The Statesman's Year-book

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MacMillan Press Limited, 1896

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150. oldal - The administration of the colony is in the hands of a Governor, aided by an Executive Council, composed of the general officer commanding the troops, the Colonial Secretary, the Resident Councillors of Penang and Malacca, the Attorney-General, the Treasurer, the Auditor-General, and the Colonial Engineer.
268. oldal - Houses take place by ballot. The executive is vested in a Governor appointed by the Crown and an Executive Council, consisting of the responsible ministers, and specially appointed members. Governor of South Australia.
473. oldal - Inscription maritime," on the lists of which are the names of all male individuals of the ' maritime population ; ' that is, men and youths devoted to a seafaring life, from the 18th to the 50th year of age. The number of men thus inscribed fluctuates from 150,000 to 180,000.
372. oldal - Belgium, of which number 145 were for men and 848 for women. The Protestant Evangelical Church, to which belong the greater number of the Protestants in the kingdom, is under a synod composed of the clergymen of the body, and a representative from each of the congregations. It sits in Brussels once a year, when each member is required to be present, or to delegate his powers to another member.
109. oldal - Act of 1858, the expenditure of the revenues of India, both in India and elsewhere, is subject to the control of the Secretary of State in Council, and no grant or appropriation of any part of such revenues can be made without the concurrence of a majority of votes at a meeting of the Council.
25. oldal - These councils are summoned by the respective archbishops, in pursuance of the Queen's mandate. When assembled, they must also have the Queen's licence before they can deliberate ; as well as the sanction of the Crown to their resolutions, before they are binding on the clergy ; so that their real power is extremely limited.
314. oldal - ... of the Central Government. The governors of the various provinces are invested with very extensive powers, and in their constitutional functions are independent of the central executive. They are not appointed by the President of the Republic, but elected by the people of each province for a term of three years and four years. The provinces elect their own legislatures, and have complete control over their own affairs ; they can contract loans (internal and external) under their sole and exclusive...
372. oldal - Full religious liberty is granted by the constitution, and part of the income of the ministers of all denominations is paid from the national treasury. The amount thus...
3. oldal - Commons has consisted, since 49 Hen. III., of knights of the shire, or representatives of counties ; of citizens, or representatives of cities ; and of burgesses or representatives of boroughs, all of whom vote together. To the House of Commons...
767. oldal - culture system ' comprised the forced labour of the natives, employed in the cultivation of coffee, sugar, indigo, pepper, tea, tobacco, and several other articles. At present, the labour of the natives is only required for the produce of coffee and sugar. By the terms of a bill which passed the legislature of the Netherlands in 1870, the forced cultivation of the sugar cane will be totally abolished in 1890.

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