Dedications, Johnson's skill in, ii. | Denial, the usual form (f, Johnson

21; to Jolinson, list of, iv. 323. will not allow his servants to use,
Deeds, registration of, note on the, i. 346.
iv. 34.

Dennis, John, his critical works,
Definitions, some of Johnson's, in iii. 87.

Dictionary, erroneous, i. 231; Derby, Rev. John, editor of Dr.
some humorous, 231; some ob Pearce's works, iii. 147.
noxious, 232; were abridged for - manufactory of china at, iii.
smaller edition, but never can 191.
celled, 233.

Derrick, Samuel, Boswell's “ first
Defoe, Daniel, his invention of a tutor in the ways of London," i.

ghost story, ii. 160 n. ; his Ro 86, 361; Johnson's story of his
binson Crusoe, iii. 277 ; Johnson presence of mind, 362; has a
gives Mrs. Montagu a catalogue character he need not run away
of his works of imagination, 277; from, 313.
did he write Carleton's Memoirs ? Description excites curiosity, see-
iv. 375.

ing satisfies it, iv, 137.
Deformities of Johnson, published Deserted Village, Goldsmith's
in Edinburgh, iv, 97, 98.

poem, Johnson's share in, ii. 25.
Degree, Johnson's difficulty in ob Desmoulins, Mrs., finds an asylum

taining, i. 93-5; made M.A. in Johnson's house, i. 49, 181;
Oxford, 213; LL.D. Dublin, ii. Johnson's liberality to, iii. 241.'

10; D.C.L. Oxford, 303, 306. - Mr. John, Johnson leaves
De Groot, the nephew of Grotius, him a legacy of £200, iv. 309.
iii. 157.

Devaynes, Mr., the cheerful apothe-
De Imitatione Christi, its popu. cary, iv. 199
larity, iii. 244.

Devil, a printer's, iv. 53.
Deist, David Hume objects to being Devonshire, the Duke of, Johnson
so called, i. 208.

describes, iii. 210.
Delany, Johnson praises bis Obser -- the Duke and Duchess of, re-
vations on Swift, iii. 263.

ceive Johnson very kindly, and
Delays, life admits not of; when press him to stay, iv. 266.

pleasure can he had 'tis fit to Devotion, Johnson on, iv. 158.
catch it, iii, 164.

Dialogues, Lord Lyttelton's, a
Deluge, the, Mauritius Lowe's pic “nugatory performance," ii. 1-24;
ture of, iv. 140.

Sir Joshua Reynolds, John-
Demonax. Johnson called the De son and Garrick, iii. 315 n.
monax of the present age, by | Diamond, Mr., an early friend of
Dr. Franklin, iii. 451 ; but Bos Johnson's, with whom he and
well does not think the appella Mrs. Williams dined on Sundays,
tion a good one, 452.

i. 184.
Dempster, Mr. George, i. 324; his Diary, the keeping of a, recom-

saying about the immense advan mended, i. 344; ii. 204 ; iii. 245;
tage of Johnson's society, 345; his iv. 120.
conversation with Johnson on Dibdin, Mr. Charles, sets Boswell's
literary rights, &c., 349 ; his verses to music, ii, 111.
sophistry vanquished by John Dick, Sir Alexander, his letter to
son, 352 ; his commendation of Johnson about planting trees, iii.
Johnson's Journey, ii. 281.

161; Johnson asks, through
- Miss, undertakes to teach Boswell, for his opinion on his
Johnson knotting, iii. 257.

illness, iv. 187.

Dictionary, Johnson's, announced, | Dijon, prize essay, Rousseau's, i.

