Proceedings of Institutions.

of 50,000 francs (£2,000 sterling), offered by the decree a cradle as in a dock. It seems needless to enter into of the 23rd Feb., 1852, for the discovery of a means of such particulars as that a ship with its lading might for rendering the galvanic battery commercially applicable ordinary traffic rest on a double line of rails. in the arts either as a source of heat or light, or as a me

I am, &c., chanical power or as a chemical or medical agent. The

M. S. BENTHAM. committee consists of MM. Dumas, President; Chevreul, 26, Wilton-place, Jan. 30th. Pelouze, Regnault, Despretz, Rayer, Serres, Charles Dupin, Séquier, Poncelet, Morin, Members of the Academy; Reynaud, director of lighthouses; and Henry Sainte-Clair Deville, of the Normal School.

Boston.—The Rev. P. W. Clayden recently delivered NAPOLEON I. AND FULTON.

a lecture in the Assembly Rooms to the members of the

Athenæum, T. Garfit, Esq., in the chair. The subject Napoleon has frequently been reproached with having

was, Habit. Use is second Nature.'" The attendcoldly received Fulton and his plan for the application

ance was excellent, the large room being well filled. of steam to the purposes of navigation. Marshal Mar

After a long and interesting exordium the lecturer promont, in his memoirs, says that Buonaparte, who, from his education in the Artillery, had a natural prejudice

ceeded to the subject itself, first defining it, then showing against novelties, treated Fulton as a quack, and would

its bearing on practical life; tracing the “genesis” of not listen to him. M. Louis Figuier also, in pp. 258 et

habit in the body, both in its active and passive form, seq., the 3rd vol. of his work, writes that Bonaparte re

and deducing the law or principle through the operation

of which “ use " creates " & second nature " in us. fused to place the matter in the hands of the Academy. The following letter from Napoleon, dated from the

Passing on from habits of body, habits of mind came

under consideration; and the lecturer showed how the Camp at Boulogne, 21st July, 1804, and addressed to M. de Champagny, Minister of the Interior, proves the con

great object of all education was the formation of “good

" habits of mind,” strongly defending “classical " educatrary. It is given on the authority of " Cosmos:”"I have just read the project of citizen Fulton, an en

tion, as producing a healthy, vigorous, liberal habit of

mind. The influence of habit on the opinions, on the gineer, which you sent me much too late, for it seems

social feelings, on the sentiments, and on the passions, capable of changing the face of the world. At all events,

was then traced, and a striking contrast drawn between I desire that you will immediately place the examination of it in the hands of a Committee, composed of

love as a passion of youth, and that love which owes its

existence to habit. The lecturer then went on to show members of the Institute, for it is to them that the scientific men of Europe will naturally look for a deci.

the beneficence of the law of habit in its operation, sion on the question. A great physical truth stands

equalising as it did the inequalities of society, reconciling

men to their external conditions, and compensating to a revealed before my eyes. It will be for these gentlemen to see it, and endeavour to avail themselves of it. As 3

great degree the hardships of the world; concluding by soon as the report is made it will be sent to you, and you

a rapid summary of the practical principles the lecturer will forward it to me. Let the decision be given in a

had developed. J. Noble, Esq., thanked the lecturer, in week, if possible, for I am impatient to hear it."

the name of the meeting, observing that such a lecture must have cost him no ordinary amount of thought and labour. Mr. Clayden, in thanking the audience for their

attention, said that on this his first appearance on that INDIAN FIBRES.

platforın he had been so well received, he should hope to A public sale took place at the London Commercial make his appearance there again. Mr. Clayden has, we Sale-rooms, Mincing-lane, on Friday, Feb. 6th, of believe, intimated, in answer to an inquiry, that he is. 243 bales of East Indian Fibres, being samples im- willing to deliver the lecture gratuitously to any of the ported by the Honourable East India Company for other Institutions in the county. experiment.

COUPAR ANGUS.—The twenty-second anniversary of The following is a list of the different kinds sold, and the Nautical Improvement Society was held on the eventhe prices fetched per ton. :

ing of Tuesday, the 24th ult., Mr. John Mills occupying Oodrah, from £4 10s. to £5 58.; true Hemp, from the chair. The chairman, in a few introductory remarks, the Himalayas. from £26 159, to £32; Aloe, from £35 recommended that, instead of the time of the meeting to £40 5s.; Putsun Hibiscus, £16; true China grass being taken up in listening to set speeches, they should from Assam, Rhea fibres of various kinds, some partly form themselves, for the time being, into a debating prepared, from £30 15s. to £46; (Sunnd fibre, (crotolaria club. This suggestion was immediately acted upon, juncea,) £21 10; true Hemp of the Himalayas, partly and a spirited discussion, on various subjects, was carried prepared in England, from £29 to £30 58.; tow, £11 5s.; on. It is gratifying to observe a growing desire, on the Nettle fibre, £22; Nettle mesa kee, £22; Hibiscus, £11 5s. part of the members of this Society, to extend its useto £25; Gharoo, £10 5s.; Tale Rameh, £40 58.


