114 Nassau Street.



Buenos Ayres and the Republic of Banda

Oriental, (Mrs. S. P. Jenkins), 160 ; RoA Chapter about Churches, and a peep into sas’ Government; Anarchy and Murder; Coventry, (J. B. Varnum,) 523.

Corruption of Government; Intolerance of Administration, the, and the Country, (By

religion, 161 ; Victims of Rosas' tyranny, EARLDEN,) 227; The Oregon claim discuss twelve thousand, 163 ; Mediation of France ed; Recapitulation of the grounds of terri. and England, 175; Overthrow of Spanish torial title, 229; Disregard of the rights of dominion, ib. ; Reassumption of the Gov. savage nations, ib.; Grounds of the Spanish ernment by Rosas, 167. title; True reason of Spain's yielding at the Bunyan, Some Miscellaneous Writings of Nootka Sound Convention, 231 ; Rights of Noticed, 674. England stated-Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Packenham, 233; Mr. Buchanan's recent

C. Correspondence, 234; Rejection of Arbitration, 235 ; Value of Pacific harbors, ib.; California, (H. J. Raymond,) 82; Her allee Early position of the New Administration,

giance to Mexico to be dissolved; The mod 236 ; Baltimore Convention, ib.; The war of annexing Texas disapproved of; Purchase spirit, 236;. True reason of rejecting the of California recommended, 82; Sterility offer of Arbitration, 238.

of Lower California; Upper California deAdventures on the Frontier of Texas and scribed ; Fertility and beauty of the region; Mexico, No. V. (Chas. Winterfield,) 17. Climate and Agricultural characteristics Adventures on the Frontier of Texas and considered, 83; Accounts of travelers;

Mexico, No. 6 concluded-(Chas. Win Vancouver's observations, 84 ; Fertility of terfield,) 311.

the soil, aggregate of crops, 85; England Alps and the Rhine, J. T. Headley's, Notice urged to obtain possession by correspondof, 109.

ents of the “ Times;" America laid under American Journal of Science and Arts, Silli the imputation of desiring empire there, by man's, Notice of, 224.

writers, 87 ; Mortgage of lands to England “Amelia's,” (Mrs. Welby's) Poem, " The by Mexico; Power of a company feared,

Rainbow,” compared with Campbell's, 199. 89; Reference to England's dominion in American and European Civilization, 611 Asia ; Progress of negotiation on foot in Irish oppression and American sympathy England for California, 91 ; Mr. Clay's letof; constituents of Civilization, 612 ; ter, 95; Objections to any foreign nation's Wealth considered as a means of Civiliza

occupying. California, 97. tion, 613; Virtue, Morality and Religion Capital Punishment, Defence of, by Geo. B. true elements of Civilization, 614; Ameri Cheever and Prof. Lewis-noticed, 334. can ideas of perfection contrasted with the Cheever's “ Wanderings of a Pilgrim under Monarchies of Europe, 615; Enlargement the shadow of Mont Blanc,” 562. of view, a test of Civilization, 616; British Coleridge, 581. press and criticism,traducers of America, Crashaw, 225. 617; Ignorance of Alison-the Judiciary Criminal Cases, Report of-noticed, 222. of the U. S., 618; Judges of the Supreme Criminal Trials, Narrative of-noticed, 673. Court, 619; Repudiation, 620 ; State Debts, Criticism: Coleridge, 581. a defect in our Political System,

621: Ex- Critical Notices. The Alps and the Rhine, tracts from Edinburgh Review, 622; Opin J. T. Headley's, 109; Payne's Universum, ions of Foreigners in contradistinction to

110 ; Poems, by Frances S. Osgood, 111; the English, 623 ; Responsibilities and

Biographical and Critical Miscellanies, by Advantages, 524.

Wm. H. Prescott, 112; History of Silk, Arnold's First and Second Latin Books, 454.

Cotton, Linen, Wool, &c., 112; Hart's Arts and Artists of America-Review of Les bust of Clay, 220; Life of Mozart, including ter's Serials, 517; West, 517; De Veaux,

correspondence, by Edward Holmes, 221; 5221; Trumbull, ib. ; Rembrandt Peale, ib. Report of Criminal Cases in the City of

Boston, 222; Sketches of Modern Litera. B.

ture, by Geo. Gilfillan, 223 ; Montezuma,

the Last of the Aztecs, by Edward MatuBalzac, Novelist, 240.

rin, 224; Wordsworth, a Poem-Appleton's Beethoven, (Richard Grant White,) 642. Literary Miscellany-Life of Schiller, by Birds and Poets illustrating each other, Carlyle, 224; American Journal of Science (Chas. Winterfield,) 129.

