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Tanner's Practice of Medicine. Sixth American Edition. Cloth, $6.00; leather, $7.00.

Tanner and Meadow's Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. Third Edition. Cloth, $3.00.

Biddle's Materia Medica for Students. Sixth Revised Edition. With Illustrations. Price, $4.00.

Harris's Principles and Practice of Dentistry. Tenth Revised Edition. Cloth, $6.50; leather, $7.50.

Paget's Surgical P

tion. Price, $7

Third London Edi

Soelberg Wells on Diseases of the Eye. Third London Edition.
Cloth, $5.00; leather, $6.00.

Byford's Practice of Medicine and Surgery. Applied to the
Diseases of Women. Second Edition. Cloth, $5.00; leather,

Byford on the Uterus. A new Enlarged Edition.

Price, $3.00.


Hewitt's Diagnosis and Treatment of the Diseases of Women. Third Edition. Cloth, $5.00; leather, $6.00.

Headland on the Action of Medicines. Sixth American Edition. Price, $3.00.

Beale's How to Work with the Microscope. Fifth Edition. 400 Illustrations, Preparing.

Harley on Urine and its Derangements.

Price, $2.75.

With Illustrations.

Meadow's Manual of Midwifery. Third Enlarged Edition.

Bloxom's Chemistry. Inorganic and Organic. Second Edition. 276 Illustrations. Cloth, $4.50; leather, $5.50.

Walton's Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Eye.
Edition. Numerous Illustrations, Test-Types, etc. Price, $9.00.

Jones and Sieveking's Pathological Anatomy.
larged Edition, edited by J. F. PAYNE, M.D.

Wilks and Moxon's Pathological Anatomy.
Enlarged. Price, $6.50.

Carpenter's Microscope and its Revelations.
500 Illustrations. Price, $5.50.

A New EnPrice, $6.00.

Second Edition,

Fifth Edition.

Wilson's Anatomists' Vade Mecum. Ninth Enlarged London Edition. Price, $5.50.

Druitt's Surgeon's Vade Mecum. Tenth Enlarged London Edition. Price, $5.00.

Parke's Manual of Practical Hygiene.

tion. Price, $6.00.

Fourth Enlarged Edi

Tomes's System of Dental Surgery. Second Enlarged Edition. Price, $5.00.

Richardson's Mechanical Dentistry. Second Edition, much Enlarged. Price, $4.50.

Beale's Use of the Microscope in Practical Medicine. Fourth Edition. 500 Illustrations. Preparing.

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