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F. A. Stokes Company, 1893 - 405 oldal

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339. oldal - I hear the tread of pioneers Of nations yet to be ; The first low wash of waves, where soon Shall roll a human sea.
354. oldal - Let not the land, once proud of him, Insult him now, Nor brand with deeper shame his dim, Dishonored brow. But let its humbled sons, instead, From sea to lake, A long lament, as for the dead, In sadness make...
291. oldal - Nearer came the storm and nearer, rolling fast and frightful on ! Speak, Ximena, speak and tell us, who has lost, and who has won ? " Alas ! alas ! I know not ; friend and foe together fall, O'er the dying rush the living : pray, my sisters, for them all...
225. oldal - Like warp and woof all destinies Are woven fast, Linked in sympathy like the keys Of an organ vast. ' Pluck one thread, and the web ye mar ; Break but one Of a thousand keys, and the paining jar Through all will run.
403. oldal - Tell them, dear, that if eyes were made for seeing. Then Beauty is its own excuse for being: Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!
114. oldal - What, ho ! — our countrymen in chains ! The whip on WOMAN'S shrinking flesh ! Our soil yet reddening with the stains Caught from her scourging, warm and fresh ! What ! mothers from their children riven ! What ! God's own image bought and sold! AMERICANS to market driven, And bartered as the brute for gold...
290. oldal - Holy Mother ! keep our brothers ! Look, Ximena, look once more : • " Still I see the fearful whirlwind rolling darkly as before, Bearing on, in strange confusion, friend and foeman, foot and horse, Like some wild and troubled torrent sweeping down its mountain course.
292. oldal - A bitter curse upon them, poor boy, who led thee forth, From some gentle, sad-eyed mother, weeping, lonely, in the North!" Spake the mournful Mexic woman, as she laid him with her dead, And turned to soothe the living, and bind the wounds which bled. Look forth once more, Ximena! "Like a cloud before the wind Rolls the battle down the mountain, leaving blood and death behind; Ah! they plead in vain for mercy; in the dust the wounded strive; Hide your faces, holy angels! O thou Christ of God, forgive!
296. oldal - Through this dark and stormy night Faith beholds a feeble light Up the blackness streaking ; Knowing God's own time is best, In a patient hope I rest For the full day-breaking...
301. oldal - O brother man ! fold to thy heart thy brother ; Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there ; To worship rightly is to love each other, Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer.

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