and Arts, 224; New-York Historical SocieBlanchard, Laman, 330.

ty, 225; Laman Blanchard, 330 ; Sydney

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Smith's Sermons, 332; Library of choice the mission, 13; Mr Polk's demurring
Reading, Wiley & Putnam's ib; The resolutions; Votes against the bill, 16;
Wandering Jew, illustrated, 333; Aids Mr. Webster's remarks, ib.; Moral weight
to English Composition, ib.; Over the of the mission annulled by procrastination,
Ocean, ib. ; A Defence of Capital Punish 19; Spirit and foundation of the principle
ment, by G. B. Cheever, 334; Guizot's His-

urged, 20.
tory of English Revolution; Farmers'
Library, Monthly Journal of Agriculture,

452 ; Vision of Dante, 453; North's Speci-
mens of the British Critics, ib.; Journey to
Arrarat, Parrot, 451; Arnold's first and

Farmers' Library and Monthly Journal of

Commerce, Greeley & McElrath's, 452.
second Latin Books, ib; Voltaire and
Rousseau against the Atheists, ib.; Treatise Finance and Commerce, 211, 321, 444, 556.

Farmers' Library, Gardner's, 563.
on Healthy Skin, ib; Wanderings of a
Pilgrim under the shadow of Mont Blanc, French Novelists-recent ; 'Viscount d'Ar-

Foreign Miscellany, 216, 325, 414, 558.
by Dr. Cheever, 562; Uncle John ; or, It is
too much Trouble, by Mary Orme, 563 ;

lincourt, 239; Victor Hugo, 240; Balzac,

Dumas and De Kock, 240 ; Geo. Sand, 241;
Oration on the death of Henry White, by
Hooper C. Vanvorst, ib.; Gardner's Farm- Fragment : from the Greek of Menander,

Eugene Sue, 244.
ers' Library, ib.; New Historical Work,
564 ; Mr. Murdoch, the Tragedian, 564;

(EARLDEN,) 597.
Pictorial History of England, 670; The
Puritans and their Principles, ib.; Solitude
and Society, and other Poems, 671; Alger's George Sand, 241.
Phillips' Mineralogy, 671 ; Scenes and
Thoughts in Europe, by an Åmerican, 672; Gilfillan's Sketches of Modern Literature,
The Dream, and other Poems, ib.; Narra- Guizot's History of the English Revolution,
tive of Remarkable Criminal Trials, 673;
The Old Continental ; or the Price of

Liberty, ib.; Poetical Works of Shelley,
ib. ; Lives of Distinguished American

Naval Officers, ib.; Works of the Puritan
Divines, No. II., Bunyan, 674; D'Aubigne's Hart's bust of Clay, 220.
Discourses and Essays, ib.; The Mineral Has the State a Religion ? (Professor Tay.
Springs of Western Virginia, ib. ; My ler Lewis,) 273.
Shooting Box, ib.

History of Poland, Three Chapters on, the
Cromwell, Oliver, Carlyle's Life of, review, (Dr. E. P. Wierzbicki), 488.
(J. T. Headley,) 396.

Historical Society, N. Y., 225.
Humboldt's Cosmos, review of, (J. D. Whelp.

ley,) 598.

Hood, Thomas, (Frederick W. Shelton,) 481.
Dante's Vision, Cary's translation, 453.
D'Arlincourt, Novelist, 239.

D'Aubigne, Discourses and Essays of -
noticed, 674.

Independent Treasury, 465; The Sub-trea-
De Kock, Paul, 241.

sury scheme exposed, ib.; Analysis of its
De Veaux, the Painter, 522.

effect upon the mercantile interests, ib.;
Dream Ballet, a poem, 414.

Injury to the fiscal arrangements of the
Dumas, Alexander, 2440.

country portrayed, 466 ; Depreciation of

paper currency inevitable, 467 ; Inconsist.

ency of its advocates, 168.

Intellectual Change: Mental Character of the
Education of the Deaf and Dumb, 497.

Age, 655-9
England, Pictorial Edition of, 670.
English Composition, aids to, 333.

