fulness and fidelity. We prepose to give a half, perhaps, of the foot of the bay, when some extracts from the work, and not to some of the islanders, who by this time enter into a critical examination of the had managed to scramble aboard of us at performance.

the risk of swamping their canoes, directed It seems that Mr. Melville was, at that the water ahead of the vessel. At first I

our attention to a singular commotion in time, a sailor on a whaling voyage—an

imagined it to be produced by a shoal of occupation, we imagine, but illy suited to

fish sporting on the surface, but our savage bis taste, even when he followed it under friends assured us that it was caused by a the most favorable circumstances, and for shoal of 'whinhenies,' (young girls,) who what reason chosen by him we are not in this manner were coming off from the informed. After a long voyage the re

shore to welcome us. As they drew nearer, straints of this mode of life became in. and I watched the rising and sinking of

their forms, and beheld the uplifted right supportable to him.

arm bearing above the water the girdle of He paints the tedious hours of a six months' cruise, out of sight of land, and tappa, and their long, dark bair trailing destitute of vegetables and fresh provi- they could be nothing else than so many

beside them as they swam, I almost fancied sions, in language which no doubt any mermaids, and very like mermaids they seaman or voyager will readily appreciate; behaved too. and when his vessel was turned towards “ We were still some distance from the the Marquesas Islands, he felt an irresist- beach, and under slow headway, when we ible desire to witness the wonderful sailed right into the midst of these swimthings concerning them described by old ming nymphs, and they boarded us at writers. “ Naked houris-cannibal ban- every quarter; many seizing hold of the quets-groves of cocoa-nut-coral reefs chain-plates and springing into the chains; 4-tattooed chiefs and bamboo temples; the vessel in her course, catching at the

others, at the peril of being run over by sunny valleys planted with bread-fruit bob-stays, and wreathing their slender treescarved canoes dancing on the forms about the ropes, hung suspended in flashing blue waters-savage woodlands the air. All of them at length succeeded guarded by horrible islands—heathenish in getting up the ship's side, where they rites and human sacrifices”—he informs clung dripping with the brine and glowing us were strangely jumbled in his imagi- from their bath, their jet-black tresses nation during the passage from their streaming over their shoulders, and half cruising-ground.

enveloping their otherwise naked forms. As it turned out, he had ample oppor: vivacity, laughing gaily at one another, and

There they hung, sparkling with savage tunity to inform himself of the reality of these wonderful matters. Entering into

chatting away with infinite glee. Nor

were they idle the while, for each one perthe beautiful bay of Nukuheva, under the formed the simple offices of the toilet for pilotage of a drunken deserter from the the other. Their luxuriant locks, wound British Navy, they discovered at anchor up and twisted into the smallest possible the naval force under Rear-Admiral de compass, were freed from the briny ele. Petit Thouars, who had, a short time pre- ment; the whole person carefully dried, vious, taken possession of the whole and, from a little round shell that passed group of islands in the name of his gov- from hand to hand, anointed with a fragrant ernment. As the “ Dolly” sailed up the oil : their adornments were completed by bay she was met by a flotilla of canoes

passing a few loose folds of white tappa,

in a modest cincture, around the waist. from the surrounding shores, but a far Thus arrayed they no longer hesitated, but more astonishing spectacle soon demanded Aung themselves lightly over the bulwarks, their attention.

and were quickly frolicking about the

decks. Many of them went forward, “I was somewhat astonished to perceive perching upon the head-rails or running that among the number of natives that sur

out upon the bowsprit, while others seated rounded us, not

female was to be seen, themselves upon the taffrail, or reclined at At that time I was ignorant of the fact that full length upon the boats. by the operation of the 'taboo, the use of "Their appearance perfectly amazed me; canoes in all parts of the island is rigor- their extreme youth, the light, clear brown ously prohibited to the entire sex, for of their complexions, their delicate feawhom it is death even to be seen entering tures and inexpressibly graceful figures, one when hauled on shore ; consequently, their softly moulded limbs, and free unwhenever a Marquesan lady voyages by studied action, seemed as strange as beauwater, she puts in requisition the paddles tisul. of her own fair body.

