few slight contusions too trilling to care so I approaehed nearer, presenting the about."

cloth with one hand, and holding the

bough with the other, while they slowly They were soon met by another trifling retreated. At last they suffered us to apobstacle in the shape of a precipice of proach so near to them that we were ena. three hundred feet descent, and getting bled to throw the cotton cloth across their over this in a similar manner, they reach shoulders, giving them to understand that ed the head of a valley filled with all it was theirs

, and by a series of gestures natural beauties and fruitfulness.

endeavoring to make them understand that It was in this valley that Mr. Melville for them.

we entertained the highest possible regard passed the four months journalized in “ The frightened pair now stood still, These volumes. It is occupied by the whilst we endeavored to make them comTypees, who were reputed to be the most prehend the nature of our wants. In doing savage and cruel of the cannibal tribes this Toby went through a complete series inhabiting the island. All other tribes of pantomimic illustrations-opening his were hostile to them, and enemies sur- mouth from ear to ear, and thrusting his rounded them on every side. We can. fingers down his throat, gnashing his teeth not follow him in all the events that oc

and rolling his eyes about, till I verily be.curred, but give a few detached sketches of white cannibals who were about to make

lieve the poor creatures took us for a couple showing the manners of the people and

a meal of them. When, however, they untheir modes of life. As a prelude to derstood us, they showed no inclination to which we may say, that our wanderers relieve our wants. At this juncture it bewere hospitably received by the chiefs, gan to rain violently, and we motioned and treated with great care and attention them to lead us to some place of shelter. -were carefully guarded to prevent With this request they appeared willing to their escape, which gave rise to some comply, but nothing could evince more reasonable fears that they were ultimate- strongly the apprehension with which they ly to be sacrificed and eaten—that Toby regarded us, than the way in which, whilst was permitted to depart, under the pre- constantly turned back to watch every

walking before us, they kept their eyes text of going to the French station for movement we made, and even our very medical assistance for our author, who looks." had acquired some disease in the course of these events—and that Toby was nev

By these artless islanders they were er after seen or heard from. Soon after led to the settlements of the tribe, and by entering the valley they found a path, direction of the chief the author was following which through the trees, they furnished with “ board and lodging” in discovered two natives, of whom the the family of one of his subjects. He following fine description is given:

was also supplied with a faithful bodyThey were a boy and girl

, slender and servant, and with a wife also, as we ingraceful, and completely naked, with the fer from the narrative. Their arrival exception of a slight girdle of bark, from caused a great commotion amongst the which depended at opposite points two of secluded inhabitants of the valley, and the russet leaves of the bread-fruit tree. in the evening there was a general gathAn arm of the boy, half screened from sight ering of the warriors to gaze at them. by her wild tresses, was thrown about the By a series of skillful pantomimic perneck of the girl, while with the other he formances they contrived to inform their held one of her hands in his; and thus savage friends that they needed food : they stood together, their heads inclined and forth with they were plentifully supforward, catching the faint noise we made plied with cocoa-nuts and the produce of in our progress, and with one foot in ad- the bread-fruit tree. Our sailors were vance, as if half inclined to fly from our evidently regarded with amazement. presence.

“As we drew near, their alarm evidently “During the repast, the natives eyed us increased. Apprehensive that they might with intense curiosity, observing our mifly from us altogether, I stopped short and nutest motions, and appearing to discover motioned them to advance and receive the abundant matter for comment in the most gift I extended towards them, but they trifling occurrence. Their surprise mountwould not; I then uttered a few words of ed the highest, when we began to remove their language with which I was acquaint- our uncomfortable garments, which were ed, scarcely expecting that they would un- saturated with rain. They scanned the derstand me, but to show that we had not whiteness of our limbs, and seemed utterly dropped from the clouds upon them. This unable to account for the contrast they preappeared to give them a little confidence, sented to the swarthy hue of our faces, em

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browned from a six months' exposure to amazing length, was twisted up in two the scorching sun of the Line. They felt prominent knots, that gave him the appear. our skin, much in the same way that a silk ance of being decorated with a pair of mercer would handle a remarkably fine horns. His beard, plucked out by the root piece of satin ; and some of them went so from every other part of his face, was suffar in their investigation as to apply the ol- fered to droop in hairy pendants, two of factory organ.”

