out of the mind of God the base and ori. medium. Then, as the soul is man's ginal of the being of which was a self- highest vitality, why may not the Prin. modifying vital principle. This vital force ciple of Life, which is to the Earth its was independent of, and prior to, all or- highest vitality, be to it the soulganization; yet the law of its energies was the creative or self-formative--so that, if

“ The lightning of its being,”. it acted through itself at all, it must act yet a lightning whose fountain may be creatively-plastically-expressing this the sun, while the eternity of God's own action in forms, the combinations of its life may be the source of that higher soul own constituents. Mark you; the gift in man. His soul is creative, and peoof this creative energy was from God, ples the chambers of its imagery with who gave it its laws, making it through rare and gorgeous creatures. Then why them self-acting. In a word, His higher may it not be—as we have shown it energy produced here a remote modifica- must, from the necessities of its origin and tion of some one thought or phase of His existence—that this lower, or Earth Soul own Eternal might; and this we call is likewise creative, and all things that and it is to us--creative. The fact of its it contains, the expression of this selfbeing an energy sustained from God, im- exercised, self-modifying power, in plies the necessity of action, and this thoughts that walk, run, creep, are action constitutes its development of it still, or fly? A union of the two enerself—its entity. That this entity must gies, the Spiritual and Sensuous, seems be infinitely remote from the positive be- to have been necessary to the consummaing of God is self-evident:

tion of things as they are. The purely “ As if the cause of life could think and Spiritual could know nothing of the Senlive.

suous, except as an abstract idea; nor God’s being must be something immea- could the purely Sensuous know the surably beyond the ideas of thinking and Spiritual at all, except through vague living, as they appear to us—for how and undefined images of power; and this could like create its like. It may prom image precludes the possibility of any

very necessity for the interposition of an create-creation is absolute and beyond

Hence it apthis; the power of pro-creation is from

knowledge of its essence. it an endowment : so that in applying pears to us, that the life of the latter must the term creativeness to any being under have been confined to simple consciousGod, we must be understood as using it things, as they appealed to its senses,

ness-a mere direct knowledge of external in the sense of production of projection effected its organization ; while its being, out of the laws of its own life. We are no

to the former, was only a cold and life

less reflex, such as we have described “Magian with his powerful wand,"

the inverted landscape in the lake to have setting up to reveal, or be doctrinal of, been. Now we fancy that, to angelic that which may not be known; but yet, vision, which alone, under God, regarded we protest “ we love similitudes,” and things from the Universe as a point of are fain to test how far they may play- view, our world must have hung upon fully and safely carry us; for we mean space about as unnaturally as that mornto demonstrate (save the mark !) that ing picture did, and all its action have these Birds of which we are to treat are seemed as the shadow of a Bird passing no less than the “ winged words” of this over it would have done to us from our Earth's Poetry! Do they not express point of view. the supremest graces of a purely sensuous life of action—which we have shown

- The Dædal earth, to be a necessity of that vital energy

That island in the ocean of the world, permeating the globe and all that is there.

Hung in its cloud of all sustaining air; in ? Now let us see how we can make

But this divinest universe our Earth a Poet—to discourse in sweet For thou wert pot; but power from worst

Was yet a chaos and a curse, living numbers! This must be compara

producing worst tively with Man, of course. There are

The spirit of the beasts was kindled there, two souls; Man possesses a soul—a pe And of the birds and of the watery forms." culiar energy, “ breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life”—Eternal life, higher That “ thou” was Adam, and, in rever. than the life of the Earth, and to which ence, it seems to us that the only way its vital principle has been given as a left of righting that apparently shadow

peopled “island” to the apprehension charmingly and pleasantly his relations of those Higher Intelligences, was through to the Earth might be changed. It is not the interpenetration of the idiosyncratic so absurd, as might appear at first glance, life of some one of the “ Principalities to suppose her our Primal Parent through and Powers” into its lower essence whom we have been born of Spirit- for in a word, by the marriage of the surely we owe to her what we have of Angelic and Sensuous life. That such filesh and blood. And, to our mind, a marriage was symboled by the how lovely such a faith would be ! breathing into the nostrils of Adam With our hearts possessed of it, then the breath of life, we have no ques- would all the rude tremendous phases of tion. Into his organization—the most her energy be tempered with amenities. subtle and perfect expression of the It would then be our large Old Mother, creative energy of earth-a higher en- chaunting in her seas a lullaby to us, ergy had passed, and in this sublimest when the long waves broke roaring on marriage was the act and purpose of crea the sands or shook the fast cliffs with tion consummate. To the universe, when lashings. Then it would be the heavy he awoke in birth “the great globe it. trample of her roused strength in chasten. self,” with all the pomp and circum- ings, when the hoarse storm made noises stance” of its peculiar being, stood first and the “cross blue lightning” spit its revealed beneath the pillared firmament shafts against the crags--or, when her as now it stands

mountainous brows shook off the mellow “ Man, the imperial shape, then multiplied evening, it would be in parting smiles

His generations under the Pavilion for us—when their white fronts laughed Of the sun's throne."

out with the fiery kiss of morning, it would be to greet us.

