Entrepreneurs are Made Not Born

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McGraw Hill Professional, 1994 - 210 oldal
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This guide contains advice from 200 magnates and "entrepreneurs" such as Ben Cohen (Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream), Fred Smith (Federal Express), Jay Pritzker (Hyatt Hotels) and Harold Geneen (ITT). Going beyond mere biography, the author draws from each interviewee's experiences to develop targeted lessons in entrepreneurship. Topics covered include: idea generation ("begin with a dream"), fear of failure ("myths that stop you"), risk-taking ("the trap of the attractive track"), business development ("chase the dream, not the rainbow") and special considerations for women entrepreneurs. This book should appeal to both fledgling and current entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, bankers, accountants, lawyers and everyone who needs to understand entrepreneurs to deal with them better.

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Entrepreneurs are made not born

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Shefsky, a lawyer specializing in entrepreneurship, uses inspirational vignettes to illustrate how people can take an idea or skill and parlay it into their own business. The emphasis here is on the ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása


1 A Simple Way to Understand Entrepreneurship
2 Begin with a Dream
3 Dream Drawers

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A szerzőről (1994)

LLOYD E. SHEFSKY is Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Kellogg School of Management, as well as founder and Co-Director of the school's Center for Family Enterprises and cofounder of its Center for Executive Women. Cofounder of several businesses and nonprofits, he has taught, lectured, and spoken in China, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Israel, and throughout the United States. "Invent Reinvent Thrive" is Shefsky's first book since his 1994 debut, "Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born".

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