which garnished his under lip, and an equal After a night's rest, the ladies of the number hung from the extremity of his

chin, island were also gratified with a sight of

“ Kory-Kory, with a view of improving the strangers, of which we have the fol- the handiwork of nature, and perhaps lowing account:

prompted by a desire to add to the engag. “ It was broad day; and the house was

ing expression of his countenance, had

seen fit to embellish his face with three broad nearly filled with young females, fancifully decorated with flowers, who gazed upon longitudinal stripes of tattooing, which, me as I rose with faces in which childish like those country roads that go straight fordelight and curiosity were vividly por; his nasal organ, descended into the hollow

ward in defiance of all obstacles, crossed trayed. After waking Toby, they seated of his eyes, and even skirted the borders of themselves round us on the mats, and gave his mouth. Each completely spanned his full play to that prying inquisitiveness which, time out of mind, has been attributed physiognomy; one extending in a line with to the adorable sex.

his eyes, another crossing the face in the “As these unsophisticated young crea

vicinity of the nose, and the third sweeping tures were attended by no jealous duennas, along his lips from ear to ear. His countheir proceedings were altogether informal,

tenance thus triply hooped, as it were, with and void of artificial restraint. Long and tattooing, always reminded me of those unminute was the investigation with which happy wretches whom I have sometimes they honored us, and so uproarious their observed gazing out sentimentally from bemirth, that I felt infinitely sheepish ; and

hind the grated bars of a prison window; Toby was immeasurably outraged at their covered all over with representations of

whilst the entire body of my savage valet, familiarity.

“ These lively young ladies were at the birds and fishes, and a variety of most upsame time wonderfully polite and humane; accountable-looking creatures, suggested to fanning aside the insects that occasionally

me the idea of a pictorial museum of natulighted on our brows; presenting us with ral history, or an illustrated copy of Goldfood; and compassionately regarding me in smith’s Animated Nature.'» the midst of my afflictions. But in spite There were several damsels in the samof all their blandishments, my feelings of ily, one of whom was evidently the fa. propriety were exceedingly shocked, for I vorite of our author. All the females of could not but consider them as having overstepped the due limits of female decorum. charming, but the beautiful • Fayaway.”

the island are described as graceful and • Having diverted themselves to their shone unrivaled. Of her we have the hearts' content, our young visitants now withdrew, and gave place to successive following description : troops of the other sex,'who continued flocking towards the house until near noon; by

“ From the rest of these, however, I which time I have no doubt that the great

must except the beauteous nymph, Fayaer part of the inhabitants of the valley had way, who was my peculiar favorite. Her bathed themselves in the light of cur be

free, pliant figure was the very persection

of female grace and beauty. Her comnignant countenances.”

plexion was a rich and mantling olive, With whom Toby was domiciled does and when watching the glow upon her not appear, but Mr. Melville bas given cheeks I could almost swear that beneath 'us a glowing description of the person blushes of a faint vermilion. The face of

the transparent medium there lurked the who was appointed to wait upon and assist him.

this girl was a rounded oval, and each fea

ture as perfectly formed as the heart or imaKory-Kory, though the most devoted gination of man could desire. Her full lips, and best natured serving- man in the world, when parted with a smile, disclosed teeth was, al as ! a hideous object to look upon. of a dazzling whiteness; and when her He was some twenty-five years of age, and rosy mouth opened with a burst of merri. about six feet in height, robust and well ment, they looked like the milk-white made, and of the most extraordinary aspect. seeds of the arta,' a fruit of the valley, His head was carefully shaven, with the which, when cleft in twain, shows them -wreption of two circular spots, about the reposing in rows on either side, imbedded

of a dollar, near the top of the cranium, in the rich and juicy pulp. Her hair of p the hair, permitted to grow of an the deepest brown, parted irregularly in


