Remarks by Representative Pepper

Of Florida

Mr. Speaker, in the passing of the Honorable CLARENCE CANNON, this House, the Congress, and the Government of the United States have lost not only one of the oldest and most powerful Members of the House but one of the best and greatest Members of the House. CLARENCE CANNON loved America and embodied the typical virtues of Americaindividualism, high character, and great courage. He was deeply dedicated to the American way of life and to everything which made America greater and stronger.

He was a frugal man with money but his vista of America was great, indeed magnificent. He helped to build this greater America immeasurably by all that he did in the service of this House and the country in the more than onehalf century of his public service.

He was a warm friend, a gracious and charming gentleman, a distinguished American.

The passing of CLARENCE CANNON is to me a poignant personal loss for I enjoyed his friendship from the time I came to the other body at the beginning of 1937 and was the beneficiary of immeasurable kindnesses from him.

His example will ever be an inspiration to those who knew him and learn of him and his mighty works will long endure.

Mrs. Pepper and I extend our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Cannon and all his loved ones.

Remarks by Representative Roosevelt

Of California

Mr. Speaker, it is with the deepest sorrow that I express my condolences to the family of the late Hon. CLARENCE CANNON. We shall sorely miss him, as he has represented, as few men have, a bulwark of strength and dedication. He had the kind of fortitude and strong character to carry out his convictions often in the face of tremendous opposition, as he believed deeply and sincerely that his particular philosophy was in the best interests of our country.

We are indeed fortunate that he left a legacy of such farreaching importance to those of us who are in the House of Representatives and those who will follow us in the coming generations. His compilation of legislative precedents is a great and wonderful achievement. Having had the privilege of watching him in action at so many Democratic conventions, I will long remember his contributions to those memorable occasions.

Although I so much regret his passing from our midst after so many, many years of service to this body and to this Nation, I am glad that he lived a long and fruitful 85 years.

Remarks by Representative Huddleston

Of Alabama

Mr. Speaker, all of us were deeply grieved to learn Tuesday morning of the death of our longtime friend, Representative CLARENCE CANNON, of Missouri.

Mr. CANNON last March 4 celebrated the 41st anniversary of the commencement of his service as a Member of the House of Representatives. For 23 years, he served as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

During this long service, Chairman CANNON amassed a record of service to this Nation and the people of Missouri that has been seldom equaled in this country's history. As chairman of the Appropriations Committee since 1941, he presided over the appropriation of more than a trillion dollars, far more than any other man in history.

As all of us, who have had occasion from time to time to discuss with him various projects for which we were endeavoring to get funds, recognized, he was truly the "watch dog” of the Treasury. Always fair and understanding, he very rightly knew that his was the responsibility of giving the American people valtie received for their tax dollars.

We Members of Congress who have served with him over the years join with tens of millions of other American citizens and taxpayers who mourn his passing. His presence in this House will be greatly missed.

Remarks by Representative Zablocki

Of Wisconsin

Mr. Speaker, I wish to join my colleagues in paying tribute to the memory of an outstanding Member of this body, the late Honorable CLARENCE CANNON.

Chairman CANNON had the unique distinction of being a legend in his own time. That legend was composed of a record of outstanding service in one of the most prestigious positions in the House of Representatives, coupled with Chairman CANNON's singular personality.

Coming from America's "show me" State, he combined native American shrewdness, commonsense, skepticism, and hardworking practicality in dynamic proportions. Through his efforts year in and year out, waste and inefficiency in Government were denied sustenance. He always demanded that the executive branch be as "lean and mean" as he himself was reputed to be. Through his judicious budgetcutting efforts, he saved the American taxpayers millions of dollars.

Yet for all his ferocity when faced with bureaucratic boondoggling, CLARENCE CANNON was a warm and kindly man. Many of us have memories of unexpected words of commendation from him, words to be treasured since their sincerity was beyond question. I warmly cherish some words of commendation and encouragement spoken by Chairman CANNON to me after I had made a statement on a matter of mutual interest at a meeting in the White House. It was all the more surprising to me since I was unaware that the chairman knew that I was a Member of Congress.

CLARENCE CANNON, powerful political figure and grandfather, has carved a firm niche for himself in our Nation's history. The chroniclers of our times must give him their attention, for he was instrumental in molding a responsible, responsive Government to lead our Nation in times of peril and plenty.

Missouri can well be proud of her native son, for CLARENCE CANNON Was a truly distinguished American.

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