Leak, Chriftopher, Hatfield - Street, St Luke's, Old-freet, cheesemongr, July 6.
Law, James, Strand, tallow.chandler, July 6.
Long, George, the younger, Dewsbury, Yorkthire, linen-draper, OX. 15.
Lewis, Thomas, Liverpool, joiner and builder, vet. 26.
Lowe, Jogah, and Lowe, Daniel, New-street, St. Martin's in the Fields; jeweilers, Notgel
Leftourgeon, James, Devonshire-ftreet, wine-merchant, Nov. 16.
Lowe, William, Standish with Langtree, Lancashire, miller, Nov. 19.
Luning, Jacob William, Laurence-Pountney-lane, merchant, Nov. 19.


Murray, James, Bolton, Lancashire, shopkeeper, July 9.
Marshall, Richard, King's Lynn, Norfolk, bookseller, July 13.
Mangoor, John Adam, York-ftreet, Covent-garden, victualier, July 20.
Mintorn, john, Bristol, bookseller, Aug. 24.
M'Allifter, Edward, St. Andrew, Holborn, victualler, Nov. 5.
Mullett, Thomas, St. Pancras, vintner, Nov. 19.
Mitchell, Thomas, Hatton-court, Threadneedle-Atreet, merchant, Nov. 23.
Mercer, William, Tunbridge, Kent, millcr, Nov. 23.
Manning, Edward, Chorley, Lancashire, grocer, Nov. 26.
Maglon, Robert, High-street, Whitechapel, oil ar.d colour man, Dec. 3;
Mason, Matthew, the younger, Huddersfield, Yorkthire, woul-Itapler, Dec. 7.
Merrick, John, Mark-lane, merchant, partner with Sanuel Hoskins, of Guernsey, Dec. 78
M.Murray, James, Liverpool, draper, Dec. 10.
Marshall, James, and Tiewinnard, Joshua, Bermondsey, Surry, brewers, Dec. 17.

[blocks in formation]

Neild, William, Marple, Cheshire, shopkeeper, Aug. 24.
Noble, Joseph, Walthamstow, Eflex, brewer, Sept. 28.
Nach, Thomas, Leominster, Herefordshire, dealer and chapman, Oet, 15
Newby, George, Bagshot, Surry, woollen.draper, Nov. 26.


Oppenham, Daniel, INand of Jersey, merchant, July 13. Superseded, Aug. 17.
Owl, Emanuel, the younger, Falmouth, mariner, July 20.


Phillips, Robert, Chamomile-ftreet, victualler, July 27.
P#coe, John, third officer of the Ealt-Ir diaman Sir Stephen Lushington, mierchant, Sept. 7.
Phelps, George, Bredon, Worcestershire, felt-monger, Sept. 7.
Pætecker, Auguftus William, Great St. Helen's, merchant, and Present, Martin Walthen,

sane,place, merchant, Sept 21. The former superseded Nov. 5. Prefont, Martin Walther, and Pædecker, Augustus William, St. Heleri's, merchants,

Sept. 2". Partridge, Jofeph, Welbeck-ftreet, St. Mary-la-Bonne, coach and house painter, Oct, s. Purdy, William, Mark lane, broker, O'ét. 8. Perry, Joseph, Oxford-street, faddler, Oct. 12.


Panl, Thomas, North Shields, Northumberland, butcher, Oét, 12.
Pinkney, Roddam, and Demay, John Charles, Rider-ftreet, $t. James's, artificial flower-

makers, Nov. 9.
Prior, Richard, Sutton-Beoger, Wiltshire, linen. draper, Nov. 16.
Parlett, James, Weft Smithfield, grocer, Nov. 16.
Pierce, John, Bread-street, warehouseman, Nov. 23.
Parker, Benjamin, Birmingham, money-scrivener, Dec. 7.
Poole, James, Preston, Lancashire, grocer, Dec, 10.
Penny, William Thayer, Sloanc-terrace, Midulfox, mariner, Dec. 10.
Parker, John Samuel, Welis-Itreet, St. Mary-la-Bonne, Saddler, Dec. 14.
Page, John, Thavies-inn, Holborn, warehouseman, Dec. 24.


