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223. oldal - Well, well, Master Kingston," quoth he, "I see the matter against me how it is framed; but if I had served God as diligently as I have done the king, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
124. oldal - was the last person that lodged here?" The king replied, ' His father.' ' And who is it,' says the dervise, ' that lodges here at present?' The king told him, that it was he himself. • And who,' says the dervise, ' will be here after you?" The king answered, 'The young prince his son.' ' Ah, sir,' said the dervise, ' a house that changes its inhabitants so often, and receives such a perpetual succession of guests, is not a palace, but a caravansary.
244. oldal - Let me live harmlessly, and near the brink Of Trent or Avon have a dwelling-place ; Where I may see my quill, or cork, down sink, With eager bite of pike, or bleak or dace; And on the world and my Creator think : Whilst some men strive ill.gotten goods t' embrace ; And others spend their time in base excess Of wine, or worse, in war or wantonness.
85. oldal - Also, for that it is indecent to crowd up myself with my gentleman usher in my coach, I will have him to have a convenient horse to attend me either in city or country; and I must have two footmen; and my desire is, that you defray all the charges for me.
51. oldal - And why don't you ask, you stupid thief?" "Sure I'd find out, sir." "Didn't I often tell you to ask what you're to do, when you don't know?
124. oldal - Tartary, being arrived at the town of Balk, went into the king's palace by mistake, as thinking it to be a public inn or caravansary. Having looked about him for some time, he entered into a long gallery, where he laid down his wallet, and spread his carpet, in order to repose himself upon it, after the manner of the eastern nations. He had not been long in this posture...
85. oldal - Also, I will have three horses for my own saddle, that none shall dare to lend or borrow; none lend but I, none borrow but you. Also, I would have two gentlewomen, lest one should be sick, or have some other let. Also, believe it, it is an undecent thing for a gentlewoman to stand mumping alone, when God hath blessed their lord and lady with a great estate.
361. oldal - There is a spot in the churchyard, near the footpath, on the brow of the hill looking towards Windsor, and a tomb under a large tree (bearing the name of Peachie, or Peachey), where I used to sit for hours and hours when a boy. This was my favourite spot...
124. oldal - The dervise told them he intended to take up his night's lodging in that caravansary. The guards let him know, in a very angry manner, that the house he was in was not a caravansary, but the king's palace. It happened that the king himself passed through the gallery during this debate, and smiling at the mistake of the dervise, asked him how he could pussibly be so dull as not to distinguish a palace from a caravansary ? 10 'Sir,' says the dervise, 'give me leave to ask your Majesty a question or...
180. oldal - Some men call it conscience, but I prefer to call it the voice of God in the soul of man. If you listen and obey it, then it will speak clearer and clearer, and always guide you right ; but if you turn a deaf ear or disobey, then it will fade out little by little, and leave you all in the dark and without a guide. Your life depends on heeding this little voice.

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