Handbook of hygiene and sanitary science

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Lindsay, 1873 - 380 oldal
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331. oldal - For fixing the number of persons who may occupy a house or part of a house which is let in lodgings or occupied by members of more than one family : 2.
324. oldal - For the purposes of this act, 1. any premises in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; 2.
292. oldal - Bour exposed for sale, or deposited in any place for the purpose of sale or of preparation for sale, and intended for the food of man...
339. oldal - waterworks company" shall mean any corporation, person, or company of persons supplying or who may hereafter supply water for their own profit: The term " waterworks" shall include streams, springs, wells, pumps, reservoirs, cisterns, tanks, aqueducts, cuts, sluices, mains, pipes, culverts, engines, and all machinery, lands, buildings, and things for supplying or used for supplying water, also the stock in trade of any waterworks company : The expression "the local Board of Health...
292. oldal - He shall enter from day to day, in a book to be provided by the sanitary authority, particulars of his inspections and of the action taken by him in the execution of his duties. He shall also keep a book or books, to be provided by the sanitary authority, so arranged as to form, as far as possible, a continuous record of the sanitary condition of each of the premises in respect of •which any action...
336. oldal - Board shall cause the sewers vested in them to be constructed, covered, and kept so as not to be a nuisance or injurious to health...
348. oldal - ... disease, and preventing the spread of cholera and such other diseases as well on the seas, rivers, and waters of the United Kingdom, and on the high seas within three miles of the coasts thereof, as on land ; and may declare by what authority or authorities such regulations shall be enforced and executed.
332. oldal - ... shall be renewed once at least in every seven years, and shall be washed with hot water and soap once at least in every six months ; where limewashed the limewashing shall be renewed once at least in every six months.
292. oldal - ... inspect and examine any animal, carcase, meat, poultry, game, flesh, fish, fruit, vegetables, corn, bread, flour, or milk...
340. oldal - With respect to the sufficiency of the space about buildings to secure a free circulation of air...

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