of this great Government with prudence, economy, and that accountability in expenditure and outlay that the people expect their representatives to seek with perseverance and zeal.

We will greatly miss CLARENCE CANNON. Dear friend, wise counselor, cheerful companion and helpful colleague, learned, zealous, devoted public servant, memorable for his keen mind, hard work and lofty patriotism, peerless leader in his special field, great, outstanding American, his memory will live with us and our successors for many years to come. The name of CLARENCE CANNON will live in the history of this Nation as a proud mark of distinguished leadership and a deep inspiration for many generations yet to come.

To his gracious and beloved wife and loyal helpmate and his loving family to whom he was so completely devoted, I extend my humble prayers and most heartfelt sympathy in their deep and most sorrowful bereavement.

May the good Lord lighten their heavy burden of sorrow, and may our very dear, esteemed, and beloved friend and outstanding colleague, CLARENCE CANNON, find peace, surcease, and rest in his heavenly home.

Remarks by Representative Brooks

Of Texas

Mr. Speaker, knowing and working together with our colleagues here in the House of Representatives is one of the highest privileges associated with service in this body.

The House of Representatives has given our Nation giants of leadership in most revered traditions of this democracy and one of these giants was the Honorable CLARENCE CANNON,

Each of us can count it as a genuine privilege to have known and served with CLARENCE CANNON. He left many indelible marks on the institutions of our Nation and those of us who continue to serve in the House will do well to heed these marks and devote ourselves unselfishly to duty as did our late distinguished colleague.

Remarks by Representative kornegay

Of North Carolina

Mr. Speaker, as a relative newcomer to the Congress, I was not privileged to know intimately the fine and outstanding personality in whose honor and memory we are today assembled. I wish I might have had the opportunity which many of you here have enjoyed over the years, in knowing Congressman CLARENCE CANNON and in receiving the benefit of his wide experience and knowledge.

In the few encounters I had with him, I found him courteous and obliging and fair in connection with legislative measures in which I had a special interest. We are indebted to him, as is the country at large, for his keen judgment on what were necessary and unnecessary expenditures of public funds. He has set for us a pattern of judgment and assessment as a legacy for future use and as a monument to his own integrity and dedicated devotion to duty.

As we, his colleagues in the House, gather today to pay homage to our departed Member, the Honorable CLARENCE CANNON, we in effect honor ourselves in honoring him. HIS imprint of dedicated service and his public image of unimpeachable probity have cast an imperishable and favorable reflection on the entire membership of this House. In effect, this is a trust which he has left to us, which it behooves us to emulate and to honor.

I extend my deepest sympathies to his wife, his family, and the people of his district whom he served so long and so faithfully.

Remarks by Representative Alurphy

Of Illinois

Mr. Speaker, it is with sadness today that I join my colleagues in the House of Representatives in paying tribute to the life and the service of the late and beloved CLARENCE CANNON, who so ably represented the Ninth Congressional District of Missouri in the U.S. Congress.

It was my privilege to know and serve with Congressman CANNON. He was a man of honor and a source of aggressiveness. In his long and distinguished career of public service, Mr. CANNON was the first Parliamentarian of the House of Representatives to serve under both Democratic and Republican administrations. He was notable for his preseverance and determination to achieve that which he believed to be right; he worked hard and strictly attended to the business of the Congress.

Congressman CANNON was a man who loved his America; a strong voice is gone, a strong leader is gone, and a sincere and devoted American is gone. CLARENCE CANNON will be missed from among our midst, but his memory will live on in the history of this great Chamber.

I would hope that his family and friends find comfort in the reflection of a useful life lived by a man who was truly a great American.

May the good Lord bless him and grant him peace everlasting.

Remarks by Representative Montoya

Of New Mexico

Mr. Speaker, the tremendous personal grief of Members of Congress over the death of one of its most distinguished Members, is only equalled by their realization of the tremendous public loss, felt by those who recognized CLARENCE CANNON as the dedicated and competent Representative he was. I was privileged to have been closely associated with Mr. CANNON as a member of the Appropriations Committee and understand even more profoundly the significant role he played in the determination of our Nation's policies.

Perhaps the words of Josiah Holland most aply describe the qualities of Congressman CANNON. God give us men! A time like this demands strong minds, great

hearts, true faith, and ready hands;
Men whom the lust of office does not kill,
Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy,
Men who possess opinions and a will;
Men who have honor; men who will not lie.

For 40 years, CLARENCE CANNON has been just such a man. He was a public servant whose independent thinking for the good of his fellow man earned for him the highest recognition among his colleagues and leaders of the Nation.

In his capacity as chairman of the Appropriations Committee, he wielded tremendous influence. His grasp of his job and his wise conduct of the affairs of his committee were qualities to provoke the admiration and respect of everyone. Realizing full well the extent of his influence, CLARENCE CANNON sought vigorously to devote himself to the welfare and security of our Nation.

Those of us who had the privilege of working directly with him realize the inordinate amount of energy with which he pursued his obligations throughout the years. At a time when most men dream of retiring, CLARENCE CANNON rededicated himself to the service of his constituents and of his

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