DEPTFORD.—The annual meeting of the members of the Mechanics' Literary Institution was recently held, Mr. Crossland in the chair. The secretary, Mr. Aler. ander Dickson, read a statement of the finances of the

Institution, and gave a report of the general progress of INTEROCEANIC RAILWAY.

the Institution during the past year, which was most enSIR, -A great objection to any railroad, for connecting couraging. At the last annual meeting a heavy debt the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, is that vessels must be hung over the Institution of upwards of £400; now, the unloaded at either extremity, and reloaded again at the total amount of debts owing scarcely exceeded £70, exother end; but this might be obviated. Sir Samuel clusive of the standing loan on debentures for £1,200, Bentham obtained that first-rate men-of-war should for the interest of which was paid yearly. small repairs be taken into dock with all in, and it is EASTERN COUNTIES RAILWAY AND STRATFORD.-The now commonly practised. This proves that the hull of committee, in presenting the fifth annual report of a vessel is strong enough to bear the weight of its cargo. the proceedings of the Mechanics' Institute, have much Ships of the line built at St. Petersburg, are, in cradles, pleasure in congratulating the members upon its conborne over the shallows formed at the mouth of the tinued prosperity and the success which has attended its Neva, hence it appears that a vessel can be supported in proceedings. The number of members is—20 honorary

Home Eorrespondence.

and 478 ordinary, being an increase of 208 as compared Mr. Parsons (two), one on Thomas Hood and one on with last year. The circulation of books from the the Wits of Queen Anne's Reign. Mr. Salaman (two), library has considerably increased, there having been one on the History of the Pianoforte and one on Music nearly 5,000 registered issues during the year, and, in connection with the Dance. Mr. Crispe, on the Phi. during the past year upwards of 300 volumes have been losophy of Humbug. Mr. Charles, on the Ludicrous added to it. The lectures and entertainments have been and Lyrical Literature of Love. Mr. G. Dawson (two), well attended, and have been received with considerable one on Peter the Great and one on Martin Luther-his satisfaction, and so large has the attendance been in Private Life and Character. Mr. W. Dawson, on the some instances as to cause the committee to confine the Style and Characteristics of English Glee Writing. Mr. admission to members of the Institution, and to refuse Serle, a Dramatic Reading--the “ Merry Wives of that privilege to the public. The thanks of the members Windsor." Mr. Cooper, a Musical Entertainment, enare due to the Directors of the Eastern Counties Railway titled, “ Sketches of a Tour from Burton-crescent to Company for having kindly granted the use of a train Balaclava. Dr. Pettigrew on the Arch of Life. Dr. for an excursion to Southend. About 2,100 persons Noad, on the New Induction Apparatus. Mr. Blackburn, availed themselves of the opportunity thus afforded on Algeria-its History and Customs. Mr. Fairbairn, a them. The committee, after considerable discussion, Scottish Musical Entertainment, entitled, “ Wanderin' determined upon recommending the reduction of the Willie's Wallet."-In addion to these, the following amount of subscription; and it affords them great satis- were delivered gratuitously :- Rev. D. Katterns, on faction to state that this reduction has proved eminently Curiosities of Biblical Interpretation and Eccentricities successful—in nearly doubling the number of members, of Preachers. Mr. G. Offor, jun., on the Genius and and thereby causing a large increase of subscriptions, Writings of Albert Smith. Mr. Wortabet, on Syria and whereby the committee were enabled to discharge all the Holy Land. Mr. Thomas Price, on Sir Thomas outstanding liabilities, and can now state that the Insti- More - his Life and Writings. Mr. Grant, on Lord tution is entirely free from debt, and that, after the pay- Byron-his Times, Life, and Writings.—The classes ment of nearly £100 for books, papers, and periodicals, have continued their meetings. they are enabled to show a balance in hand of upwards of HALSTEAD.-The annual meeting of the Literary and £17. The plan of deducting the subscriptions from the Mechanics’ Institution was held on the 29th of last . pay sheets fortnightly has been found to work exceed. December, and a soirée in connection with the Institute ingly well-nearly 300 paying their subscriptions by that came off on Tuesday the 3rd of February. Ahout 30 mode. The following classes are in operation-Mechani- ladies presided over the tea service, and several members cal Drawing, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Writing, offered explanations of diagrams representing locomoand Arithmetic. A French Class is in course of tion and Australia and Australian life, procured from formation.