i. 134; plan for, addressed 349.
to Lord ‘Chesterfield, 135-8; Dilly, Messrs., the booksellers, en-
Johnson discusses, with Dr. tertain Johnson and others at
Adams, 138; six amanuenses dinner, when Goldsmith was im-
employed, 139; Bishop Percy's pertinent and Johnson stern, ii.
account of Johnson's manner of 231-237; their hospitable table,
working on it, 139, 140 n.; iii. 108; their famous dinner
prayer on beginning second vol. when Johnson met Wilkes, 108.
of, 196; “ begins to see land, in 17; dinners with, 292, 355 ; iv.
this vast sea of words," 216; 242.
concluded to the satisfaction of - Edward, his letter to Boswell
all concerned, 225; published, giving an account of the plan for
229 ; price of, bound, 229 n.; the Lives of the Poets, as first
Preface of, 229, 234; payment proposed, iii. 144, 145 ; John-
for, 238; epitome of, 239; re son's letter to, inquiring if he
viewed in the Bibliothèque des knows anything of Boswell, 385;
Savans, 254 ; revision of, ii. 140; his death, 386.
fourth edition of, 152; Sheri – Squire, Johnson goes to visit,
dan's prologue containing com 4, 69.
pliment on, iii. 149; the scheme Dinner, “ Ought six people to be
of, first mentioned to Johnson kept waiting for one ?” and
by Dodsley, iï. 393; Wilkes' Johnson's reply, ii. 89; at Bos.
jeu d'esprit on it, i. 235; Gar well's lodging, 88-94; Boswell
rick's epigram on, i. 235; John goes without his, in order to
son's saying that he had been keep Johnson company, 172; at
longer over it than he need have Johnson's rooms on Easter Day,
been, i. 352; Johnson called 1773, 203.
“ Dictionary Johnson," i. 305. Dinners, at Boswell's lodgings,
- honours consequent on the with Reynolds, Garrick, Gold-
completion of the: degree of smith, &c., when Goldsmith dis-
M.A., Oxford, i. 219; the Aca played his bloom-coloured coat,
demia della Crusca send John ii. 88; at Sir Alexander Mac-
son their Vocabulario, and the donald's with Mr. Erskine (after-
French Academy their Dic. wards Lord Erskine), 168 ; at
tionnaire, i. 234; Degree of Gen. Oglethorpe's with Gold-
LL.D., Dublin, ii. 11; Degree smith, when duelling and ghosts
D.C.L., Oxford, ii. 303.

were discussed, 173; at John.
- Finnick, Johnson has a copy son's lodgings on Easter day,
of, i. 214.

203; at Gen. Oglethorpe's with
- military, proposed to Cave by Goldsmith,when Goldsmith sang
Johnson, i. 99.

in the evening Tony Lumpkin's
- of Ancient Geography by song, 206; at Gen. Paoli's, 207 ;

Johnson's amanuensis, Macbean, at Mr. Thrale's, when one of the
ii. 194.

company attacked Garrick for
Dido, Johnson's saying about, iv. being vain, and Johnson de-

fended him, 214; at Mr. Beau-
Difficile est proprie communia di clerk's, when Boswell is elected
cere, note on, iii. 474.6.

a member of the Literary Club,
Dignitaries of the Church, John 221; at Mr. Dilly's, when Gold-
son's respect for, iv. 135.

smith was “impertinent,” 231;

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at Gen. Paoli's, when Johnson rick’s, for the first time after
exploded with laughter about Garrick's death, 51; at Mr.
the “ testator," 242; at Mr.

Dilly's with Wilkes and Dr.
Dilly's with the Irish Dr. Camp-

Beattie, 55; at Dr. Brocklesby's
bell, 310; at Tom Davies's with with the “ever cheerful” apothe-
Hickey the painter, 311; at a

cary, 199; at the Essex Head
tavern with a numerous com Club, “in fine spirits," 200; at
pany, when Johnson said pa Dr. Adam's at Oxford, 214;
triotism is the last refuge of a at Dr. Nowell's at Iffey, 218;
scoundrel, 315; at Mr. Thrale's at Gen. Paoli's, looking very
with Dr. Campbell, 318; at

ill, 243; at Sir Joshua Rey.
Gen. Oglethorpe's with Dr.

nolds's, when Carleton's Me.
Campbell, 319; at Mr. Cam-

moirs were mentioned, 245; at
bridge's villa near Twickenham,

Sir Joshua Reynolds's for the
329; at Mr. Dilly's on the me-

last time, making the plans for
morable occasion when John-

going to Italy, 248, 249.
son met Wilkes, iii. 109; in

Diploma, the, of Johnson's M.A.
London “ with several eminent

degree, i. 219, 220 ; of Doctor of
men(a meeting of the Club),

Laws, presented to Johnson, ii.
247; at Sir Joshua Reynolds's, 11; of D.C.L. Oxford, presented
when there was much talk about | to Johnsun, ii. 303-5.
Horace, 264; with Dr. Percy,

Dirleton's Doubts, better than
when an altercation took place

most people's certainties, iii.
between Johnson and Percy,

280; at Mr. Dilly's with Miss

Discipline, book of, in the Church
Seward and Mrs. Knowles, 292; of Scotland, ii. 167.
at Sir Joshua Reynolds's with

