and die
people sought him,and

came unto him,
37 And when they
had found him, they
faid unto him, All men
seek for thee.

stayed him, that he
should not depart from

38 And he said un 43 And he faid
to them, Let us go in- unto them, I must
to the next towns, that preach the kingdom of
I may preach there al- God to other cities
so: for therefore came also: for therefore am
I forth.

I fent.
39 And he preach 44 And he preach-
ed in their fynagogues ed in the fynagogues
throughout all Galilee, of Galilee.
and cast our devils.


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ND it came to

pass, that as

the people prefled upCHAP. IV.

on him to hear the

word of God, 18 And Jesus walk 16 Now as he walk

he stood ing by the sea of Ga- ed by the sea of Ga- by the lake of Gennelilee, faw two bre- lilee, he law Simon, farech :

himself from them, and put them to the trouble of seeking after him; nor would they afterwards fuffer him to depart from them, till Jesus told them, he was commanded to go to all the neighbouring Towns and Villages, and declare unto 'em that the heavenly Kingdom of the Meffiah would be shortly establish d. Accordingly he preach'd the Gospel in every Synagogue and Town of Galilee, and caft the evil Spirits out of the possess’d;, which it was evident he perform’d by a Power deriv'd froin God, and not from Magic Arts, of which those evil Spirits themselves are the Authors.

Being at a certain time by the Lake of Gennes ureth, and the People presling upon him to hear him, he faw two Fisherboats, in one of which was Peter and






СНА Р. І..

CHA P. v.

thren, Simon called and Andrew his bro 2 And saw two
Peter, and Andrew ther, casiing a net into hips standing by the
his brother, casting a the lead : (for they lake: buc the fisher-
ner into the sea : (for were tilhers) men were gone out of
they were fithers)

them, and were wash-
ing their nets.

3 And he entred
into one of the ships,
which was Simons and
prayed him that he
would thrust out a
little from the Land :
and he far down and
taught the people out
of the ship.

4 Now when he had left fpeaking, he faid

unto Simon, Lanch out into the deep, and let down your nets for draught.

s And Simon anIwering, said

him, Master, we have
coiled all the night,
and have taken no-
thing : nevertheless at
thy word I will let.
down the net.

6 And when they
had done this, they
· inclosed a great mul-
titude of fishes, and

their ner brake. Andrew, in the other James and John with their Father Zebedee. These, as we said before, were Partners, and were now cleansing their Nets by the Sea-side. Jejies desir’d Peter to take him into his Boat, that he might from thence with more conyeniency, instruct the People, who throng'd to hear him... Being enterd, he sat down, and preached to them. After he had made an end of his Sermon, he commanded Peter to lanch out into the Sea, and let down his Nets for a Draught. Then Peter told him that they had labour'd all night in vain, having caught nothing; but that at his command they would make another Trial. They bad no sooner let down their Net, but they inclos'd a vait number: of Fishes, insomuch that the Net was broke with the weight of 'em in several places; ,

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9 For he was asto. nished, and all that were with him, at the

draught of the fishes CHA P. IV. СНА Р. І. which they had taken:

19 And he faith 17 And Jesus said 10 * And Jefus said unco them, Follow me, unto them, Come ye unto Simon, Fear not; and I will make you after me, and I will from henceforth thou fishers of men. make you to become fhalt catch men.

fishers of men. 20 And they straight 18 And straight. Do way left their ners, way they forsook their and followed him. nets, and followed


which forc'd 'em to cry out to their Partners in the other Boat to come and help them, who presently row'd up, and came to their assistance. Having drawn the Net up, they had such a vast quantity of Fish, as almost funk both their Boats. Peter struck with astonishment at the Miracle, prostrated himself at the feet of Jesus, befeeching him to depart from him, who was unworthy to entertain fo great a Guest, being a linful Man, and afraid of offending him by some imprudent Adion. They were all alike terrified, wondring at the success that attended their Obedience to Jesus, after a whole night spent in fruitless Labour. Bat Jesus said to Andrew and Peter, Be of good comfort; henceforward, being my Disciples, you fhall become Fishers of Men. Upon this they came alhore, and leaving their Boats and their Nets, they instantly followed Jesus, and went along with him to






21 And going on 19 And when he 10 And so was also
from thence, he saw had gone a little fur. James and John the
ocher two brethren, ther thence, he saw lons Zebedee,
James the son of Ze- James the son of Zebe. which were partners
bedee, and John his dee, and John his with Simon. *
brother, in a ship brother, who also were
with Zebedee their in the ship mending
father, mending their their ners.
nets : and he called

22 And they im 20 And straigheway
mediately left the ship he called them : and 11 And when they
and their father, and they left their facher had brought their
followed him. Zebedee in the ship ships to land, they

with the hired fer. forsook all, and fol-
vants, and went after lowed him.

23 And Jesus went
about all Galilee,
teaching in their fy-
nagogues, and preach-
ing the gospel of the
kingdom, and heal-
ing all manner of
fickness, and all man-
ner of disease among
the people.

24 And his fame went throughour all Syria : and they


the other Boat, in which was John and Fames, who had not observ'd the Miracle, not knowing that it was at the command of Jesus that they let down their Nets into the Lake. Therefore having secur'd their Filh, they were busied in mending their Net, which, as was noted before, had been broke in several places by the weight of the Filh. These men also, at the command of Jesus, without any hesitating, left their Boat and their Father Zebedee in it, with the rest of the Crew they had hir'd to assist them in their Imployment, and follow'd Jesus. Accompanied with these Disciples, Jesus continued his Progress thro Galilee, instructing the People in the Synagogues of all the Towns they pass’d through, in the Duties of Religion, and healing the Sick that were brought unto him, by a word's speaking. His Fame by this means was spread not only over all Galilee, but through the Country of Celo-Syria, and the Sick were brought to him from all parts, with



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CHA P. IV. brought unto him all fick people that were taken with divers diseases, and torments, and those which were poffefled with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsie ; and he healed them.

25 And there followed him great multitudes of people, from Galilee, and from Decapolis, and from Jerusalem, and from Judea, and from beyond Jordan.

The End of the firt Year of Christ's Ministry.

out excepting those that were incurable by all the Skill of the Physicians, fuch as the Demoniack, Lunatick, and those that had the Palsy, all which were cur'd by him as readily as those who were uneasy under the slightest Infirmity. Which Miracles got him a vast number of Disciples out of Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, and the Country beyond Jordan.


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