Remarks by Representative Horan

Of Washington

Mr. Speaker, once again it is a sad privilege for me to join my colleagues in paying tribute to a departed brother. All of us will miss CLARENCE CANNON.

It has disturbed me that, to so many who record the chronicles of the House he seemed to attract adjectives to his personality: "cantankerous," "tyrant,” hunched over little hobgoblin,” “grumpy," and even in his obituaries, the press seems to have persisted on insisting that we, his colleagues, did not like him.

That is not true. While CLARENCE CANNON kept his own counsel, he loved to have members of his committee offer their own solid ideas and he was most courteous in hearing them. To me, he was a man of warmth and friendliness. As all of you know, both of us raised apples and we often discussed various phases of that particular industry from proper pollenizers to markets, and we always joshed about the foundation plantings in the State of Washington as coming from Stark Bros. Nurseries in Louisiana, Pike County, Mo., a city not far from CLARENCE's own hometown of Elsberry.

Few knew of the constructive charities that CLARENCE CANNON financed and from which he found so much satisfaction. That was like him. He never sought credit nor fame—it came to him as a natural compensation for hard work and undeviating devotion to progressive goals. Somehow, as I observe the efforts of those who would criticize him, their voices become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

We have lost a leader, our Nation, a guide but from his life and works we can take renewed determination to carry on as CLARENCE would have us do.

Mrs. Horan joins me in extending our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Cannon, their two daughters and their families.

Remarks by Representative Langen

Of Minnesota

Mr. Speaker, few men in our history have left as indelible a mark on this body as CLARENCE CANNON. And few men will be remembered as long after their passing. Having served in this House for over 41 years, his influence will continue to be felt by the very procedures under which we operate, so ably identified and cataloged by this great student of government.

CLARENCE CANNON knew this House well. He loved it. And he served his countrymen here with distinction. To know him was to gain from his vast storehouse of knowledge and experience.

It was my privilege to have served with him on the Committee on Appropriations, a committee which he so ably chaired. All of us are familiar with the dispatch with which appropriations bills have been reported from committee during this session, a firm testimony to the efficiency and knowhow of Chairman CANNON.

That he was an astute student of history and parliamentary procedure goes without question. Perhaps it is sufficient to point out that he was the first Parliamentarian of this House to serve under both Democratic and Republican administrations. When in doubt, CLARENCE CANNON was the final authority, the last word.

In the field of finance, he could spot wasteful spending a mile away. The taxpayers of this Nation owe him a debt of gratitude for his dedication to the principles of responsible Government spending. His responsibility to the people transcended party lines, as did so many of the considerations of Chairman CANNON. I am sure that many a Cabinet member, many an agency representative, will recall with mixed emotions the task of convincing Chairman CANNON of the necessity for appropriating funds.

Now we say goodby. We utter a few words in eulogy. But mere language cannot impart the feelings we hold in our hearts at the passing of a trusted friend, a great patriot, and a humble public servant. His body has gone, never to walk these Halls again. But his heart remains here forever.

Remarks by Representative Giaimo

Of Connecticut

Mr. Speaker, it is all too often true that the worth of a man is not known until after his death. This was not true of our distinguished and beloved colleague, whose memory we honor here today.

CLARENCE CANNON became a legend in his own time. In his 41 years in the House of Representatives he became the symbol of fiscal integrity and order. Although it was my privilege to serve on his committee for only a short year before his passing, working with him was an experience I shall never forget.

The extent of his contribution to his country and this congress can never be accurately measured, for it extends to every facet of our life. Our budgetary principles, fiscal philosophy and economic habits have revolved around CLARENCE CANNON for many decades. Federal programs completed, underway, and still on the drafting boards were authorized and influenced by him. His handiwork can be seen in every aspect of Federal activity in this country.

In the House, his parliamentary genius has guided us for many years and the rules which he has established will continue to be the basis for our deliberations.

A man whose contributions are so endless and valuable has more than fulfilled the expectations and demands of our representative system. We owe a great deal to our beloved colleague, and I know that all of us will feel keenly the absence of his leadership and influence.

Mrs. Giaimo and I join in extending to his devoted and loving wife and family our sincere sympathies. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

Remarks by Representative Whitener

Of North Carolina

Mr. Speaker, I join with my colleagues today in paying tribute to the memory of our late beloved colleague, Hon. CLARENCE CANNON.

During his many years in the House of Representatives Mr. CANNON made a record of outstanding service which will long endure as a monument to his name. From March 3, 1923, until his recent passing CLARENCE CANNON represented the people of his district, State, and indeed the United States, with great distinction and devotion.

As chairman of the House Appropriations Committee he became the guardian of the people's purse. His vast knowledge of parliamentary law, his deep understanding of our democratic process, together with his unimpeachable character, were the characteristics I admired the most in our departed friend.

CLARENCE CANNON will be greatly missed in this Congress. The things for which he stood, however, will live on to inspire all of us. To the members of his family and the people of his district and State I extend my sincere sympathy on their great loss.

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