the middle, flowed in natural ringlets over of ornamenting themselves with similar
her shoulders, and whenever she chanced appendages.
to stoop, fell over and hid from view her * Flora was their jeweler. Sometimes
lovely bosom. Gazing into the depths of they wore necklaces of small carnation
her strange blue eyes, when she was in a flowers, strung like rubies upon a fibre of
contemplative mood, they seemed most tappa, or displayed in their ears a single
placid yet unfathomable; but when illu- white bud, 'the stem thrust backward
minated by some lively emotion, they through the aperture, and showing in front
beamed upon the beholder like stars. The the delicate petals folded together in a
hands of Fayaway were as soft and delicate beautiful sphere, and looking like a drop
as those of any countess ; for an entire ex. of the purest pearl. Chaplets, too, resem-
emption from rude labor marks the girl. bling in their arrangement the strawberry
hood and even prime of a Typee woman's coronal worn by an English peeress, and
life. Her feet, though wholly exposed, composed of intertwined leaves and blos-
were as diminutive and fairly shaped as soms, often crowned their temples; and
those which peep from beneath the skirts bracelets and anklets of the same tasteful
of a Lima Lady's dress. The skin of this pattern were frequently to be seen. In-
young creature, froin continual ablutions deed, the maidens of the island were pas-
and the use of mollifying ointments, was sionately fond of flowers, and never wea-
inconceivably smooth and soft.

ried of decorating their persons with them;
"I may succeed, perhaps, in particular- a lovely trait in their character, and one
izing some of the individual features of that ere long will be more fully alluded to.
Fayaway's beauty, but that general loveli “ Though in my eyes, at least, Fayaway
ness of appearance which they all contribu was indisputably the loveliest female I saw
ted to produce I will not attempt to de. in Typee, yet the description I have given
scribe. The easy, unstudied graces of a of her will in some measure apply to near-
child of nature like this, breathing from ly all the youthful portion of her sex in
infancy an atmosphere of perpetual summer, the valley."
and nurtured by the simple fruits of the
earth; enjoying a perfect freedom from care

The natives are evidently an amphibiand anxiety, and removed effectually from ous race, and pass nearly half their time all injurious tendencies, strike the eye in a in the water. Mr. Melville was, rather manner which cannot be portrayed. This against his inclination,

compelled to conpicture is no fancy sketch; it is drawn form to this custom. Early one morning from the most vivid recollections of the Kory-Kory took him on his back and person delineated.”

landed him in the middle of a neighbor. The reader will gather some idea of ing stream: the costume and appearance of the Typee “On gaining it, Kory-Kory, wading up. fair ones from the following delineation : to his hips in the water, carried me half

way across, and deposited me on a smooth “Fayaway-I must avow the fact-for black stone which rose a few inches above the most part clung to the primitive and the surface. The amphibious rabble at summer garb of Eden. But how be our heels plunged in after us, and, climbcoming the costume! It showed her fine ing to the summit of the grass-grown rocks figure to the best possible advantage ; and with which the bed of the brook was here nothing could have been better adapted to and there broken, waited curiously to wither peculiar style of beauty. On ordinary ness our morning ablutions. occasions she was habited precisely as I “Somewhat embarrassed by the pres. have described the two youthful savages ence of the female portion of the company, whom we had met on first entering the and feeling my cheeks burning with bashvalley. At other times, when rambling ful timidity, I formed a primitive basin by among the groves, or visiting at the houses joining my hands together, and cooled my of her acquaintances, she wore a tunic of blushes in the water it contained ; then white tappa, reaching from her waist to a removing my frock, bent over and washed little below the knees; and when exposed myself down to my waist in the stream. for any length of time to the sun, she in. As soon as Kory-Kory comprehended from variably protected herself from its rays by my motions that this was to be the extent a floating mantle of the same material, of my performance, he appeared perfectly loosely gathered about her person. Her aghast with astonishment, and rushing togala dress will be described hereafter. wards me, poured out a torrent of words in

“As the beauties of our own land delight eager deprecation of so limited an operain bedecking themselves with fanciful arti. tion, enjoining me by unmistakable signs cles of jewelry, suspending them from their to immerse my whole body. To this I was ears, hanging them about their necks, and forced to consent; and the honest fellow clasping them round their wrists, so Faya. regarding me as a froward, inexperienced way and her companions were in the habit child, whom it was his duty to serve at the