“The · Dolly' was fairly captured; and “We had approached within a mile and never I will say was vessel carried before

by such a dashing and irresistible party of been endured awhile, had we entertained boarders! The ship taken, we could not the hope of being speedily delivered from do otherwise than yield ourselves prison. them by the due completion of the term of ers, and for the whole period that she re our servitude. But what a dismal prosmained in the bay, the Dolly,' as well as pect awaited us in this quarter ! The her crew, were completely in the hands of longevity of Cape Horn whaling voyages is the mermaids."

proverbial, frequently extending over a Our author seems to have been instantly

period of four or five years.

“ Some long-haired, bare-necked youths, charmed by the naïve manners of the rude who, forced by the united influences of islanders, and probably disgusted by

Captain Marryatt and hard times, embark harsh treatment and the confinement of a at Nantucket for a pleasure excursion to long voyage, he formed the design of de- the Pacific, and whose anxious mothers serting from the ship and hiding in the provide them with bottled milk for the ocmountains from the pursuit which he ap- casion, oftentimes return very respectable prehended. He thus pleads the necessity middle-aged gentlemen. of the case as a justification for the de

I may here state, and on my faith as sertion.

an honest man, that though more than

three years have elapsed since I left this “When I entered on board the Dolly, I identical vessel, she still continues in the igned, as a matter of course, the ship’s Pacific, and but a few days since I saw her articles, thereby voluntarily engaging and reported in the papers as having touched legally binding myself to serve in a certain at the Sandwich Islands, previous to going capacity for the period of the voyage; and, on the coast of Japan.” special considerations apart, I was of course The inducements to “ bound to fulfill the agreement. But in all certainly of a serious character, and he

emigrate” were contracts, if one party fail to perform his concluded to risk the chance of being share of the compact, is not the other vir. tually absolved from his liability? Who

broiled and eaten by some huge chief of is there who will not answer in the affirm. strong digestive organs. Toby, a fellow. ative?

sailor, possessing a daring and resolute “ Having settled the principle, then, let character, seemed to be of the same opinme apply it to the particular case in ques- ion, and taking advantage of a holiday tion. In numberless instances had not only excursion on shore granted by their capthe implied but the specified conditions of tain, they fled to the woods, with a few the articles been violated on the part of the sea-biscuit and a pound of tobacco slowship in which I served. The usage on

ed away in the folds of their dress, and board of her was tyrannical ; the sick had been inhumanly neglected; the provisions

a few yards of calico to propitiate the had been doled out in scanty allowance; savages whom they very reasonably exand her cruises were unreasonably pro- pected to meet. Their course was directtracted. The captain was the author of ed to a high mountainous ridge, where these abuses ; it was in vain to think that they hoped to be secure from pursuit and he would either remedy them, or alter his from whence they could watch the proconduct, which was arbitrary and violent ceedings in the barbor. After a hard in the extreme. His prompt reply to all day's labor, and often at the risk of complaints and remonstrances was—the breaking their necks, they reached the butt-end of a hand-spike, so convincingly highest point in the mountain, at an aladministered as effectually to silence the titude, the author supposes, of three aggrieved party.

" To whom could we apply for redress ? thousand feet above the level of the sea. We had left both law and equity on the From this point the adventurers hoped to other side of the Cape; and, unfortunately, discover the large bays of Happar and with a very few exceptions, our crew was Typee on the opposite side of the island, composed of a parcel of dastardly and mean- but were disappointed, inasmuch as the spirited wretches, divided among them- land in that direction appeared to retain selves, and only united in enduring with its general elevation as far as the eye out resistance the unmitigated tyranny of could reach. Here they were in a dilemthe captain. It would have been mere

ma. They had but a day's provisions madness for any two or three of the number, unassisted by the rest, to attempt ous fruits of the island—to retrace their

were beyond the reach of the spontanemaking a stand against his ill-usage. They would only have called down upon them- steps would end in certain capture; to selves the particular vengeance of this proceed might lead to death by starvation. • Lord of the Plank," and subjected their With sailor-like hardibood they resolved shipmates to additional hardships.