the Working Man's Educational Union. Some members GREENWICH.--The recently-published report of the assisted with the dissolving views, the lantern being Society for the Acquisition and Diffusion of Useful Know- kindly supplied by E. Courtauld, Esq., while Sidney ledge, shows a manifest progress. There were 682 adult Courtauld, Esq., his son, was superintendant. Some members, and 48 minors, at the close of last quarter, photographs from the Society of Arts were exhibited, and 200 new members have been elected since the com- and much admired. Some members performed vocal and mencement of last year. There has also been more instrumental music. E. W. Harris, Esq., the newly activity in the classes during the past six months than elected president, occupied the chair. The report of the at any previous period. The number of books taken Committee shows that the prosperity of the Institute from the library is regularly increasing. During the during the past year is in advance of any that has premonth of August, 1,878 volumes were read, and during ceded it. The number of the present members exceeds the month of November the number reached 2,475 that of any former period, and the income of the Sovolumes. The committee present a statement of the ciety, from nearly all sources, has reached a higher point. income and expenditure for the past six months. The During the last year, the members have increased to 235, receipts--including members' subscription, sale of cata- being an increase of 35 over any preceding year, and of logues and newspapers, library fines, &c., have been 56 over the last year. The receipts and expenditure for £277 12s. 10d.; and the expenditure for newspapers, the year show a balance in favour of the Institute of books, lectures, printing, salaries, &c., £262 12s. 3d., £16 13s. 1d., which reduces the debt at the close of last leaving a balance in the treasurer's hands of £15 Os. 7a. 1 year of £25 Os. 10d. to £8 7s. 9d. While in the year

HACKNEY.—The ninth annual report of the Hackney | 1851 the total exchange of books and periodicals Literary and Scientific Institution shows that it is in a amounted to only 4,296, and in the year 1855 only flourishing state. From the balance-sheet attached to reached 6,816, in the past year it has attained an aggrethis report, it will be found that the receipts from all I gate of 9,698. sources during the year have been £374 12s., and the LIVERPOOL.–At the annual general meeting of the memexpenditure £273 16s. 11d., and that there is a balance bers of the Liverpool Institute and School of Art, Mountin hand of £19 Os. 8d. The number of members was | street, Mr. Thos. Thornely, M.P., the President, occupied at Midsummer, members, 430 ; ladies' transferable the chair, and amongst other gentlemen present were tickets, 124 ;-at Christmas, members, 411; ladies' Mr. George Holt, Mr. O. Williams, the Rev. Professor transferable tickets, 137. The committee have only Griffiths, the Rev James Cranbrook, Mr. H. Shimmin, been able to expend a sum of about £30 on the library. Mr. Haylock, Mr. Murphy, Mr. C. S. Samuell, Mr. This they look upon as one of the most popular features | Dickson, and Mr. Scott. The secretary read the report, of the Institution, and they would have been much which shows that the Institution has been eminently sucgratified to have added more materially to it. The cessful in all its departments. At the close of the year, circulation of books during the past year has been on an 2,444 persons were connected with the Institute, as folaverage 225 per week. The reading-room has been well lows, viz. :-Life members, 600; annual members, 161; supplied during the year with papers, and the attendance subscribers to the library and reading-room, 166 ; lady has been on the whole satisfactory. During the past subscribers, 13; pupils in the day-schools, 838; ditto, year the committee provided for the delivery of twenty evening-schools, 529; ditto ladies drawing-classes, 33; lectures, and two vocal and instrumental concerts, as foi ditto, ladies' college, 104. The receipts between lows:- The opening concert in January, conducted by March 1 and December 31 amounted to £2,797 9s. 11d. the Distins, and that in September, by Miss Ada Thom- The attendance in the evening-school has increased son. Sergeant Pearce, on the Crimean Expedition. Mr. yea rly since 1853, and last quarter it was greater than it Edney, two Musical Entertainments. Mr. Wyld, on has ever been since 1849, the number on the respective John Howard. Dr. Letheby, on the Sweets we Extract. cla ss-rolls being as follows:- English classes, 94; writing,