European Interference on the American Con-

tinent. Mission to Panama, page 1; Pro. Last of the Aztecs, Maturin's novel-no-
gress of the nation; President Monroe's
; the attention of the Holy Alliance Library of Choice Reading, Wiley and Put-

ticed, 223.
Congress of Panama, 2; Opposition to the Liule Ellie, a Poem, by John Westall, 610.

nam's, 332.
Mission; Nominations by the President;
Discussion in secret session, 4 and 5 ; Re-
port of the Committee, 6; Opposition of

the Mexican Minister io Colonization in
America; An American System recom Marshal Massena; (J. T. Headley,) 45.
mended, 7; Fears of the Committee that May; a Poem, (Rev. Ralph Hoyt,) 531.
war will result ; Apprehensions of losing Memoir of Hon. I. C. Baies, U. S. Senator
Cuba and Porto Rico felt, 8; Fear of from Massachusetts, 186.
prejudicing our character and interest in Mexico, the War with, (Hon. D. D. Barnard,)
Europe, by an interferance with the Re 567. The United States and Mexico the
publics; Nominations of Ministers con first nations of Christendom, break a peace
firmed by Report of the Committee of the of 30 years; The action of the Administra-
House ; Concurrence with the President, tion analysed and condemned; The War
12; Van Buren's attempt to thwart might have been avoided.


Mineralogy, Alger's Edition of, Phillips' Parrot's Journey to Ararat, Notice of, 154.
Treatise on-noticed, 671..

Passages in the Life of a Medical Eclectic,
Mineral Springs of Virginia, Notice of a 374, 472.
Book on, 674.

Payne's Universum, 110.
Modest Assurance; or, Passages in the life Peale, Rembrandt, 522.

of a Lawyer, by “ Samuel Law,” 589. Peel, Sir Robert, (Charles King,) 296 ; His
Morning-October among the Catskills, birth, 296; Sent to Harrow, ib.; Fagging
(Louis L. Noble,) 442.

in English schools, ib.; Instruction at Har-
Mowatt, Mrs. 207.

row, 297 ; Description of Sir Robert's boy,
Mozart, Life of-noticed, 221.

hood, ib.; Facility at writing Greek and
Murdoch, the Tragedian, 564.

Latin verses, ib. ; Peel and Lord Byron,
My First and Last Chamois Hunt, (J. T. 298; Peel at Oxford, 299; Return to Parlia-
Headley), 181.

ment, ib.; Subsequent public life; discus-
My Shooting Box, notice of, 974.

sion of the Currency, 299; Dissolution of

the Ministry, 300; Catholic Emancipation,

ib.; Mr. Peel as Irish Secretary, ib.; Re.

form of the Currency, 301; Appointment to
Napoleon and his Marshals, J.T. Headley's, the Home Department, ib. ; Formation of

Review of, (By Earlden,) 537 ; Character the Wellington Ministry, 302; Death of
of Napoleon, ib. ; Greatness analyzed ; George IV., 304; Transferred to Premier.
Contrasted with Cæsar, 538; Cromwell, ship, 305; Relinquishment of the Seals,
ib.; Washington's character, 539; Na 305; The Melbourne Ministry, 307 ; Rein-
poleon's statesmanship, ib.; Mission of stated in the Premiership, 308.
American writers, 540 ; Treaty of Amiens Phrenology, a Socratic Dialogue, (J. D.
broken, ib. ; Hostility to a Republic, 511 ; Whelpley,) 32.
Expedition to Egypt, ib. ; Return to Picture Gallery, (H H. Clements,) 319.
France, ib. ;. Prosperity restored, 512; Pilgrim Ball, a Poem, 249.
The peace of Amiens broken, 513; Ap Poetry, Original; Ave Deo, 16; Wordsworth,
pointment to defend the Convention by 28; To a Fly in Winter, 144; The Vast-
Barras, 54; Interview with his veteran ness of the Universe, 159; Words of the
guards, ib. ; Eloquence of Bonaparte, 545 ; Corpse-Watcher to his Comrade, 180; The
Rebuke to his regiments, ib. ; Marshal Pilgrim Ball, 249; Quieto, 268; The Attrac-
Macdonald, ib.; Napoleon's generalship, tion of Sympathy, from Schiller, 319; The
547 ; Activity of mind and body, ib. ; His Would-be Hermit, 374 ; To Emily, 382;
courage proved and defended, 548; Moral The Dream-Ballet, 414; Morning: October
qualities; Execution of the Duke d among the Catskills, 442; The Enchanted
Enghein, 549; Fall of Paris ; Return from City, 464 ; Sonnet to a Young Pianist;
Elba, 550 ; Waterloo; Death of Bonaparte, The Sleeper, a Ballad, 469; May, 531;
551; Return of his remains from St. Helena, Wooing, 580 ; Power of the Bards, 587;
552 ; Condition of Europe, 553; Burning of Fragment: from the Greek of Menander,
Moscow, 551, 555, 556.