to venture on, towards the interior of the “But, after all, these things could have island, through solitudes “apparently

untenanted since the morning of the cre- proposed to extricate us from this new ation.” Following a scarcely perceptible difficulty, path, they were suddenly stopped by its “"Well, my boy,' I exclaimed, after the termination at the verge of a deep ravine. expiration of several minutes, during Descending this by the aid of tangled which time my companion had not uttered roots and limbs of trees, they found a rest.

a word, 'What's to be done now?" ing-place for the night on a shelving probably the best thing we could do in the

“ He replied in a tranquil tone, that rock, washed by the waters of the cat- present strait was to get out of it as soon as aract. Cold and dripping with water the

possible. morning found them sad but resolute; “ « Yes, my dear Toby, but tell me how and after surmounting a variety of diffi we are to get out of it.' culties, they at last came in sight of the “ . Something in this sort of style," he sea, between which and themselves lay a replied; and at the same moment to my smiling valley bedecked with all the rich horror he slipped sideways off the rock, hues of Paradise. But to reach this Ely. and, as I then thought, by good fortune sian vale was not an easy task. The only merely, alighted among the spreading path—if path it might be called-was shooting its hardy roots along a ledge be

branches of a species of palm tree, that along or in the channel of a stream low, curved its trunk upwards into the air, which dashed and tumbled through gorges

and presented a thick mass of foliage about between high rocks and down dark pre twenty feet below the spot where we had cipices hundreds of feet in depth. We thus suddenly been brought to a standquote a few paragraphs to show with still. } involuntarily held my breath, what resolution the deserters surmounted expecting to see the form of my companion, the obstacles in their journey, premising after being sustained for a moment by the that they had been four days from the branches of the tree, sink through their ship, and were worn down with hunger frail support, and fall headlong to the botand fatigue.

tom. To my surprise and joy, however, he recovered himself, and disentangling

his limbs from the fractured branches, be “ After an hour's painful progress, we peered out from his leafy bed, and shouted reached the verge of another fall, still Iustily, Come on, my hearty, there is no loftier than the preceding, and flanked both other alternative ! and with this he ducked above and below with the same steep beneath the foliage, and slipping down the masses of rock, presenting, however, here trunk, stood in a moment at least fifty feet and there narrow, irregular ledges, sup- beneath me, upon the broad shelf of rock porting a shallow soil, on which grew a from which sprung the tree he had devariety of bushes and trees, whose bright scended. verdure contrasted beautifully with the “ What would I not have given at that foamy waters that flowed between them. moment to have been by his side? The

“ Toby, who invariably acted as pioneer, feat he had just accomplished seemed little now proceeded to reconnoitre. On his re- less than miraculous, and I could hardly turn, he reported that the shelves of rock credit the evidence of my senses when on our right would enable us to gain with I saw the wide distance that a single dar. little risk the bottom of the cataract. Ac ing act had so suddenly placed between cordingly, leaving the bed of the stream at the very point where it thundered down, “ Toby's animating come on! again we began crawling along one of these slop sounded in my ears, and dreading to lose ing ledges until it carried us to within a all confidence in myself if I remained few feet of another that inclined downward meditating upon the step, I once more at a still sharper angle, and upon which, gazed down to assure myself of the relative by assisting each other, we managed to bearing of the tree and my own position, alight in safety. We warily crept along and then closing my eyes and uttering one this, steadying ourselves by the naked roots comprehensive ejaculation of prayer, I in. of the shrubs that clung to every fissure. clined myself over towards the abyss, and As we proceeded, the narrow path became after one breathless instant fell with a still more contracted, rendering it difficult crash into the tree, the branches snapping for us to maintain our footing, until sud- and crackling with my weight, as I sunk denly, as we reached an angle of the wall lower and lower among them, until I was of rock where we had expected it to widen, stopped by coming in contact with a sturdy we perceived to our consternation that a limb. yard or two further on it abruptly termi “ In a few moments I was standing at nated at a place we could not possibly hope the foot of the tree, manipulating myself all

over with a view of ascertaining the extent • Toby as usual led the van, and in si. of the injuries I had received. To my surlence I waited to learn from him how he prise the only effects of my feat were a


to pass.