Rimmer, Antonia, Liverpool, Lancashire, victualler, July 6.
Riding, James, Runcorn, Chefter, dealer, July 16.
Round, Charles Juhn, Wargrave, Berks, maltster, August 10.
Rathbrook, Samuel, Stratford, St. Mary, Suffolk, dealer, Sept. 17.
Reimar, Henry, Catharine-court, Tower-hill, merchant, Sept. 24.
Richmond, Thomas Garner, Bridge-yard, Tooley-Atreet, Southwark, cornfultor, D&. 1,
Reichard, Jacob, Dahmer, John Philip, and Brane, John Jacob, Angel-coust, Throgmer-

ton-street, merchants, O.. 22.
Robson, John, Berwick-upon-Tweed, grocer, pat. 29.
Rudderforth, Thomas, St. Paul's Church-yard, Ataymaker, Nov. 5. .
Roberts, William, Rochester, Kent, grocer, Nov.9.
Rimington, Isaac, Leeds, Yorkshire, maltfter and common brewer, Nov. 19.
Ridett, William, King's-ftreet Mews, Park-lane, Middlesex, horse-dealer, Nov, 23
Rockett, Mary, Rochafter, Kent, shopkeeper, Nov. 23.
Russell, Thomas, Portsmouth, common carrier, Doc. 7.
Reynolds, Thomas, Newgate-Strect, mulin manufacturer, Dec. 21.


Swanson, William, Whitcomb-Areet, Charing-crolę, vi&tualler, July 6.
Stephenson, Anthony, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, thip-owner, July 23.
Smith, Robert, Hedge Nook, Yorkshire, drover, Aug. 6.
Scholefield, Richard, Great Portland-Street, Cavendish-square, upholder and cabinet-maker,

Sept. 21.
Smithson, Christopher, Cambridge, livery-stable keeper, Sept. 24.
Sack, Lewis, Haiton court, Threadneedle-Street, merchant, Oct. 5:
Smethurst, James, Oldham, Lancasters innkeeper, Nov 16.
Steventon, Anthony, Edmonton, Middlesex, brickmaker and builder, Nov. 16.
Sanderson, Robert, the younger, and Romney, John, Whitehaven, merchants, Nov. 16,
Smith, John, Mansfield, Nottinghamihire, innkreper, Nov. 16.
Smalley, Richard, the younger, Manchester, dealer, Nov. 16.
Smith, James, Gosport, victualler, Nov. 16.
Stanford, William, Colchester, Effex, innkeeper, Nov. 19.
Smallbones, Thomas, Buckingham-ftreet, St. Mary-la-Bonne, carpenter, Dec. 7.
Smart, James Preiton, Hanover-street, and Portman place, Edgware road, cailor, Dec. 10.
Sidebotham, William, Ashton-under-Line, Lancashire, shopkeeper, Dec. 14.
Stacey, George, Basingstoke, Southampton, grocer, Dec. 21.
Sizer, John, Manningtree, Eflex, grocer and draper, Dec. 24.
Stubbs, John, Highley, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Dec. 24.


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Taylor, John, the younger, Bramford, Su folk, miller, July 6.
Tomalin, John, Park-itreet, St. Mary, Ilington, coal-merchant, July 6.
Turder, Wingfield, Surry road, Christchurch, Surry, Dryker, July 6.


Thompson, Samuel, Greenwich, Kent, coal-merchant, July 9.
Titterton, Georg”, Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, stable-keeper, Oct. 1.
Taylor, Richard, Cullompton, Devonshire, carrier, Oct. 5.
Thomason, Thomas, and Nicholson, George, Liverpool, merchants, Nov. 16.
Turner, Henry Legh, Mirfield, Yorkshire, money-scrivener, Nov. 16.
Taylor, Abraham, Wenlock-street, Old-street, thimble-maker, Nov 19.
Tennant, Richard, the younger, Wakefield, Yorkshire, merchant, Dec. 7.
Twycross, Charles, Thavies-inn, Holborn, money-scrivener, Dec. 14.


