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323. oldal - We are here among the vast and noble scenes of nature ; we are there among the pitiful shifts of policy: we walk here in the light and open ways of the divine bounty; we grope there in the dark and confused labyrinths of human malice: our senses are here feasted with the clear and genuine taste of their objects ; which are all sophisticated there, and for the most part overwhelmed with their contraries.
225. oldal - Or pore over you through a microscope, to see how your blood circulates from the crown of your head to the sole of your foot...
140. oldal - He had, to a morbid excess, that desire to rise which is vulgarly called ambition, but no wish for the esteem or the love of his species; only the hard wish to succeed— not shine, not serve— succeed, that he might have the right to despise a world which galled his self-conceit.
105. oldal - When I saw Dr. Gode begin to tell his puddings hanging in the chimney, I told him he would not live long!" I wish I had copied that passage from " The Table Talk " in large round hand, and set it before my father at breakfast, the morn preceding that fatal eve in which Uncle Jack persuaded him to tell his puddings. Yet, now I think of it, Uncle Jack hung the puddings in the chimney, but he did not persuade my father to tell them. Beyond a vague surmise that half the suspended
161. oldal - It is the life of a man that it does good to manhood itself to contemplate. I had finished the biography, which is not long, and was musing over it, when I heard the Captain's cork -leg upon the stairs. I opened the door for him, and he entered, book in hand, as I also, book in hand, stood ready to receive him. "Well, sir," said Roland, seating himself, "has tlie pre scrip lion done you any good?
323. oldal - Through the soft ways of heaven, and air, and sea, Which open all their pores to thee; Like a clear river thou dost glide, And with thy living stream through the close channels slide. But...
159. oldal - I can only touch, you see, on a few ingredients in this magnificent pharmacy — its resources are boundless, but require the nicest discretion. I remember to have cured a disconsolate widower, who obstinately refused every other medicament, by a strict course of geology. I dipped him deep into gneiss and mica schist.
11. oldal - said my father; 'you would give that. Well, my boy, whenever you do grow tired of your box, you have my leave to sell it.
255. oldal - The sun is in the heavens, and the proud day, Attended with the pleasures of the world, Is all too wanton. — King John. The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, Are of imagination all compact Midsummer Night's Dream, Oh ! how this spring of love resembleth Th...
11. oldal - My father stopped at a nursery gardener's, and, after looking over the flowers, paused before a large double geranium. "Ah, this is finer than that which your mamma was so fond of. What is the cost, sir ? " "Only 7s. 6d.," said the gardener. My father buttoned up his pocket. "I can't afford it to-day," said he, gently, and we walked out.

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