- religious, proper for convicts,
Dr. Musgrave, Mrs. Cholmon. iv. 242.
dely, &c., 320; at Gen. Paoli's,

Discourses to the Royal Academy
325; at Allan Ramsay's with

by Sir Joshua Reynolds, iii.
Robertson and Reynolds, 331;

365; much admired by Johnson,
at Sir Joshua Reynolds's, when iv. 235.
Johnson hurt Boswell's feelings,

Diseases, acute, the inevitable
and rudely attacked him, 337;

strokes of heaven, iv. 99; chronic,
at Mr. Langton's, when John-

commonly the effect of miscon-
son apologized, 337; at John duct and intemperance, 99.
son's with Mr. Allen the printer,

DIsraeli in Literary Curiosities
on Easter day, 373; at the

gives a memorandum of John-
Club when there was a violent

son's of hints for his Life of Pope,
altercation between Johnson and 4, 10 n.
Beauclerk, 376; at Beauclerk's,

Dissertation on the Prophecies, iv.
when Beauclerk was “very en 210.
tertaining," 378; at Mr. Stra.

Distinction, literary, generally ac-
han's, 389; at Mr. Ramsay's cording to merit, iv, 116.
with Lord Newhaven and the

Diversions, “Go steadily forward
beautiful Miss Graham, 395; at

with lawful business or honest
Sir Joshua Reynolds's," a most

diversions," iv 289.
agreeable day," iv. 38; with

Diversions of Purley, by Horne
Johnson on Easter day—" a

Tooke, iii. 352.
great day,” and the silver salvers

Divine Legation, Warburton's most
are produced, 49; at Mrs. Gar- | entertaining, iv. 12.

Divorce, discussion on, iii. 346. 1 Donne, Dr., Walton's Life of, the
Dixie, Sir Wolstan, patron of the best of his lives, ii. 330; his

school at Market Bosworth, i. vision left out of some editions of
49, 50.

Walton's Life of him, iii. 31.
“ Dockers,” Johnson, at Plymouth, Dosa, George and Luke, ii. 25.
against the, i. 301.

Dossie, Mr., author of a treatise on
Doctor, Johnson did not assume the agriculture, iii. 434 n.
title, ii. 305.

Doubts on the abolition of the slave
Documents lost which were to have trade, by John Ranby, iii. 225.

been preserved at Auchinleck, Douglas. See Duglas.
and in the British Museum, i. - Dr., Bishop of Salisbury, de-

scribes to Boswell the effect pro-
Dodd, Dr., Johnson's assistance to, duced by the publication of

iii. 153, 154, 172, 173 ; account London, i. 88; account of, 100 n.,
of, 171 n., 172 ; his letter to 342 ; visits Johnson, iv. 202.
Johnson, 175; his thoughts in Dr. James, his collection of
prison, 280; his description of editions of Horace, iv. 203; ac-
Johnson, 289; Johnson's motto count of, 203 n.
for his picture, iv. 144.

Douglas cause, the, Boswell de.
Doddington, George Bubb, a cha fends, Johnson's opinion on, ji.

racter in the Rambler, i. 163; 64; Boswell's annoyance that
story of him and Dr. Young, iv. Johnson would not study, 217 n.;

Andrew Stuart's letter to Lord
Dodsley, Mr. Robert, i. 86, 134, Mansfield on, iji. 56.

135, his Preceptor, 141, 142, - Mr. Home's, quoted, iii. 118.
146, 149; his tragedy of Cleone, Drake, Sir Francis, Johnson writes
264; author of the Muse in the Life of, i. 106.
Livery, iji. 32; his dispute with Dramatic Poetry, Mr. Belsham's
Goldsmith about poetry, iii. 85; Essay on, quoted, i. 309.
first mentioned to Johnson the Dress, Johnson's, described, at the
scheme of an English dictionary, performance of Irene, i. 148;
ii. 393; his Public Virtue, a when Boswell first saw him,
poem, fine blank,” 441; his 314; in France, 365.
Cleone complimented, 441.

“ Drift, what is your, Sir ? ” says
- Mr. James, bookseller, iii. 32 n. Johnson, when Langton pre-
“ Dogged veracity," one of the sented him the list of texts en-

Dukes of Devonshire commended forcing charity, iv. 205.
for his, 371.