154; arithmetic, 163; mathematics, 18; drawing, 141 ; males and females, 257. The number of female memadult, 60; French, 41; German, 10; Spanish, 10; Latin, 5; bers at present is 50. The average attendance per night dancing, 19—total, 715. Arrangements are in progress, for the last month-three nights a-week-is, males 91, under a committee, composed of members of the Town besides 50 at the singing classes. The average attenCouncil and of the managers of this and the Collegiate dance per night of females-two nights a week-is 41. Institution, for exhibiting a collection of choice speci- The gross attendances for five weeks ending November niens of ornamental work purchased by Government on 29th, is 2,043. There are five paid teachers in the Instithe breaking up of the Great Exhibition of 1851, the tution, and an efficient staff of eight volunteers. The loan of which has been granted for this purpose by the library contains 425 vols. The issue for the past year is Department of Science and Art. The exhibition will be ( 2,903. The meeting was then addressed by the President, held in March. The considerable additions that have by the Rev. Joseph Hughes, the Rev. J. Barker, W. Crowlately been made to the library have led to so large an ther, Esq., the Rev. T. B. Bensted, the Rev. E. Boden, T. accession of subscribers as to satisfy the directors that a P. Crosland, Esq., the Rev. T. P. Chown, J. C. Fenton, liberal expenditure on it will be attended with a corre- Esq., Joseph Wrigley, Esq., and W. C. Kaye. sponding increase of income, in addition to its extend- SALFORD. — The adjourned examination of the ing the usefulness of the Institute. The chairman pro- pupils of the boys' day-school in connection with the posed the adoption of the report. He considered that Mechanics' Institution, was recently held. The subthe Institution was so firmly established in public ject of the examination was, “ The Chemistry of opinion that it was necessary only to keep it in working the Air and the Physiology of Respiration.” Mr. order to continue to do that great good which had been Da vid Chadwick was elected to the chair, in the absence its result from the beginning up to the present time. of Mr. Alderman Agnew, who was unable to attend. Mr. George Holt, in seconding the resolution, said that Mr. Angell, the teacher, in a few prefatory remarks, dethere never was a period since the establishment of the fined the objects of education to be:-To teach how to Institution, in 1825, when its supporters had more reason think-to develop the power to think-to discipline the to be quite satisfied than at present. One thing particu- mind into the practice of right-thinking and to comlarly had always given him great satisfaction, and that municate generally useful knowledge. The children was, that they had given a perfect example, upon a large proved, in reply to the questions and experiments of the scale, of the successful education of 1,000 or 1,500 young teacher, the existence, properties, and composition of people of both sexes upon non-sectarian principles. The the atmosphere, and the nature of combustion and meeting was then addressed by Mr. Samuell, Mr. chemical combination. In physiology, they explained Murphy, Mr. Haylock, Mr. O. Williams, the Rev. Pro the structure and functions of the chest and the organs fessor Griffiths, Mr, M.Ilveen, Mr. Dickson, and Mr. contained in it-the nature and uses of the blood, and Shimmin. After passing the usual votes of thanks, the the changes produced in it by respiration, Mr. Plant meeting separated.