597, Little Ellie, 610; The Lovers' Recon:
Natural History of Creation; the Author of ciliation, Horace, 1II., 9, 681.
it suggested, 168.

Poetry, The True Principle of, 193.
Naval Officers, Lives of Distinguished Poland, Three Chapters on the History of,
American, notice of, 673.

(Dr. Wierzbicki,) 488, 631.
North’s British Critics, 453.

Political Education : Statesmanship--Re-
Norton, Hon. Mrs., Dream and other Poems view of Ceba's Citizen of a Republic, and
noticed, 672.

“The Statesman," by Taylor, 354.
Notes by the Road, No. I., (Donald G. Political Corruption, Lífe and Times of Mar-
Mitchell,) 145.

tin Van Buren: The Correspondence of his

Friends, Family, and Pupils, by W. L.

McKenzie, (Review of,) Moral dereliction

of such a publication ; Criminality of its
Old Continental ; or Price of Liberty, notice compilation, 456; Text of political corrup-
of, 673.

tion, 457; Opinion of the public synony-
Osgood, Frances S., Notice of Poems by, 111. mous with those details before publication,
Oregon Question, War and Peace, (by Earl ib.; Van Burenism reviewed, 458 ; Selfish

DEN,) 114 ; Title to the whole of Oregon ness in the national councils portrayed, ib.;
doubted; Admission of the claims of Great Federalists and Democrats, 160 ; Mr. Mon-
Britain, 116; Party, strife and political roe's administration characterized, 460 ;
braggadocia reproved; Peace advocated by Mousing politicians in the State of New
proposing a settlement by negotiation, 117'; York; Exigencies of Party, 461; Political
England's right, according to the law of integrity contrasted with the “Doctrine of
nations, considered, 119; Mr. Buchanan's Spoils,” 461.
positions discussed, 121 ; The Spanish Power of the Bards, a Poem, (P. P. Cooke,)
claim examined, 125; Occupation of Eng 587.
land, considered a privilege by Spain, 127 ; Prescott's Biographical and Critical Miscel-
Encouragement of a spirit of negotiation, lanies, 112.

Puritans, The, and their Principles, notice

of, 670.


Pandora, or the new Tariff Bill, (Horace

Greeley:) Mr. Polk's Policy animadverted
on, 100 ; Protection ; Official wit, 104; Quarles, 253.
Tariff, 105.

Quieto, a Poem, (William Wallace,) 268.


The Sleeper, a Ballad, (H. H. Clements,)

Religious Poetry, English, of the Seventeenth The Would-be Hermit, 374.

Century; Quarles, 253; Crashaw, 255, 256. Three Chapters on the History of Poland,
Review of Lester's Arts and Artists of 488, 631.
America, 517.

To Einily, 382.

To a Fly in Winter, a Poem, 144.

Traditions and Superstitions, No. II. Castle

Greifenstein, (Mrs. E. F. Éllett,) 650.
Scenes and Thoughts in Europe, notice of, Trumbull, the Painter, 522.

Typee, or Life in the Marquesas, Review
Schiller's Life, by Carlyle, Notice of, 224.

of, 415.
Sequel to the Vestiges of Natural History of
Creation, (J. D. Whelpley,) 383.

Shelley, Poetical Works of-noticed, 673.
Silk, Cotton, Linen and Woolen, &c., History Vastness of the Universe, the, a version

of, noticed, 112.
Smith, Sydney, Sermons by, noticed, 332.

from Schiller, 159.
Socratic Dialogne, “The Idealist,” (J. D. Voltaire and Rousseau against the Atheists,

Victor Hugo, 210.
(Whelpley,) 258.
Solitude and Society ; and other Poems, Von Blixum's Heroical Experiment, (H. W.

Notice of, 671.
Sonnet to a Young Pianist, 468.

Parker,) 290.
Stage, The Acting : Mrs. Mowatt, 207.
Story, Judge, Biographical Sketch of, (Geo.

s. Hillard,) 68.
Street's Poems, Review of, (by EARLDEN,) Walker's Report, and Tariff Bill, Review

of, (Horace Greeley,) 337.
Sue, Eugene, 244.

Wandering Jew, Harper's Illustrated, 333.

War, Rights of; Blockades; Privateers, 669.

West, Benjamin, 517.

White, Henry, Oration on the Death of, 563.
Terrestial Pleasures, (Harry Franco,) 626. Words of the Corpse-Watcher to his Com.
The Enchanted City, a Poem, 464.

rade, a Poem, 180.
The Idealist, 258.

Wordsworth, a Poem, (William Wallace,)
The Lovers Reconciliation, from Horace, 29.

Book III., 9, 681.

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