LUKE. JOHN. CHA P. XIX. C H A P. 1. CHA P. XVIII. what good thing shall what shall I do that I what shall I do to inI do that I may have may inheric ecernal herir eternal life? eternal life?

life? 17 And he said to 18 And Jesus faid 19. And Jesus said him, why calleft thou unto him, Why callest unco him, why callest me good ? there is thou me good! there thou me good? none none good but one, is none good but one, is good favc one, that that is God : that is God.

is God. but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

18 He saich unto 19 Thou knowest 20 Thou knowest him, which ? Jesus che commandments, the commandments, said, Thou shalt do no Do not commit adul- Do nor commit adulmurder, Thou shalt tery, Do not kill, Do tery, Do not kill, Do not commit adultery, not steal, Do not bear not steal, Do not bear Thou shalt not steal, false witness, Defraud false witness, Honour Thou shalt not bear not, Honour thy fa- thy father and thy false witness : ther and mother. mother.

19 Honour thy father and thy mother ; and, Thou shalt love ♡ thy neighbour as thy self. 20 The young man

20 And he answer 21 And he said, faith unto him, All ed and said unto him, all these have I kept these things have I Master, all these have from my youth up. kept from my youth I observed from my up :

youth. whac lack I yet?

22 Now when Jesus

heard these things, Master, said he, instruct me what I shall do to obtain eternal Life. Then said Fesus, why callest thou me Good ? there is one good, namely God, who is to be believ'd in all things, and for whose fake thou oughtest to believe me also for the Miracles I perform by his Authority, which testify concerning me. But in answer to the question ; There is one certain way to obtain eternal Life, viz. a universal obedience to his Commands. The young man ask'd him, what particular Commands he meant ? Jesus replied ; Those that are contained in the Decalogue, which forbid Murder, Adultery, Theft, bearing false-witness, all manner of defrauding; and enjoin Reverence towards ones Parents, all which are comprehended in that general rule of loving our Neighbor as our self. The young man made answer, that he had observ'd all these from his youth, and demanded whether there was any thing else wanting. Jesus looking on hím, told him that there was still





21 Then Jesus be- DI

holding him, loved 21 Jesus said unto him, and said unto

he said unto him, If thou wilt be him, One thing thou him, Yer lackest chou perfect, go and sell lackest: go thy way, one thing: fell all that that thou hast, and fell whatsoever thou thou hast, and distrigive co the poor, and hast, and give to the buce unto the poor, thou shalt have trea- poor, and thou fhalc and thou shade have sure in heaven: and have treasure in hea. treasure in heaven : and come and follow me. ven ; and come, take come, follow me.

up the cross, and fol

22 But when the 22 And he was fad 23 And when he
young man heard that at that saying, and heard this, he was
saying, he went away went away grieved: very sorrowful: for he
Torrowful : for he had for he had great pof- was very rich.
great poffeffions. feffions.

24 And when Jesus
saw that he was very

23 And Jesus look-
23 Then said Jesus td round about, and
unco his disciples, Ve- faith unto his disciples,

he said,
rily I say unto you, How hardly shall they How hardly shall they
that a rich man shall that have riches enter that have riches enter
hardly enter into the into the kingdom of into the kingdom of
kingdom of heaven. God!

God! 24 And, the disci- iv

ples were astonished at one thing more, and that if he would compleat his obedience, he ought to go immediately (for some certain reasons) and fell all his Estate, that with the mony he might be able to relieve the neceslities of abundance of poor Wretches, and in so doing he should have an ample reward in the Divine Favor, a Treasure infinitely more valuable than that he Thould thus part with, and secure from all danger of being loft ; that then, becoming his Disciple, he flould be imploy'd in publishing the good Tidings of the Kingdom of Heaven, having prepard himself for so holy a Calling by a fixt determination to undergo the greatest Calamities for the sake of it. The young man upon this went away melancholy, not being able to digest the thoughts of thus parting with a great Eltate.

Fesus observing this disposition, and looking round to see whether his Disciples had taken any notice of the young mans coniternation; How hard a matter is it, faid he, for rich men to become members of the Kingdom of Heaven! This Exclamation prov'd as great a surprize to his Disciples, who imagin'd that Riches got in an honest way were arguments of the Divine Favor, and that in the Kingdom of the Mefiah they mould abound in Wealth, and an afuence of all things. Сcc


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his words. But Jesus
answereth again, and
laich unto them, Chil-
dren, how hard is it
for them that trust in
riches, to enter into

the kingdom of God! 24 And again I say 25 It is easier for a

25 For it is easies unto you, it is easier camel to go through for a camel to go for a camel to go the eye of a needle, through a needles eye, through the eye of a than for a rich man to chan for a rich man to needle, than for a rich enter into the kingdom enter into the kingman to enter into the of God.

dom of God. kingdom of God.