| proposed, and Mr. A. Somers seconded, a vote of thanks LOCKWOOD.— The first Annual Soiree of the Me- to Mr. Angell, which was carried. Mr. Angell, in acchanics Institution, was recently held. The follow- knowledging it, took the opportunity of alluding to the ing were among the gentlemen present:- The Rev. objection sometimes raised, that the teaching of the naT. B. Bensted, Rev. J. Haigh, (St. Pauls); Rev. J. tural sciences must retard the progress of the pupils in Hughes, of Meltham ; Rev. J. Barker, Baptist minister, grammar, arithmetic, &c., and stated that it produced Lockwood; Rev.J.P. Chown, Bradford; Wm. Crowther, exactly the opposite result.-The meeting terminated at Esq., Gomersall; J. C. Fenton, Esq., Wm. Barker, Esq., ten o'clock. During the evening several airs were played T. C. Wrigley, Esq., John Shaw, Esq., James Whitley, on the pianoforte, by Miss Lawton. Esq. Messrs. W. Crosland, Josiah Berry, W. Wilson, 1 SIDMOUTH.-An interesting and graphic lecture was James Shaw, Thomas Haigh, Edgar Fenton, Charles delivered at the Institution on Tuesday, Feb. 3, by Charles Crosland, Joseph Wrigley, jun., Patrick Martin, W.G. Floyd, Esq., on the subject of “ Dr. Johnson." The Taylor, W. Kaye, James Crosland, James Brierley, &c. lecturer commenced by stating that it was not Johnson Bentley Shaw, Esq., the president of the Institution the philosopher-Johnson the essayist --Johnson the occupied the chair. The SECRETARY read the report, lexicographer-Johnson the LL.D. of two Universities which stated, that the Lockwood Mechanics’ Institution -Johnson the poet-or Johnson the poet's biographer was established in March, 1844, by a few working men, but Johnson the man, that he proposed to described to who felt the necessity of self-improvement. But it was them. And after briefly touching upon his true greatnot until the year 1856, that the committee, with the ness, (despite many external drawbacks,) in this character, assistance of a few gentlemen of the neighbourhood, he proceeded to illustrate both, by the leading features of determined to take the steps which have placed the in- his life. The lecturer made some amusing remarks on stitution in its present position. Since the removal to the shifts and hardships of men of letters of the period, the new premises the number of members has more than and then passed on to describe the dawning of brighter doubled; and the accommodation is now such that 200 days; the publication of his famous dictionary, (with students can be seated comfortably. The committee, some very characteristic definitions contained therein); aware that the prosperity of the Institution depends chiefly the celebrated letter to Lord Chesterfield; the pleasant upon the character of the classes and the nature of the class story of his pension from the king; and his first acinstruction, have paid much attention to this important quaintance with his inseparable companion, James Bossubject. There are six class-rooms, five of them occupied well, best of biographers, vainest and silliest of men ! on Monday evenings, five on Wednesday, and four on After a tribute to that immortal club over which Johnson Friday, besides two on Saturday; making a total of 16 presided, and its mighty spirits, Burke, Goldsmith, Gibclasses per week. The subjects actually taught are bon, Garrick, Reynolds, Beauclerc, and others, Mr. Floyd reading, writing, arithmetic, algebra, mensuration, proceeded to illustrate the true grandeur of the man history, geography, grammar, music, free-hand and above all the details of littleness that disfigured him. ornamental drawing. The first and most importan: After a series of anecdotes, illustrative of points in his classes are the adult. These are attended by young men character, and a final tribute to his real greatness, Mr. of from 18 to 35 years of age, who work with much Floyd concluded his interesting lecture. steadiness and determination. The junior classes, too, WELCHroon.—The Committee of the Reading Soare well attended, and generally speaking, in a satisfacciety, in presenting their report, call attention to import. tory state. Number of members for December, 1856– ant changes that have been effected during the past year. Annual members, 17; weekly, 164; quarterly, 10; pre- The house originally occupied by the Society was at. sentees, 10; honorary, 11 ; total males, 212. Females tended with many inconveniences, and it was determined - Weekly, 42; presentees, 3; total females, 45; total to remove to cominodious premises in a central sitnation,

and to engage the services of a paid librarian, who should | 68. Committee of Selection--2nd Report.
be regularly in attendance from 7 to 10 every evening.

30. Bills Commissioners of Supply (Scotland

Grand Juries (Ireland).
The expenses of removal, and the great additions made i Inclosure Commission-12th Annual Report.
to the library during the past year, have occasioned a Copyholds-15th Report of Commissioners.
larger outlay of money than under ordinary circumstances

Tithe Commission-Report. might have been considered prudent; but the present

SESSION 1856. arrangements must so tend to the comfort and convenience

436. Orders of Removal-Return. of persons frequenting the rooms, that the Committee

Delivered on the 3rd March, 1857. rely upon a continued increase in the number of sub 45. Local Acts (7 and 8, Watchet Harbour and Watchet Harbour

Trust; 9, Tilbury, Maldon, and Colchester Railway; 10, scribers to maintain the Institution in its present state of

Newry, Warren point, and Rostrevor Railway ; 11, Midland efficiency, and to justify the purchase of more new books Great Western Railway of Ireland-Sligo Extension; 12, at no very distant period. The library now numbers up

North Level Drainage ; 13, Sunken Vessels Recovery Comwards of a thousand volumes, and the rooms are supplied

pany)-Admiralty Reports. with three daily and six weekly newspapers, together with most of the popular reviews and serials. The at


Mox. London Inst., 7. Rev. H. Christmas, “On the History and tendance, especially in the evening, and the books taken

Antiquities of Heraldry; and on some other branches of out, amounting to 881 in the past year, are sufficient proofs

British Archæology." that the Institution is appreciated by many in this town,

Architects, 8. Mr. A. Ashpitel, “On the different theories and it is hoped that they will use their influence to in

respecting the Forum at Rome, particularly those of our

late Member, the Commendatore Canina." duce a still larger number to share in its advantages. In

Geographical, 81. I. Dr. James Campbell, “Remarks on conclusion, the Committee desire to acknowledge the

the Geography and Hydrography of South-west Africa."

II. « Notes on the Outlet of the Great Zambesi," from the valuable services of their Honorary Secretary, and to

Journal of the late Capt. Hyde Parker, R.N. III. Mr. convey to him their hearty thanks. The Committee

Consul Abbott, “Journey in Persia from Shiraz to Darab, have to acknowledge the receipt of £12 2s. 6d. from the

and thence westward to Hazeran." committee of Colonel the Rt. Hon. P. E, Herbert's recep

Tues. Royal Inst., 3. Prot. Huxley, “On Physiology-Locomotion."