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risk of offending, lifted me from the rock, to its mother's bosom. This was reand tenderly bathed my limbs. This over, peated again and again, the baby remainand resuming my seat, I could not avoid ing in the stream about a minute at a time. bursting into admiration of the scene Once or twice it made wry faces at swal. around me.

lowing a mouthful of water, and choked “From the verdant surfaces of the large and spluttered as if on the point of strang. stones that lay scattered about, the natives ling." At such times, however, the mother were now sliding off into the water, diving snatched it up, and by a process scarcely to and ducking beneath the surface in all di- be mentioned, obliged it to eject the fluid. rections; the young girls springing buoy. For several weeks afterwards I observed antly into the air, and revealing their naked the woman bringing her child down to the forms to the waist, with their long tresses stream regularly every day, in the cool of dancing about their shoulders, their eyes the morning and evening, and treating it to sparkling like drops of dew in the sun, and a bath. No wonder that the South Sea Istheir gay laughter" pealing forth at every landers are so amphibious a race, when frolicsome incident."

they are thus launched into the water as Our author was annoyed in a singular that it is as natural for a human being to

soon as they see the light. I am convinced manner by the island nymphs in his swim as it is for a duck. And yet in civil. bathing excursions, as the following ized communities how many able-bodied statement will show :

individuals die, like so many drowning kit"I remember upon one occasion plung- tens, from the occurrence of the most triv. ing in among a parcel of these river.

ial accidents !" nymphs, and counting vainly on my supe

Of the social life of the Polynesian rior strength, sought to drag some of them savages, Mr. Melville entertains an exunder the water; but I quickly repented alted opinion: nature has luxuriously and my temerity. The amphibious young crea- bountifully provided for all their wants ; tures swarmed about me like a shoal of dol- the necessity for labor does not exist; phins, and seizing hold of my devoted there are no uncomfortable variations in limbs, tumbled me about and ducked me under the surface, until, from the strange nial ; health is easily preserved, and sel

the climate ; fruits and flowers are perennoises, which rang in my ears, and the supernatural visions dancing before my eyes, I dom fails until extreme age has destroyed thought I was in the land of spirits. I stood, the vital powers; there is a total absence indeed, as little chance among them as a of all care, jealousies, rivalries, and cumbrous whale, attacked on all sides by a while all nature is glowing in resplend. legion of sword-fish. When at length they ent colors, the simple savage is unmorelinquished their hold of me, they swam lested by earthly wants or ills—with this away in every direction, laughing at my reservation, that he must occasionally clumsy endeavors to reach them."

have a human victim. This is the idea The Typeean children are from their we gather from Mr. Melville's general birth trained to the water. What would remarks. But we will allow him to a northern mother think of such an ex. speak for himself: periment as the one here mentioned ?

"I once heard it given as an instance of “One day, in company with Kory-Kory, the frightful pravity of a certain tribe in I had repaired to the stream for the purpose the Pacific, that they had no word in their of bathing, when I observed a woman sit. language to express the idea of virtue. ting upon a rock in the midst of the current, The assertion was unfounded; but were and watching with the liveliest interest the it otherwise, it might be met, by stating gambols of something, which at first I took that their language is almost entirely des. to be an uncommonly large species of frog titute of terms to express the delightful that was sporting in the water near her. ideas conveyed by our endless catalogue of Attracted by the novelty of the sight, I wad- civilized crimes.” ed towards the spot where she sat, and “ One peculiarity that fixed my admiracould hardly credit the evidence of my tion was the perpetual hiliarity reigning senses when I beheld a little infant, the pe- through the whole extent of the vale. riod of whose birth could not have extend. There seemed to be no cares, griefs, troued back many days, paddling about as if it bles, or vexations, in all Typee. The hours had just risen to the surface, after being tripped along as gaily as the laughing hatched into existence at the bottom. Oc- couples down a country dance. casionally the delighted parent reached out “There were none of those thousand her hands towards it, when the little sources of irritation that the ingenuity of thing, uttering a faint cry, and striking civilized man has created to mar his own out its tiny limbs, would sidle for the felicity. There were no foreclosures of rock, and the next moment be clasped mortgages, no protested notes, no bills pay.