25 When his dif. 26 And they were 26 And they that ciples heard it, they astonished out of mea- heard it, faid,' who were exaeedingly a- fure, saying among then can be saved ? mazed, saying, who themselves, who then then can be saved ? can be saved ?

26 Buc Jesus beheld 27 And Jesus lookthem, and said unto ing upon them, faith, 27. And he said, them, with men this with men it is impof. The things which are is impossible, but with fible, but not with impoffible with men, God all things are pof- God: for with God all are possible with God. fble.

things are poffible. 27 Then answered 28 Then Peter be 28 Then Peter said, Peter, and said unto gan to say unto him, Lo, we have left all, him, Behold, we have Lo, we have left all, and followed thee. forsaken all, and fol- and have followed lowed thee; what shall chee. we have therefore?


then repeating it, but more clearly : O my Sons, faid he, 'tis difficult indeed for those who place their Happiness in this worlds Goods, and set their hearts upon them, to make themselves capable of enjoying the felicity of the Kingdom of Heaven. 'Tis easier for a Camel to pass thro the eye of a Needle, than for these menz to taste the Happiness of that Kingdom, while they are press'd down by these des generate base desires. The Disciples admir'd still more and more at a Doctrin fo contrary to their preconceiv'd Opinions, and said to one another, Who then can be fav'd since almost all men at least desire to be rich?

Then said Jelus, Tho men are not able by mere human means to lay aside these narrow Affections, yet by God's allistance, and those effectual motives of eternal Rewards and Punishments they may be enabled to raise themselves above these carthly considerations, and make the love of God and Virtue the great objects of their endeavors. Peter then replied, We who are thy Apostles have left all, that we might constantly attend thee; for what Rewards may we hope? Jesus answer'd,




Јону. CHA P. XIX. CH A P. X. CHA P. XVIII. 28 And Jesus said

29 And Jesus an 29 And he said un unto them,

fwered and laid, to them,

Verily I
say unto you, that yo
which have followed
me in the regenera-
tion, when the son of
man shall fit in the
throne of his glory,
ye also shall fit upon
twelve thrones, judg-
ing the twelve tribes of
29 And every one

Verily I say un Verily I say unto
that hath forsaken to you; There is no you, There is no man
houses, or brethren, or man thar hath left that hath left house,
fisters, or father, or house, or brethren, or or parents, or brethren,
mother, or wite, or sisters, or father, or or wife, or children
children, or lands for mother, or wife, or for the kingdom of
my names lake, shall children, or lands for Gods lake,
receive an hundred- my fake and the gos-
fold, and shall inherit pels,
everlasting life.

30 But he shall re 30 Who shall noc
ceive an hundred fold receive manifold more
now in this time, hou- in this present time,
fes, and brethren, and
fifters, and mothers,
and children, and
lands, with perfecuti-

and in the world and in the world to

to come eternal life. come life everlasting. 30 But many that are 31 But many that first, shall be laft; and are first, shall be laft: the laft Mall be first. and the laft, first. As for you who have left all for my fake, when the face of Nature shall be chang'd, and this despis’d Man shall appear in his Glory to judg Mankind, you shall be plac'd upon twelve Seats next his Throne, to judg together with him the twelve Tribes of Ifrael, from whose Sentence there shall be no appeal. And as for all those besides, who have forsaken their Estates and nearest Relations, rather than violate my Laws if in this Life, after the times of Persecution are over, they do not receive a Retribution, and much more than they have lost, they shall most certainly in the next Life be rewarded with eternal Happiness.

At that time, many to whom the Gospel was first propos'd shall be postpon'd to others, who 'tho they embrac'd it later, yet did it with a sincere and hearty Ссс 2


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OR the kingdom of hea--

ven is like unto a man that is an housholder, which . went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard.

2 And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

3 And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the market-place,

4 And said unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you. And they went their way.

s Again he went out about. the fixth and ninch hour, and did, likewise.

6 And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others Standing idle, and faich unto them, Why fand ye here all the day idle ?

7 They say unto him, Because : no man hath hired us. He faith unto them;. Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.

8 So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard faich

application to it ;. for which reason they shall be deservedly prefer'd. That you' may more easily understand this, you have a resemblance of it in a Master of a Family, who went out early into the Market-place, where Day-laborers are wont to stand expe ting Imployment, to hire some for his Vineyard; and some he agreed with for a set determinat wages of seven pence half penny. Afterwards about the third hour, he saw some others standing idle, whom he also sent into the Vineyard, promiling to pay what their Labor should júlily deserve. These also went into the Vineyard, while the Master of the Family returning again at the sixth and ninth hour,hir'd others on the like terms. He went also a fifth time about the eleventh hour, when there was but one hour of the day.remaining, and seeing fome standing idle, he ash'd them the reason of it, who told him they had not as. yet bin hir'd: The Nafter therefore taking pity on them, orderd them into his Vineyard, promising to satisfy them for their Labor.. Night being come, and the Workmen itaying to


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