The Repertory of arts and manufactures [afterw.] arts, manufactures and agriculture

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361. oldal - Now Know Ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Adolphe Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are...
123. oldal - I ventured to conclude from the general principles on which the phenomena were capable of being explained, that the new methods of investigation promised to lead to a more intimate knowledge than had hitherto been obtained, concerning the true elements of bodies. This conjecture, then sanctioned only by strong analogies, I am now happy to be able to support by some conclusive facts.
187. oldal - Potasium and Sodium are the names by which I have ventured to call the two new substances : and whatever changes of theory, with regard to the composition of bodies, may hereafter take place, these terms can scarcely express an error ; for they may be considered as implying simply the metals produced from potash and soda. I have consulted with many of the most eminent scientific persons in this country, upon the methods of derivation, and the one I have adopted has been the one most generally approved....
126. oldal - ... small globules having a high metallic lustre, and being precisely similar in visible characters to quicksilver, appeared, some of which burnt with explosion and bright flame, as soon as they were formed, and others remained, and were merely tarnished, and finally covered by a white film which formed on their surfaces.
125. oldal - When the order was changed, so that the platina spoon was made negative, a vivid and constant light appeared at the opposite point : there was no effect of inflammation round it; but aeriform globules, which inflamed in the atmosphere, rose through the potash. The platina, as might have been expected, was considerably acted upon ; and in the cases when it had been negative, in the highest degree.
127. oldal - Soda, when acted upon in the same manner as potash, exhibited an analogous result; but the decomposition demanded greater intensity of action in the batteries, or the alkali was required to be in much thinner and smaller pieces.
126. oldal - Under these circumstances a vivid action was soon observed to take place. The potash began to fuse at both its points of electrization. There was a violent effervescence at the upper surface ; at the lower, or negative surface, there was no liberation of elastic fluid ; but small globules having a high metallic lustre, and being precisely similar in visible characters to quicksilver, appeared, some of which burnt with explosion and bright flame as soon as they were formed...
262. oldal - Paper, are founded upon observations made, during the present winter, at the cotton manufactory of Messrs. PHILIPS and LEE at Manchester, where the light obtained by the combustion of the...
90. oldal - ... water. When the painting is finished, put some white wax into a glazed earthen vessel over a slow fire, and when melted, but not boiling, with a hard brush cover the painting with the wax, and when cold...
410. oldal - Next, let four grains of the same carbonate be exposed for a short time to a red heat ; and it will be found to have parted with exactly half its gas ; for the gas extricated from it in the same apparatus will be found to occupy exactly the same space, as the quantity before obtained from two grains of fully saturated carbonate. Sub-carbonate of Soda. Exp. 2. A similar experiment may be made...

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