, 459, 592
Shakespear Museum, 572

Shipley's Examination of Conscience, 80
Shipton (Mother), Prophecies, 353
Smith's English-Latin Dictionary, 190
Smith's English Guilds, 523
Sonnenschein's English Method of Teaching to
Read, 136

Stanhope (Earl), History of England, 333
Steinmetz on the Gaming-Table, 549
Stone's History of Lichfield Cathedral, 218
Street's Gothic Architecture in Spain, 79

Sybel (Prof.) History of the French Revolution,

Tacitus, Annals, by A. H. Beesly, 25
Thornbury's Tour through England, 610
Thucydides' Speeches, by H. M. Wilkins, 438
Townsend's Every-Day Book of Literature, 218
Trollope's Ancient Classics for English Readers,

Troy, the Gest Historiale of the Destruction of, 353
Vizetelly, the Man with the Iron Mask, 571
Wallington's Historical Notices of the Reign of
Charles I., 189

Watson (Thomas), Poems, 353

Waugh's Poems and Lancashire Songs, 459
Wheatley's Piccadilly and Pall Mall, 287, 308
Wilkes's Poem, Hounslow Heath, 592

Wright's Womankind in Western Europe, 25
Books written in prison, 421, 519
Booksellers' catalogues, 76
Bookstalls of London, 398

Booning, a local word, 245, 285
Boorde (Andrew), his works, 557

Booty, Old, apparition, 31, 79, 185, 305
Bores boars, 105

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