We might gaze His organization became to this vast back tranquil love for love into her dark new entity the law of beauty-of per- eyes of sleeping waters when they fect form-harmonizing it with the Uni- showed eloquent for us the sparkling verse; his point of vision in common visions of her infinite life. In pleasant with the Seraphim, disclosing not the wonder, with some awe, we might look only but the highest reality. He first saw down where the cavernous arteries of beauty here, and heard the choir of her warm great heart were yawning-morning birds, but he as well, first looked hear the clinking ripple of her nourishing off into heaven and heard the singing of blood go through her veins—while, far the morning stars. He, alone, could look beneath, her fiery bowels yearned and beyond mere consciousness, and see shook the hills with belchings. Then in things, not as they appear to animal sense, her long rivers we would see the arms of but as they exist absolutely to all intelli a nursing Mother thrown around the gences. All Truth is relative—but Ex. nations—we should know in the windistences are positive. It is only to man bowed voiceful forest, the shaking of her that the higher truth of these Existences musical hair—and ah! how tenderly sawas revealed, for he alone saw them in lute the Cowslip“ cinque-spotted with its their relations. These relations were crimson drops," sent forth to us from wide as the extended firmament-deep as near her heart-a thought of odors paintabysmal space; and, to him, in right of ed and embodied by the Sun. We should his angelic birth, “ the seeing eye” was then see in Brute active life, not simply gifted. This is “the vision and the savage foes with whom our dealings faculty divine;" and that his recreant should be under the law of blood, but spirituality does not always use it—that Anti-types in which were foreshadowed he has sometimes walked through life as the physical thoughts of strength, activity, one having eyes that saw not-does not, courage &c., which were to be united in for an instant, alter the relations of things, man the Type. Lion, tiger, horse, hog, or make their position on the eternal scale monkey, all blended into one; and he less absolute, or iron-hinged. That he with his union of the Higher Vitality has Free Will, in this respect, is his own acting through these forces-exhibiting awful and peculiar gift-we cannot con their utmost capabilities, the basest as ceive, even of Gabriel, “ nearest the well as the best powers of these organthrone,” as one who could not FALL! ized thoughts of action and of passion. But we can conceive-if man could only Then would they become to us forever a see as we do—or (inore modestly) would lower Brotherhood, reminding us that we only walk with his eyes open, how too are born“ of the earth, earthy;" that,

with all the keen exulting of this star. try is to us the higher language of our measuring vision, we are linked to them highest—i. e. our angelic nature-80, through a common life in half that con with this Matron Sister of the stars, is stitutes our being. Then would the this Poetry the higher expression of the Brute King of Numidian forests be a re- strong and beautiful in her. Furtherproach to us—with its inviolate faith to more, as in our case it matters not the original laws which stamped it royal- whether this expression speak outwardly would rebuke its Human Brother of the through the heart, the blood or the brain, lion-heart back to “mere nature;" when so it be the most purely creative and perhe grew voluptuous, would taunt him fect of its kind, it is yet our Poetry-exthrough the fixed wrinkles in its tawny alted just in proportion as the brainface and the still strength of fierceness in chief organ of the Soul-has worked it its eye, to

forth. So with her-it boots not whether

sunset, waters, clouds, herbs, creeping “Rouse ! and the weak and wanton Cupid things, beasts or Birds be her languageShall from your neck unloose his amorous each condition is the expression of the

folds, And like a dew-drop from the lion's mane, est revelations, her Poetry—and, as Birds

Soul of action in ber, and is, in its highBe shook to air !"

embody the purest graces of this action, Even the striped Tiger, in its Hyrcanian they are her most elevated articulations! lair, stretched, gorged with blood, and is not this fairly demonstrated Should harmless as a sleeping child, might teach they not seem to us the sublimest voices a Robespierre to tire of slaughter and of her worship, lifted up on wings tosheath for once his gore-stained claws. wards God, and be therefore sacred from We are forever drawn away from our

all wantonness. Should they not thus be Earth-Mother by that counter force in us.

taken close to our hearts because they May it not be that all Evil is the result of not only so clearly speak to us of the this unceasing antagonism of the Organic "Soul in her, but as distinctly symbolize and Spiritual lives—that in a struggle our own Souls ? for is it not from their which should elevate the lower, the swift aerial movements and melodious symmetry of both is most frequently de tones we gather all the images and lanstroyed. Nature calls us back to her in guage of the Spiritual Life?

