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Buenos Ayres and the Republic of Banda

Oriental, (Mrs. S. P. Jenkins), 160 ; Ro-

A Chapter about Churches, and a peep into sas' Government; Anarchy and Murder;

Coventry, (J. B. Varnum,) 523.

Corruption of Government; Intolerance of

Administration, the, and the Country, (By religion, 161 ; Victims of Rosas' tyranny,

EARLDEN,) 227; The Oregon claim discuss twelve thousand, 163 ; Mediation of France

ed; Recapitulation of the grounds of terri. and England, 175; Overthrow of Spanish

torial title, 229; Disregard of the rights of dominion, ib. ; Reassumption of the Govo

savage nations, ib.; Grounds of the Spanish ernment by Rosas, 167.

title; True reason of Spain's yielding at the Bunyan, Some Miscellaneous Writings of

Nooika Sound Convention, 231; Rights of Noticed, 674.

England stated-Mr. Buchanan and Mr.

Packenham, 233; Mr. Buchanan's recent


Correspondence, 234; Rejection of Arbi-

tration, 235; Value of Pacific harbors, ib.; California, (H. J. Raymond,) 82; Her allee

Early position of the New Administration,

giance to Mexico to be dissolved; The mod

236; Baltimore Convention, ib.; The war of annexing Texas disapproved of; Purchase

spirit, 236;. True reason of rejecting the of California recommended, 82; Sterility

offer of Arbitration, 238.

of Lower California ; Upper California de.

Adventures on the Frontier of Texas and

scribed ; Fertility and beauty of the region;

Mexico, No. V. (Chas. Winterfield,) 17. Climate and Agricultural characteristics

Adventures on the Frontier of Texas and

considered, 83 ; Accounts of travelers;

Mexico, No. 6- concluded-(Chas. Wi Vancouver's observations, 84 ; Fertility of

terfield,) 311.

the soil, aggregate of crops, 85; England

Alps and the Rhine, J. T. Headley's, Notice urged to obtain possession by correspond-

of, 109.

ents of the “ Times;" America laid under

American Journal of Science and Arts, Silli the imputation of desiring empire there, by

man's, Notice of, 224.

writers, 87 ; Mortgage of lands to England

"Amelia's,” (Mrs. Welby's) Poem, " The by Mexico; Power of a company feared,

Rainbow,” compared with Campbell's, 199. 89; Reference to England's dominion in

American and European Civilization, 611 Asia ; Progress of negotiation on foot in

Irish oppression and American sympathy England for California, 91 ; Mr. Clay's let-

of ; Constituents of Civilization, 612 ; ter, 95; Objections to any foreign nation's

Wealth considered as a means of Civiliza-

occupying California, 97.

tion, 613; Virtue, Morality and Religion Capital Punishment, Defence of, by Geo. B.

true elements of Civilization, 614; Ameri Cheever and Prof. Lewis-noticed, 334.

can ideas of perfection contrasted with the Cheever's “ Wanderings of a Pilgrim under

Monarchies of Europe, 615; Enlargement the shadow of Mont Blanc,” 562.

of view, a test of Civilization, 616; British Coleridge, 581.

press and criticism-traducers of America, Crashaw, 225.

617 ; Ignorance of Alison-the Judiciary Criminal Cases, Report of-noticed, 222.

of the U. S., 618; Judges of the Supreme Criminal Trials, Narrative of-noticed, 673.

Court, 619; Repudiation, 620 ; State Debts, Criticism: Coleridge, 581.

a defect in our Political System, 621 : Ex Critical Notices.- The Alps and the Rhine,

tracts from Edinburgh Review, 622; Opin J. T. Headley's, 109; Payne's Universum,

ions of Foreigners in contradistinction to

110; Poems, by Frances S. Osgood, 111;

the English, 623 ; Responsibilities and

Biographical and Critical Miscellanies, by

Advantages, 524.

Wm. H. Prescott, 112; History of Silk,

Arnold's First and Second Latin Books, 454.

Cotton, Linen, Wool, &c., 112; Hart's

Arts and Artists of America-Review of Les-

bust of Clay, 220; Life of Mozart, including

ter's Serials, 517; West, 517; De Veaux,

correspondence, by, Edward Holmes, 221;

5221; Trumbull, ib. ; Rembrandt Peale, ib.

Report of Criminal Cases in the City of

Boston, 222; Sketches of Modern Litera-


ture, by Geo. Gilfillan, 223; Montezuma,

the Last of the Aztecs, by Edward Matu-

Balzac, Novelist, 240.

rin, 221; Wordsworth, a Poem-Appleton's

Beethoven, (Richard Grant White,) 642. Literary Miscellany-Life of Schiller, by

Birds and Poets illustrating each other, Carlyle, 224; American Journal of Science

(Chas. Winterfield,) 129.

and Arts, 224 ; New-York Historical Socie-

Blanchard, Laman, 330.

ty, 225; Laman Blanchard, 330; Sydney

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