Horace in London: consisting of imitations of the first two books of the odes of Horace. By the authors of Rejected addresses, 1. kötet

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J.Miller; [etc,m etc,], 1813 - 173 oldal

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53. oldal - E'en Higginbottom now was posed, For sadder scene was ne'er disclosed ; Without, within, in hideous show, Devouring flames resistless glow, And blazing rafters downward go, And never halloo, " Heads below !" Nor notice give at all : The firemen, terrified, are slow To bid the pumping torrent flow, For fear the roof should fall. Back, Robins, back ! Crump, stand aloof!
10. oldal - Jack ? Oh, there they sit ! They smile, they nod, I'll go my ways, And order round poor Billy's chaise, To join them in the pit. And now, good gentlefolks, I go To join mamma, and see the show ; So, bidding you adieu, I curtsey, like a pretty miss, And if you'll blow to me a kiss, I'll blow a kiss to you.
14. oldal - SATED with home, of wife, of children tired, The restless soul is driven abroad to roam ; Sated abroad, all seen, yet nought admired, The restless soul is driven to ramble home ; Sated with both, beneath new Drury's dome The fiend Ennui awhile consents to pine, There growls, and curses, like a deadly Gnome, Scorning to view fantastic Columbine, Viewing with scorn and hate the nonsense of the Mine.
76. oldal - JACK and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after.
33. oldal - Having quitted the Borders, to seek new renown, Is coming, by long Quarto stages, to Town ; And beginning with ROKEBY (the job's sure to pay) Means to do all the Gentlemen's Seats on the way. Now, the Scheme is (though none of our hackneys...
54. oldal - Yes, Higginbottom did aspire (His fireman's soul was all on fire), His brother chief to save; But ah ! his reckless generous ire Served but to share his grave ! Mid blazing beams and scalding streams...
6. oldal - Jack's in the pouts, and this it is — He thinks mine came to more than his ; So to my drawer he goes, Takes out the doll, and, O, my stars ! He pokes her head between the bars, And melts off half her nose...
33. oldal - prentice, serving-man and lord, Nailor and tailor, Grazier and brazier, Through streets and alleys pour'd — All, all abroad to gaze, And wonder at the blaze.
2. oldal - By Wyatt's trowel patted, plump and sleek, Soars without wings, and caws without a beak. Gallia's stern despot shall in vain advance From Paris, the metropolis of France ; By this day month the monster shall not gain A foot of land in Portugal or Spain. See Wellington in Salamanca's field Forces his favourite general to yield, Breaks thro...
4. oldal - God bless the Army, bless their coats of scarlet, God bless the Navy, bless the Princess Charlotte; God bless the Guards, though worsted Gallia scoff, God bless their pig-tails, though...

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