In short, this symbolical language, while the stars

are not Birds the clearest, loftiest strain draw us by affinities. We will not see

of the Earth's Poetry—the most perfect that our true Heaven lies between the two; allegories of the life to comethe finest but in the blindness of our perverse Anti-types of the noblest aspirations of strivings make that happy half-way place the life that is ? Though man has, in a Hell ! Our Mother discourseth with us

common with the elephant, sagacitythrough these her living words—through with the horse, generous activity-with these her constant Anti-types of the heroic the lion, magnanimous courage—yet, virtues in us she illustrates the change. only in common with the Bird hath he less laws by which they are sustained. wings, or rendereth up his heart on high She warns us when we have disgraced in singing. But even as Anti-types of the our lion-or even our hog or donkey na- physical virtues, Birds are the highest tures-how we may get back again to expression, and therefore the Heroic Poetruth by copying their simple lives. She try.

The traits enumerated above in conspeaketh sternly to us, for she cannot lie.

nection with Brutes, are those of subordi. Ay

nates, of such as, sword in hand, lead “Call the creatures columns crashing in the onset, or mount Whose naked natures live in all the spite first “ the imminent deadly breach ;” but Of wreakful heaven; whose bare unhoused

they act under a controlling mastery, and trunks To the conflicting elements exposed

it is that of such a spirit as the Eagle Answer mere nature-bid them flatter typifies-of a broad-pinioned cleaver of thee.”

the mists, whose far-flashing, sun-defying

eye sees beyond the concurrence he has Ah! then, too, as well, would birds he wielded to the results. Such a one was the Anti-types of the Poetical in us. As Napoleon—whose whole career was the we have said, they are to our Eld-Mother sublimest Heroic Epic the world ever saw. ber“ winged words” of poetry. The The Eagle was, naturally, his favorite similitude is perfect here! Even as Poe. bird, and perched upon his standards,

leading his fiery veterans to victory. It Be our similitudes veritable, or this the was his Anti-type, with its whole hungry “baseless fabric of a vision,” still we refamily of Raptores, flame-eyed and hook. iterate our “ weakness” for them! Sure beaked, clustered around it in his Mar- this wondrous wide ocean of Analogy shals! It has been the bird of victory (had we not as well have said Truth?) since time began—all the mighty Genius- has some sunny spots in it-green isles of war have loved it

ands where we love to stop and play “The Anarch Chiefs, whose fierce and upon the pebbly verge with the weird murderous snares

Albatross-it brings us “ whispering Have founded many a sceptre-bearing line,” shells” from the deep, deep sea. Rebuke have taken it for a sign, an omen of not our toying fancy, and you shall hear

them, too! triumph. The wry-necked, world-con.

But has not Earth, too, as well as Man, quering Macedonian followed it to the

a yet more exalted and exalting Poetry « Ganges golden” and the Temple of Am- than that of which the Bird of Battle is a mon. The nation-yoking, "hook-billed Roman” carried it before his legions. this-for have we not heard it?-not

sign? We, ourselves, can vouch for Beneath its wings the grand Wallenstein, alone in strains such as with his German cohorts, “ blue-eyed, yellow-haired and

-Bottomless conceit strong," battled haughtily with his Destiny ? « The stern

Can comprehend in still imagination," er stuff” of our own daring and hardy but through this carnal sense in our own Fathers saw in its strong wings and con- pricked ears have we confessed it. Ah! tinent.girdling flight, the fittest emblem how different that mellow rhythm, from of the freedom and the boundless Empire the harsh, hungry clarion, sounded in its they were founding here. In a word, it scream ? has idealized and glorified all sublimest Have we not gone aside into those action and triumphs of the physical. It secret places where our Primal Mother is the Epic of earth's heroic Poetry. In it,

“ Plumes her feathers and lets grow her Jike Homer, the Old Mother has loosened

wings, from “ thunderous brows” her topmost That in the various bustle of resort thought of beautiful, fierce, exulting Were all too rumpled and sometimes im. strength, and sent it plumed to float upon paired.” her storms!—That will do-Miss Barrett- Here an awed silent witness have we not izing the Earth! But let the Daughter listened when her solemn moods of worpaint for us—her bold pencil does it ship came upon her? Think you she well! When we set up for one of “ God's does not know the Mighty One, who prophets of the beautiful,” then may we, thought her-Daughter of the Sun-into ioo, grind down the elements for our being? Yes! and she serves an altar to palette, and, at a single stroke, dash off him, in a house not made with hands;" such a profile of our Sphynx-headed and thus, for that service-away from Mother in her eternal youth, that the the hum and dust of bruising cities-from very Raven of the ark-sait to be now