Syro-Egyptian, 71. Mr. Samuel Sharpe, “ On the Identifition fund for the purchase of books.

cation of the Egyptian and Persian Kings' names menWIRKSWORTH. -The report of the committee of the

tioned in the Bible, with those in the Hieroglyphics and Mechanics’ Institution, presented to the General Meeting

Greek Historians."

Civil Engineers, 8. Mr. R. Armstrong, “ On High-speed of the members, Mr. Cantrell, President of the Insti

Steam Navigation, and on the Relative Efficiency of the tution in the chair, shows that the past year has been one

Screw Propeller and Paddle Wheels." of great prosperity, a large increase of members having

Med. and Chirurg., 84. taken place. The most pleasing feature of the past

Zoological, 9.

WED. Literary Fund, 2. Anniversary. year was the festival, which will be remembered London Inst., 3. Mr. E. W. Brayley,“ On Mineralogy and in Wirksworth and the neighbourhood for many years to

Crystallography." come. One of the chief duties of the committee has been

Society of Arts, 8. Major H. B. Scars, “ On appliances for

facilitating Submarine Engineering and Exploration." the formation of classes for the instruction of the younger

Part II. Submarine Exploration. members, and they have secured the services of Mr. Henry

Geological, 8. I. Dr. H. Falconer, "On the Species of Marsden, to superintend the classes, which are now

Mastodon and Elephant occurring in the fossil state in

England," IL Mr. Bollaert, “ On the occurrence of some established. A number of books and maps have been

Mastodon Bones in Chili." purchased through the Committee of Council on Educa- | Graphic, 8. tion, who have arranged for supplying the books and

Ethnological, 8. papers published by them, or their authority, to the In

Archæological Association, 8).

THURS. Royal Inst., 3. Prof. Tyndall, “ On Sound.” stitutions in Union with the Society of Arts. The

Royal Society Club, 6. committee urge the members to qualify themselves by London Inst., 7. Rev. C. Boutell, . On the Church of the earnest study to become competitors at the Society of

Holy Sepulchre."

Antiquaries, 8. Arts Examinations, that their success may honour the

Royal, 8). Institution to which they belong. The total number of


Astronomical, 8. members is 136. The number of books lent during the

Royal Inst., 81. Prof. Phillips, “ Geological Sketches round

the Malvern Hills." year is 979. The following gentlemen are the officers

SAT. London Institution, 3. Mr. T. A. Malone, “On Experi. for 1857 :-PresidentW. Cantrell, Esq.; Vice-President

mental Physics, chiefly in Relation to Chemistry." -W. Webb, Esq., M.D.; Trustees--T. Poyser, Esq., J.

Royal Institution, 3. Prof. Phillips, “On the Limits of Wheatcroft, Esq., W. Weight, Esq., and Mr. Peal;

Variation in the State of the Globe-Climate."

Medical, 8.
Treasurer-Mr. B. Street; Honorary Secretary-Mr. G.
Marsden; Librarian-Mr. J. W. Hall ; AuditorsMr.

Fryer, Mr. Peal, Mr. J, Hall; Committee-Messrs. W.

APPLICATIONS FOR PATENTS AND PROTECTION ALLOWED. Wright, T. Newton, Jun., Fryer, Surtees, Peal, W. Hall,

[From Gazette, February 27th, 1857.] Savage, Carrington.

Dated 26th December, 1856. 3064. Armand Jean Baptiste Louis de Marcescheau, Paris-Improve

ments in the modes of communicating or transmitting mo

tion to propelling apparatus, engines, or machinery. PARLIAMENTARY REPORTS.

Dated 20th January, 1867.

160. Frederick Walton, Haughton Dale Mills, Manchester-An imSESSIONAL PRINTED PAPERS.

proved plastic composition, and in the application of machinery Par. No.

for manufacturing the same. Delivered on the 26th February, 1857.

Dated 11th February, 1857. 35 (1). Bank of England-Supplementary Return,

397. John Talbot Pitman, 67, Gracechurch-street-Improvements 62. Duchy of Lancaster-Account.

in the mode of making metallic bames for horses. (A com59. Barracks, &c.Return.

munication.) 64. Committee of Selection-1st Report.

398. John Talbot Pitman, 67, Gracechurch-street-An improved Agricultural Produce in Ireland-Return.

system of working metallic ores and their products, both

metallic and mineral.' (A communication.) Delivered on the 27th of February, 1857.

400. William Todd and Jacob Todd, Heywood, Lancashire-Certain 62. Banks of Issue, &c.-Returns.

improvements in power looms for weaving. 67. Extra-parochial Places-Copy of Correspondence.