few slight contusions too trifling to care so I approaehed nearer, presenting the about.”

cloth with one hand, and holding the

bough with the other, while they slowly They were soon met by another trifling retreated. At last they suffered us to apobstacle in the shape of a precipice of proach so near to them that we were enathree hundred feet descent, and getting bled to throw the cotton cloth across their over this in a similar manner, they reach shoulders, giving them to understand that ed the head of a valley filled with all it was theirs, and by a series of gestures natural beauties and fruitfulness.

endeavoring to make them understand that It was in this valley that Mr. Melville for them.

we entertained the highest possible regard passed the four months journalized in The frightened pair now stood still, these volumes. It is occupied by the whilst we endeavored to make them comTypees, who were reputed to be the most prehend the nature of our wants. In doing savage and cruel of the cannibal tribes this Toby went through a complete series inhabiting the island. All other tribes of pantomimic illustrations-opening his were hostile to them, and enemies sur

mouth from ear to ear, and thrusting his rounded them on every side. We can

fingers down his throat, gnashing his teeth not follow him in all the events that oc

and rolling his eyes about, till I verily becurred, but give a few detached sketches of white cannibals who were about to make

lieve the poor creatures took us for a couple showing the manners of the people and

a meal of them. When, however, they untheir modes of life. As a prelude to derstood us, they showed no inclination to which we may say, that our wanderers relieve our wants. At this juncture it bewere hospitably received by the chiefs, gan to rain violently, and we motioned and treated with great care and attention them to lead us to some place of shelter. -were carefully guarded to prevent With this request they appeared willing to their escape, which gave rise to some comply, but nothing could evince more reasonable fears that they were ultimate- strongly the apprehension with which they ly to be sacrificed and eaten—that Toby regarded us, than the way in which, whilst was permitted to depart, under the pre- constantly turned back to watch every

walking before us, they kept their eyes text of going to the French station for movement we made, and even our very medical assistance for our author, who

looks." had acquired some disease in the course of these events—and that Toby was neve By these artless islanders they were er after seen or heard from. Soon after led to the settlements of the tribe, and by entering the valley they found a path, direction of the chief the author was following which through the trees, they furnished with “ board and lodging” in discovered two natives, of whom the the family of one of his subjects. He following fine description is given :

was also supplied with a faithful body

servant, and with a wife also, as we in“ They were a boy and girl, slender and fer from the narrative. Their arrival graceful, and completely naked, with the exception of a slight girdle of bark, from caused a great commotion amongst the which depended at opposite points two of secluded inhabitants of the valley, and the russet leaves of the bread-fruit tree.

in the evening there was a general gathAn arm of the boy, half screened from sightering of the warriors to gaze at them. by her wild tresses, was thrown about the By a series of skillful pantomimic perneck of the girl, while with the other he formances they contrived to inform their held one of her hands in his; and thus savage friends that they needed food : they stood together, their heads inclined and forth with they were plentifully supforward, catching the faint noise we made plied with cocoa-nuts and the produce of in our progress, and with one foot in ad- the bread-fruit tree. Our sailors were vance, as if half inclined to fly from our

evidently regarded with amazement. presence.

“As we drew near, their alarm evidently “During the repast, the natives eyed us increased. Apprehensive that they might with intense curiosity, observing our mifly from us altogether, I stopped short and nutest motions, and appearing to discover motioned them to advance and receive the abundant matter for comment in the most gift I extended towards them, but they triling occurrence. Their surprise mountwould not ; I then uttered a few words of ed the highest, when we began to remove their language with which I was acquaint- our uncomfortable garments, which were ed, scarcely expecting that they would un- saturated with rain. They scanned the derstand me, but to show that we had not whiteness of our limbs, and seemed utterly dropped from the clouds upon them. This unable to account for the contrast they preappeared to give them a little confidence, sented to the swarthy hue of our faces, em

browned from a six months' exposure to amazing length, was twisted up in two the scorching sun of the Line. They felt prominent knots, that gave him the appear. our skin, much in the same way that a silk ance of being decorated with a pair of mercer would handle a remarkably fine horns. His beard, plucked out by the root piece of satin ; and some of them went so from every other part of his face, was suf. far in their investigation as to apply theol. fered to droop in hairy pendants, two of factory organ.”

