Bastions and Barbed Wire: Studies in the Archaeology of Conflict

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Tony Pollard, Iain Banks
BRILL, 2009. ápr. 15. - 264 oldal
A collection of the latest work in Conflict Archaeology. General theme is confinement, with concentration camps and siege sites, and defensive structures covered. Also includes other papers on battlefield archaeology and conflict studies.

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N A Roberts J W Brown B Hammett P D F Kingston A Detailed Study of The Effectiveness and Capabilities of 18th Century Musketry on The Battlef...
Xavier Rubio Campillo An Archaeological Study of Talamanca Battlefield
Its Commemoration War Memorials And Memory
the architecture of fear in frontier south australia and the northern territory ca 18471885
WW2 Field Fortifications in the Ardennes Forests of Belgium
Tony Pollard Iain Banks Archaeological Investigation Of Military Sites On Inchkeith Island
Landscapes of Conflict and Destruction in Prehistory
Tony Pollard The Archaeology Of The Siege Of Leith 1560
Tony Pollard The Archaeology Of The Siege Of Fort William 1746
An Archaeological Approach To Studying The Nazi Concentration Camps
Exchange and Violence at Ajacan Roanoke and Jamestown by Seth Mallios

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A szerzőről (2009)

Iain Banks was born in Fife in 1954 and was educated at Stirling University where he studied English Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. Banks came to widespread and controversial public note with the publication of his first novel, The Wasp Factory, in 1984. His first science fiction novel, Consider Phlebas, was published in 1987. He continued to write both mainstream fiction (as Iain Banks) and science fiction (as Iain M. Banks). Banks' mainstream fiction included The Wasp Factory (1984), Walking on Glass (1985), The Bridge (1986), Espedair Street (1987), Canal Dreams (1989), The Crow Road (1992), Complicity (1993), Whit (1995), A Song of Stone (1997), The Business (1999), Dead Air (2002) and The Steep Approach to Garbadale (2007). His final book, The Quarry, was released posthumously on June 20, 2013. Banks died on June 9, 2013 of terminal gall bladder cancer.

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