401. William George Armstrong, Newcastle upon Tyne-Improve19. Bills-Petty Sessions (Ireland).

ments in ordnance. 20.

Turnpike Trusts Abolition (Ireland). - Carlisle Canonries.

402. Richard Dugdale Kay, Accrington-An improved method of

using or applying a certain colouring matter, either singly or Delivered on the 28th February and 2nd March, 1857.

in combination with other colouring matters, to woven or 48. Flogging (Navy)-Return.

felted fabrics, yarns, or thrcads, either in the white or dyed 63. Persia (Expenses of Expedition)-Correspondence.

state. (A communication.) 19 (3). Harbour, &c., Bills (3, Weaver Navigation - Report of the 403. John Poole, 2, Riley-street, ChelseaImprovements in safety Board of Trade.

or other valves, and in mechanical appliances thereto.


404. John Macintosh, Euston-square--Improvements in the manu. 439. Alexander Forrest, Birmingham-Improvements in the con facture and discharge of projectiles.

struction and ornamentation of belt or band fastenings, and 405, James Saul Hendy, Essex-street, Strand- Improvements in

other dress fastenings. chimney tops or cowls.

440. John Cruikshank, Princes-end, Tipton, Staffordshire-An im. 406. George Chappellpotts, New Oxford-street-Improvements in

provement or improvements in rolling iron and steel wire. cleansing casks.

h, Flush Mills, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, and Dated 12th February, 1857.

Joseph Crabtree, Mill-bridge-Improvements in power looms 407. Joshua Horton, jun., Brierley-hill, Staffordshire-New or im

for weaving fancy goods. proved machinery for regulating the generation and pressure 42. Archibald Smith, Princes-street-Improvements in machinery of steam in steam boilers, and for preventing the explosion

for the manufacture of wire rope and other ropes. of steam boilers.

443. James Taylor, Upper-street, Islington-Improvements in the 408. John Langford and Joseph Wilder, Birmingham-A new or

preparation or manufacture of manures. improved signal and alarum.

444. Charles Robert Moate, 65, Old Broad-street-Improvements 410. Peter Hubert Desvignes, Lewisham-Improvements in ma

in the permanent way of railways. chinery for preparing flax, hemp, and other fibrous materials, 445. William Cooke, Cornhill-Improvements in apparatus for Ten411. David Baker, Gisbro' Alum Works, Yorkshire-Improvements

tilating in the manufacture of compounds of alumina and of magnesia.

Dated 16th February, 1857. 413. William Wilkins, Camberwell—Improvements in flushing ap. 447. William Robinson Jackson, Baltimore, U.S.-An improved paratus.

railway break. 414. Isaac Blackburn, Islington, and Robert Blackburn, Edinburgh 449. John Crawley, Wood-street, Cheapside-Improvements in col. -- Improvements in engines or implements to be employed in

lars and wristbands. agriculture, applicable also to the transporting of heavy bodies 451. William Edward Wiley, 34, Great Hampton-street, Birming. to the traction of carriages, and to the conveyance of pas.

ham-Improvements in the manufacture of metal pens and sengers.

penholders 415. Edward Maynard, Brooklyn, Kings, New York-An improve- 455. William Clark, 53, Chancery-lane-Improvements in the mament in calks for the shoes of animals.

nufacture of railway chairs. (A communication.) 416. William Edward Newton, 66, Chancery-lane-Improved ma

Dated 17th February, 1857. chinery for turning articles of irregular forms in the direction 457. Henry Green, Liverpool---An improved stove to be heated by of their length. (A communication.)

gas. 418. Elias Bowcock, Manchester-Certain 'improvements in the 459. John Goodman, 29a, Pall-mall--Improvements in apparatus manufacture of cords to be used in skirts and petticoats.

for holding together letters, music, and other loose sheets. 419. George Gimson, Staley-bridge-Certain improvements in steam

(A communication.) engines,

461. John Bennett, Birmingham-A new or improved joint for fishing 420. Thomas Wingate, Glasgow-Improvements in screw propellers

rods, the rods or handles of parasols, and for other rods. and in adjusting the same.