which garnished his under lip, and an equal After a night's rest, the ladies of the

number hung from the extremity of his

chin, island were also gratified with a sight of

Kory-Kory, with a view of improving the strangers, of which we have the fol. the handiwork of nature, and perhaps lowing account:

prompted by a desire to add to the engag. “ It was broad day; and the house was

ing expression of his countenance, had nearly filled with young females, fancifully

seen fit to embellish his face with three broad. decorated with flowers, who gazed upon

longitudinal stripes of tattooing, which, me as I rose with faces in which childish

like those country roads that go straight fordelight and curiosity were vividly por

ward in defiance of all obstacles, crossed trayed. After waking Toby, they seated

his nasal organ, descended into the hollow themselves round us on the mats, and gave

of his eyes, and even skirted the borders of full play to that prying inquisitiveness

his mouth. Each completely spanned his which, time out of mind, has been attributed

physiognomy; one extending in a line with to the adorable sex.

his eyes, another crossing the face in the “ As these unsophisticated young crea

vicinity of the nose, and the third sweeping tures were attended by no jealous duennas,

along his lips from ear to ear. His countheir proceedings were altogether informal,

tenance thus triply hooped, as it were, with and void of artificial restraint. Long and

tattooing, always reminded me of those unminute was the investigation with which

happy wretches whom I have sometimes they honored us, and so uproarious their

observed gazing out sentimentally from bemirth, that I felt infinitely sheepish ; and

hind the grated bars of a prison window; Toby was immeasurably outraged at their

whilst the entire body of my savage valet, familiarity.

covered all over with representations of “ These lively young ladies were at the

birds and fishes, and a variety of most upsame time wonderfully polite and humane;

accountable-looking creatures, suggested to fanning aside the insects that occasionally

me the idea of a pictorial museum of natu. lighted on our brows; presenting us with

ral history, or an illustrated copy of Goldfood; and compassionately regarding me in smith’s Animated Nature.'» the midst of my afflictions. But in spite There were several damsels in the fam. of all their blandishments, my feelings of ily, one of whom was evidently the fapropriety were exceedingly shocked, for I vorite of our author. All the females of could not but consider them as having over the island are described as graceful and stepped the due limits of female decorum. “ Having diverted themselves to their

charming, but the beautiful" Fayaway" hearts' content, our young visitants now

shone unrivaled. Of her we have the withdrew, and gave place to successive following description : troops of the other sex, who continued flocking towards the house until near noon; by

“ From the rest of these, however, I which time I have no doubt that the great

must except the beauteous nymph, Fayaer part of the inhabitants of the valley had free, pliant figure was the very persection

way, who was my peculiar favorite. Her bathed themselves in the light of cur benignant countenances.”

of female grace and beauty. Her com

plexion was a rich and mantling olive, With whom Toby was domiciled does and when watching the glow upon her not appear, but Mr. Mélville bas given cheeks I could almost swear that beneath us a glowing description of the person

the transparent medium there lurked the who was appointed to wait upon and as

blushes of a faint vermilion. The face of sist him.

this girl was a rounded oval, and each fea

ture as perfectly formed as the heart or imaKory-Kory, though the most devoted gination of man could desire. Her full lips, and best natured serving.man in the world, when parted with a smile, disclosed teeth was, alas! a hideous object to look upon. of a dazzling whiteness; and when her He was some twenty-five years of age, and rosy mouth opened with a burst of merri. about six feet in height, robust and well ment, they looked like the milk-white made, and of the most extraordinary aspect. seeds of the arta,' a fruit of the valley, His head was carefully shaven, with the which, when cleft in twain, shows them exception of two circular spots, about the reposing in rows on either side, imbedded size of a dollar, near the top of the cranium, in the rich and juicy pulp. Her hair of where the hair, permitted to grow of an the deepest brown, parted irregularly in

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