Viner, Charles, Kent-street, Southwark, baker, Nov. 23.
Van Spangen, Nicolas, Well-ftreet, Goodman's Fields, merchant, Nov. ze.

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Watts, William, Whitehaven, saddler, Sept. 7.
Williams, Hugh, Manchester, umbrella and fringe manufacturer, Sept 17.
Webiter, William, Fore-street, London, linen-draper, Oct. 26.
Watson, Horace, St. Mary-Axe, merchant, Oct. 26.
Whalley, Thomas, and Whalley, Joseph Wilkinson, Friday-street, warehousemen, Nov. s.
Walker, Francis, and Thompson, John, Sheffield, common brewers, Nov. Go
Wild, James, Hulme-place, Manchester, common brewer, Nov. 9.
Woolfe, Henry, Little Somerset-street, Aldgate, merchant, Nov. 12.
Walford, John, Pall-Mall, St. James's, Westminster, haberdasher, Nov. 16.
Wigzell, Thomas, Jewry-street, Aldgate, wine-merchant, Nov. 16.
Wright, William, Bolton-in-the-Moors, Lancashire, wine and brandy merchant, Nov. 16.
Wood, John, and Wood, James, Bolton, Lancashire, muslin-manufacturers, Nov. 26.
Welch, John, Hammond's Court, Haymarket, cordwainer, Nov. 26.
Whitehouse, Joseph, Blackman-Street, Southwark, linen-draper, Nov. 30.
Wright, Thomas, Easington, Bucks, coach-master, Nov. 30.
Woods, otherwise Wood, William, Liverpool, starch-maker, Dec. 3.
Walker, Thomas, Afhton-under-Line, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer, Dec. 3.
West, John, and Davis, Thomas, New Bond-street, filversmiths, Dec. 14.
Waring, Samuel, Diretend-Afton, near Birmingham, button-maker, Dec. 14.
Wright, John, St. James's Street, sword-cutler, Dec. 21.


Yates, Edward John, Bishopsgate-street within, drug-broker, Aug. 31.
Yeates, Thomas, Cook's Court, Carey-street, money-scrivener, Nov. g.
York, Joseph, Scarborough, York ire, vintner, Nov. 12.



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View of St. James's Church, Clerkenwell, Frontispiece.
Portrait of Gabriel Snodgrass, Esq.
Portrait of Dr. Thomas Leland

View of Highbury-House, Illington
Portrait of Field-Marthal Suwarrow
View of Arundel-Castle

151 Portrait of William Seward, Esq.

219 View of Hamburgh Portrait of Dr. Josiah Tucker

291 View of Ricot, Oxfordshire

296 Portrait of Mr. Samuel More

363 View of the Bridge over the Ba-Fing on Black River, 368


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EIGHTEEN Years are now elapsed since the European MAGAZINE was first offered to public patronage; during which period, it has been the wish and aim of the

pro. prietors and conductors of it to exceed rather than fall short of the engagements they then entered into with their readers A reference to the thirty-six volumes already published wil prove they have not acted on mercenary or fordid principles Notwithstanding the advance which has taken place in ever article, (and in some to an extraordinary extent,) which serx to form a periodical publication, they have been steady i continuing it at the fame price, and have forborne to add the expense by the addition of appendixes or fupplements. A late additional unlooked-for rise in the price of paper, ! the amount of near jo per cent. compels them to appeal to th candour of their readers for a proportionable advance of th price from ONË SHILLING TO EIGHTEEN PENCE; part of whiç addition they mean to appropriate to increasing the beauty & the decorations, and adding each month to the bulk of th Magazine. By this means they will be enabled to give greater quantity and variety of information each month tha they are at present enabled to afford. The proprietors confi dently hope this reasonable and necessary regulation will mee with the acquiescence and approbation of the great body o their readers, and therefore they will add no more than tha the alteration will take place on the First of FEBRUARY 1800,

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