463. Emile Alcan, Fore-street-Improvements in machinery for Dated 13th February, 1857.

twisting, doubling, and spinning cotton, silk, and other fibrous 421, Charles Wye Williams, Liverpool - Improvements in increasing

materials. (A communication. ) the draught and promoting the combustion of the fuel in 465. Jean Baptiste Pascal, Lyons-An improved engine with rotary furnaces.

piston applicable to various purposes. 423. William Harry Harrison, Ty Mawr, Ponty Pridd, Glamorgan 467. Frederick Burnett Houghton, Upper Gloucester-place, Dorsetshire--Certain improvements in the machinery or apparatus

square-Improvements in the preparation of materials used as at present employed for raising water from mines.

in the manufacture of paper. 424. William Richardson, 6, Ranelagh grove, Pimlico-Improve 469. William Young, Queen-street-Improvements in fire-places or ments in the use of iron or any other metal by itsell, or in

stoves. combination with other materials for structural purposes, 425. Frederic Henry Sykes, Cork-street, Piceadilly-An improved

WEEKLY LIST OF PATENTS SEALED. apparatus for supplying or feeding boilers with water, appli

1 3103. Charles Wye Williams. cable to raising and forcing liquids for other purposes.

February 27th. 426. D. A. Lamb, Berwick-upon-Tweed-Improvements in water

1997. Thomas Lees.

46. Thomas Holmes. closets, and in apparatus connected therewith.

2023. John Gregory. 427. William Stettinius Clark, High Holborn-Improvements in

2029. Richard Hill Norris, M.D.

March 3rd. machines for grating substances. (A communication.)

2039. George Cumming Thomas. 2054. Evan Leigh and George 428. Walter Sandell Mappin, Birmingham-A new or improved

2041. Jean Baptiste Marcelin Jo

Peter Leigh. method of constructing doors and windows, for the prevention


2059. John Montagu Hayes. of burglary, which method of construction is also applicable

2044. Louis Cornides.

2061. John Loude Tabberner. to other articles where strength is required.'

2053. Joel Tanner Hart.

2066. John Johnson.

2072. John Johnston.

2064. John Benjamin Dancer. 429. Noel Clayton Smith, Churton-street, Pimlico-Improvements in the disc engine.

2083. Peter Armand le Comte de 2088. Adolphe Gilbert Chalus. : 430. Marmaduke William Hallett, St. George's-road, Eccleston


2092. Boniface Sabatier.

2095. William Petrie.

| 2093. Francis Mitchell Herring. square-Improvements in apparatus for securing window and

2100. William Gossage.

2106. Henry Cooke. other openings in buildings. 431. John Lawson and Stephen Cotton, Leeds--Improvements in

2142. Edward Green.

2122. John Gedge. machinery for roving, spinning, or twisting flax, cotton, wool,

2166. Rd. Archibald Brooman. 2126. John Milnes and William


2177. William Frederick Spittle. and other fibrous substances.

2225. John George Taylor. 433. Richard Houchin, junr., Bridport-place, New North-road, Hox

2147. Frederic Ducimetière-Mo

2328. Alfred Vincent Newton. ton-Improvements in alarums.

nod. 434. Titus Robottom, Atherstone, Warwick-Improvements in lo

2343. James Hinks.

2159. Stanislas Chodzko. comotive engines chiefly adapted for the purposes of common

2350. William Ward.

2253. Samuel Calley. road or street traction, and the working of agricultural im

2258. William Hcrsfall. 2422. John Green.

2476. William Ed. Newton. 2555. Louis Urion. plements. 435. James Cocker, Liverpool - Improvements in, and apparatus for,

2797. John Marshall, junr.

2590. William Edward Newton. the manufacture of wire, part of which improvements is

2941. George Collier.

2594. Louis Urion. applicable to the annealing of other metallic articles.

2977. Edwin Heywood.

2785. Charles John Lewsey. 436. John Williams, Port Madoc, Carnarvon, N.W.--Improvements

3056. Jules H. Etienne Mareschal. 2798. Alfred Vincent Newton. in apparatus for lowering and stopping anchor chains on board ships, and for other similar purposes.


February 24th.

February 27th. 437. Andrew Barclay Walker, Liverpool-An improved apparatus 464. Charles Lamport

| 477. Leontide Agalaee Palle for heating fluids.

555. William Septimus Losh.

goix and Alexandre Louis 438. Hamilton Henry Fulton, and Thomas Bodley Etty, 8, Great 585. George Appolt and Charles

Queen-street, Westminster- Improvements in the generation


February 28th. and application of steam power for propelling, hauling, 696. William Wood.

524. William Vaughan and John driving, or conveying, particularly applicable to farming pur

February 26th.

Scattergood. poses,

522. Caleb Bloomer.

526. Charles Nightingale.

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85, Whitecross-street.

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Improved Gas Shade and Regulator ...... Thomas Patstone.....
High Pressure Ball-cock ........

Robert Luke Howard...
A Clasp..........

Joseph Underwood...
White's Detached Watch Escapement.... Hill, Son, and White.....
I ( Improved double-bound Carpenter's

Brace, with octagon compound Robert Maples ..........
lever pad .....


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