Drinking, its influence discussed,
Doggedly. “A man may write at iii. 87; habits of, 374; effects

any time if he sets himself to it of, 386; Johnson tells' of the
doggedly," i. 150.

man who was habitually and
Domestic satisfaction, no money equably drunk, 380.

better spent than what is laid out Drelincourt on Death, ii. 160.
for, ij. 321.

Drummond of Hawthornden, his
Dominicetti, an Italian quack, ii. Polemomiddinia, iii. 292.
101 n.

Drummond, Mr. William, book-
Donaldson, Mr. Alexander, his seller and friend of Johnson's,

shop for cheap books, i. 348; ii. +3; Johnson's letters to, 43-7,
defies the common law rights iii. 292.
of literary property, 348; John - Dr., iii. 375; his death at
son's indignation at, 348.

Naples, 125 n.

[blocks in formation]

Drumgould, Col., of the Ecole | Dunning, John, Lord Ashburton.
Militaire, ii. 354.

known to be a Devonshire man
Dryden and Pope distinguished by | by his accent, ii. 156.
Voltaire, ii. 23.

- Mr., a member of tie Club,
Dryden characterized by Gray, iïi. 162; his tribute to the power

ii. 23; his profundity praised and charm of Johnson's conver-
by Johnson, 90; quoted, 124; sation, 256.
characterized under the name of Dunton's Life and Errors, John-
Bayes in the Rehearsal, 164;

son mentions, iv. 137; reprinted
Lord Hailes collects notices of, by Nichols, 137 n.
iv, 387; quoted, in his preface Durandi Sententiarum, 1458, seen
to All for Love, 65; lis ex-

by Johnson in Paris, ii. 359.
cellent Dedication of his Juvenal, Dury, Major-General Alexander,
4; Johnson's Life of, referred his death, 262; account of, 262 n.

to, 4; various readings in, 10. Dutch, Low, Johnson sets himself
Dubas, Jean Baptiste, his Re to learn, ii. 244.

flexions Critiques, ii. 94; Vol Dyer, Samuel, a learned member
taire on, 94 n.

of the Club, ii. 32.
Duchess of Portland, the, “my - John, his poem the Fleece, iïi.

noble, lovely, little Peggy," iii. 37.

Duck, epitaph on a, i. 15.

Early habits, force of, ii. 332.
Duel, fatal, between Boswell's eldest - life, particulars of Johnson's,

son, Sir Alexander, and Mr. “You shall have them all for
Stuart of Duncarn, ii. 174 ; two pence," ii. 205.
between Mr. Cunningham and

- rising, difficulty of, iii. 195.
Mr. Riddell, iv. 147.

Earthquake, a shock of, in Staf- '
Duelling, is it consistent with moral fordshire, iii. 168.

duty 7 ii. 173, 174; Johnson de East Indies, the practice of going
fends, 213; discussed, iv. 147,

there in quest of wealth dis-
148 n.

cussed, iii. 389.
Duglas, James de, said to have Easter day, 1775, ii. 327 n.; 1777,
taken the heart of Robert Bruce

impressions and resolutions, iii.
to the Holy Land, iii. 203.

134 ; 1778, Johnson and Bos-
Du Halde's China, i. 97. n; John.

well go to St. Paul's, 319; 1779,
son's lively account of the trans-

Service at St. Paul's, Boswell
lation of, by Green and Guthrie, dines with Johnson and Mr.
iii. 449.

Allen, the printer, 373; 1781,
Dunbar, Dr., of Aberdeen, his

“Solemd worship at St. Paul's,"
essayson the history of mankind, after which Johnson's friends
iii. 420.

dine with him, and he produces
Dunciad, the, written for fame, i. the silver salvers, iv. 48, 49;

307; Johnson repeats the last 1783, Service at St. Paul's;
lines of, ii. 90; Pope's emotion

Boswell dines with Johnson, but
on repeating these lines, 90 n.
Duncombe, Mr., a very pleasing

he is not well, and talks little,

146; 1784, Johnson deplores to
man, iii. 317.

Boswell that the doctors would
Dundas, Henry, Lord Melville,
i. 207; his Irish accent, ii. 157;

not allow him to go to Church,
his fine speech in favour of the Easton Maudit, Johnson's visit to
negro, iii. 232.

Dr. Percy at, ii. 8.


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