Remarks by Representative Fallon

Of Maryland

Mr. Speaker, I rise to give expression to the sadness and deep regret which all of us feel on the passing of our beloved colleague, CLARENCE CANNON.

Throughout his long tenure of some 41 years in the House of Representatives, CLARENCE CANNON has demonstrated that he has had not just the interests of the people of the Ninth Congressional District of Missouri at heart, but those of the entire Nation as well.

Born in Elsberry, Mo., some 85 years ago, this man, by study, hard work, and conscientious devotion to duty, had risen to occupy one of the most powerful and influential positions in our Congress today.

Among the great contributions which he has rendered during his years of service in the Congress are his writings on parliamentary rules and procedures which today serve as a guide in applying the rules of the House of Representatives. The works he has published such as “Cannon's Procedure in the House of Representatives," "A Synopsis of the Procedure of the House,” “Convention Parliamentary Manual," and numerous other treatises made him the foremost authority on this subject in the world.

CLARENCE CANNON would probably consider as his main contribution in public life his serving as watchdog of our national purse strings. He has served with distinction as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee longer than any other man in our national history-since 1941—with the exception of 4 years during which our Republican colleagues have occupied this position. CLARENCE CANNON'S dedication to economy in Government operations has left its imprint on every money bill which has been approved by the House during his long term of ofice. During the years of his service on this committee, Congress has voted more a than a trillion dollars in funds for the many Federal programs and activities for which money must be provided each year. Despite the huge sums which have been appropriated during these years, especially during the critical years of World War II and the Korean War, he was proudest of the billions of dollars which his committee was able to cut from spending requests in its careful review of individual programs. Thus CLARENCE CANNON has exerted a tremendous influence on shaping our national budget policy. By his efforts, millions of dollars of our taxpayers' money have undoubtedly been saved.

Representing a rural community in his own congressional district and being a farmer himself, he was ever mindful of protecting and promoting the interests of American farmers. He vigorously supported legislation which would benefit this group, such as providing for parity payments, making loans available to farmers at low rates of interest, authorizing soil conservation, reclamation and flood control projects, agricultural research, and rural electrification.

CLARENCE CANNON'S keen intellectual ability has not been wasted. His life has always been one entirely dedicated to the welfare of the people of Missouri and the Nation as a whole.

Each and every one of us express our deepest sympathy to his wife and family to whom he has been deeply devoted.

The vacancy created by CLARENCE CANNON'S sudden death will not easily be filled. His unselfish devotion to the public good will always be a source of inspiration to those of us remaining. His life has made an indelible impression on all who knew him and is a worthy examp for all of us to follow.

Remarks by Representative Derwinski

Of Illinois

Mr. Speaker, our beloved colleague, CLARENCE CANNON, had become a legend in his lifetime, and his passing is a great shock to all Members who, in a sense, considered him one of the permanent foundations of the House of Representatives.

His service to the House must be measured not only in the years he spent as a Member, but, more importantly, the effective manner in which he performed as chairman of the Committee on Appropriations. His knowledge of the appropriations machinery, and his thorough mastery of the Federal budget made him a key figure in our involved governmental structure. He truly represented check and balance on the excessive demands of the bureaucrats for spending schemes. He was a tower of strength in the House. His experience, knowledge, and dedication to his committee assignment is a credit to the legislative branch of Government.

The respect in which all Members held him is a tribute to his leadership. To say that he will be missed is an understatement. He will be missed not only by the people of his district who so often reelected him, but he will be missed by all of us who served with him, and especially by the people throughout the 50 States whom he served so effectively.

Mrs. Derwinski and I express to Mrs. Cannon and her family our deepest sympathy. We realize, however, that his long record of public service will forever be remembered and cherished. He has left an imprint on the Congress that will long endure.

Remarks by Representative Auchincloss

Of New Jersey

Mr. Speaker, one of the earliest experiences which I had when I first came to Congress in 1942 was meeting with CLARENCE CANNON, and I will never forget it. I had been warned that he had a very incisive mind and it was unpredictable just what he would say, but his greeting was one of real cordiality and his offer to help me at any time I saw fit to call on him warmed my heart and started real affection for the man. During my service in Congress our paths did not cross frequently, but whenever we did meet his friendship was evident, and my appreciation of his tireless and agile mind became stronger and stronger. I can think of no one in my service who was more individualistic in his thinking, and, in spite of the fact that he was not known as a good mixer, he carried with him the real admiration of his colleagues because of his undiluted loyalty to the standards of the House of Representatives.

Everyone appreciates the tremendous contributions that he made throughout the years to the cause of good government. Of course, as a parliamentarian, his knowledge of procedure was unequaled and his dedication to the efficient and economical operation of Government was outstanding. He set an example for every one of us, and there can be no doubt that every one of us recognized his authority in this field.

While his physical presence among us will be missed, his influence in the operations of our Government will long continue. It was a privilege to know him, and I will treasure his friendship all the days of my life.

Remarks by Representative Bow

Of Ohio

Mr. Speaker, CLARENCE CANNON shall stand forever as one of the foremost statesmen in the history of this Nation.

His devotion to his duties as a Member of the House is well known to all who have served with him, and there have been many who have had that opportunity.

I have known him best as chairman of the Appropriations Committee. For 12 years, as a member of that committee, I have had the honor to serve with him. He was a fair chairman. He was a leader in the fight for fiscal responsibility in the Nation.

Mr. CANNON'S periodic analyses of the Federal budget were invaluable. In a few sharp words, he could tear aside the veil of political budgeteering and reveal the plain facts, which usually added up to additional requests for spending.

The House of Representatives and the Nation have suffered a great loss, and one which I feel very keenly, for he was a good friend.

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