the rock-rude chaos of her sterner moods, abroad !—will recognize it for the same face it saw listeil calm above the food! doth she draw apart; and, gathering

where Eaglets nestle with her Storms That would be Miss Barrett-izing with a about her there her delicate thoughts of line effect,” especially if by the one love and gentlest peace, she lifts them on effort we could throw in, as an accessory, her green bosom to her old Sire to kiss, the old fellow's croak of greeting, hoarse and resting tranquil in his warm lightwith the phlegm of ages. But we are sings! First, she sings an under prelude mournfully fain to confess we may not with the breeze and stream-then, soft be a Seer—for, as yet, we have seen no and clear, a louder diapason swelling rings sights

in sweet articulations, warbled out or “Of calling shapes and beckoning sha- trilling from her thousand living throats!. dows dire,”

Must not this be her choral incenseworth talking about ; though, in equal hymn of praise—the holier strain she humility, we are ready to acknowledge carries in the anthem of the stars ? that, all this while, it may be

Every note, too, is plumed with wings, -true I talk of dreams and is the living movement of her heart Which are the children of an idle brain, to God. Have we not thus seen that Begot of nothing but vain fantasy !" she, too--comparatively with man-has

a Poetry, and discourseth “sweet living points of departure are rather of manner numbers,” after the same manner with than of kind. The bird is its own inhis rapt inspirations! This, her “ tune. strument, and ful choir,” is the eldest ; and, as it ex Singeth of Summer in full-throated presses in her the highest yearnings of ease;" her purer life, so it stands the Anti-type of though there are exceptions: the Woodthe spiritual and truest Poetry in Man- pecker sometimes makes of the hollow Man! her wayward child, half tyrant and oak an “instrument” whereon to beat a half stranger on her bosom. What tattoo. The Pheasant extemporizes the recks he, the hard self-worshiper, that thunder of deep bass, using an old log the Linnet is his lowlier sister! Still is for a drum; but these are incidental she bone of his bone and flesh of his deviations, for they are not strictly Songflesh, and sings for him of love! Yet Birds, though they carry important parts he, too, sings of love. Her love is of the in the orchestra. "The Man has a voice sun and flowers—his love goes wing; too, and uses it to a purpose sometimesing to freeze among the stars, and will for old Herrick

says, not stoop to caress her. Ah! unfraternal despot; ye may not know the

“ So smooth, so sweet, so silv'ry is thy

voice, innocent joy when it is warm about the heart. Thus her meek rebuke would be As, could they hear, the damned would

make no noise.” plained low from out her tiny heart ! But, gentle singer, though in the aggre. And, in further proof of the earnestness gate we be

with which it may be used, even the “A people currish, churlish as the seas,

delicate Juliet exclaims, And rude almost as rudest salvages”— “ Else I could tear the cave where Echo

lies, yet have we men and women of us, who And make her airy tongue more hoarse than “ Subscribe to tender objects"


With repetition of my Romeo's name.” who can turn away from the unholy al. tars of this dark idolatry of self,” to And could you but hear the exquisite know and feed upon the beautiful in out

Mrs. Mowatt in the “ Else I could tear" ward things. To such, thou art a lowly of these lines, you would understand what sister-

might be the voice of Shakspeare's “ And for thy songs they give thee song ful rage! In loftier numbers we are told

“dove-feathered Raven” in sad beauti. again,

how But set thy lispings to a loftier strain !" Safer in their wide sympathies thou may. Pour’d forth itself in all prophetic song.”

- The harmonious mind est nestle than in the strong cedarcherished and nourished at their deep But this labial lute—the organic “instruhearts—take thine ease-thou mayest be ment” in man-could not equal the efglad!

fects produced by those of his rivals; and, These are the true Monarchs here.

as he was to express in himself everyThey have thrown aside the purple and thing, he brought his constructive creforgotten State. They go forth bare and ativeness to bear, and soon through it meek into the throng of living creatures, equalized his individuality with all. From and in their beneficence alone do they

the time of seem royal—“ like the benediction of the “ Jubal’s pipe awakening the young covering heavens,” their calm, genial

echoes,” smiles fall everywhere in dew;

down to the present, his art has grown " And they shall be accounted Poet Kings, until his creatures—in emulation of his Who simply say the most heart-easing Mother-have become alive, and he can things."

With fleet fingers make These are they the Song Birds typify! His liquid-voiced comrade talk with him--the soft-eyed and musical-hearted > It can talk measured music eloquently." Ah, alike-how full of happy love and And now-oh rarest miracle !-wonthe power of giving joy!

drous consummation! It is very pleasant and curious to see

“ Let but thy voice engender with the how many points of resemblance there

string, are between these Plumy Poets and their And angels will be born whilst thou dost bifurcated rivals without feathers. The



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