able, no debts of honor in Typee; no un and hours, smoking and talking to one anreasonable tailors and shoemakers, per- other with all the garrulity of age. versely bent on being paid; no duns of any “ But the continual happiness, which so description ; no assault and battery attor- far as I was able to judge appeared to preneys, to foment discord, backing their cli- vail in the valley, sprung principally from ents up to a quarrel, and then knocking that all-pervading sensation which Roustheir heads together; no poor relations, seau has told us he at one time experienced, everlastingly, occupying the spare bed- the mere buoyant sense of a healthful chamber, and diminishin the elbow-room physical existence. And, indeed, in this at the family table; no destitute widows particular the Typees had ample reason to with their children starving on the cold felicitate themselves, for sickness was alcharities of the world; no beggars ; no most unknown. During the whole period debtors' prisons; no proud and hard-heart- of my stay I saw but one invalid among ed nabobs in Typee; or to sum up all in them; and on their smooth clear skins you one word—no Money! “ That root of all observed no blemish or mark of disease.” evil” was not to be found in the valley. “In this secluded abode of happiness

Mr. Melville has given an equally there were no cross old women, no cruel glowing description of the daily occupastep-dames, no withered spinsters, no love. tion of the rude islanders, which we find sick maidens, no sour old bachelors, no too long to extract. Bathing, visiting, inattentive husbands, no melancholy young and eating a few simple natural fruits, ocmen, no blubbering youngsters, and no squalling brats. All was mirth, fun, and cupy most of their time. They have no high good-humor. Blue devils, hypochon- serious lahor to perform, except occasiondria and doleful dumps, went and hid ally to repel an enemy; their religion themselves among the nooks and crannies hangs loosely upon them; indeed, Mr. of the rocks.

Melville doubts if they have any religion “Here you would see a parcel of chil- at all, for though they have a few idols dren frolicking together the live-long day, no great respect is shown to them. and no quarreling, no contention, among The Typee method of cooking meat is them. The same number in our own land thus described—the victim, a fat porker, could not have played together for the

space having been killed with clubs : of an hour without biting or scratching one another. There you might have seen a “Without letting any blood from the body, throng of young females, not filled with it was immediately carried to a fire which envyings of each other's charms, nor dis- had been kindled near at hand, and four playing the ridiculous affectations of gen- savages taking hold of the carcass by its tility, nor yet moving in whalebone cor- legs, passed it rapidly to and fro in the sets, like so many automatons, but free, fames. In a moment the smell of burning inartificially happy, and unconstrained. bristles betrayed the object of this proce

“There were some spots in that sunny dure. Having got thus far in the matter, vale where they would frequently resort the body was removed to a little distance; to decorate themselves with garlands of and, being disemboweled, the entrails flowers. To have seen them reclining be- were laid aside as choice parts, and the neath the shadows of one of the beautiful whole carcass was thoroughly washed with groves; the ground about them strewn water. An ample thick green cloth, comwith freshly gathered buds and blossoms, posed of the long thick leaves of a species employed in weaving chaplets and neck- of palm-tree, ingeniously tacked together laces, one would have thought that all the with little pins of bamboo, was now spread train of Flora had gathered together to upon the ground, in which the body being keep a festival in honor of their mistress.

carefully rolled, it was borne to an oven pre“With the young men there seemed al. viously prepared to receive it. Here it was most always some matter of diversion or at once laid upon the heated stones at the business on hand that afforded a constant bottom, and covered with thick layers of variety of enjoyment. But whether fish- leaves, the whole being quickly hidden ing, or carving canoes, or polishing their from sight by a mound of earth raised over ornaments, never was there exhibited the it." least sign of strife or contention among them.

Their method of preparing and eating “As for the warriors, they maintained a fish appears to be still more primitive, tranquil dignity of demeanor, journeying and we recommend a trial of it to the occasionally from house to house, where fish-loving population on the Atlantic they were always sure to be received with coast : the attention bestowed upon distinguished guests. The old men, of whom there were “I grieve to state so distressing a fact, many in the vale, seldom stirred from their but the inhabitants of Typee were in the mats, where they would recline for hours habit of devouring fish much in the same

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