Preached upon

Several Occafions.

By BENJAMIN CALAMY, D. D. Late Vicar of St. Laurence Jewry, and one of his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary.

The Sirth Edition, Corrected.

To which is added,

A SERMON preached at his Funeral by WILLIAM SHERLOCK, D.D. Dean of St. Paul's, Mafter of the Temple, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.


Printed for DANIEL. BROWNE and WILLIAM MEERS without Temple-Bar; JAMES and JOHN KNAPTON, and RANEW ROBINSON in St. Paul's Church-Yard; JOHN and BEN. SPRINT in Little-Britain; and JOHN DARBY in Bartholomew-Clofe. M.DCC. XXVI.

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To his Worthy Friends,



The Parishes of St. Laurence Jewry, and St. Mary Magdalen Milk-ftreet.




Here present you with fome Sermons of dear Brother deceased, your late (if I may be allowed to say it) worthy and faithful Paftor. In tranfcribing them for the Press, I have not prefum'd to make any Alteration, or to correct so much as the plain Errata's

of the original Copy; except only fome few, and those such as any Reader almost would have obferved, and may well be supposed to have been occafioned only thro his haste in Writing: and if after all, there happen to be any fuch still remaining in the Print, I hope you will blame neither him nor me, fince I pretend not to publish any Difcourfes defigned or fitted by him for the Prefs, but only thofe very Sermons which you your felves have heard, just as I found them in his Notes.


If it be asked why these rather than others? I answer, These were the Sermons which I found had been preached by him in the most publick Places; which however because they would not alone have made a juft Volume, I thought it necessary to add two or three and I doubt not but will find them all plain and useful, and every way fitted to do good. And if it be asked why no more? I think it will be



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be time enough to answer that Question, when I shall have seen what acceptance these now published meet with in the World.


It was some time before I could perfuade my felf to comply with your defire in publishing these Sermons, because I have sometimes heard my Brother express an Unwillingness that any thing of his fhould be printed after his Death but when I had once refolved to print them, it took me no time to confider, it was not left to my choice to whom I should present them, seeing you had an undoubted Title to them and all the World would have blamed me, if I had not taken this occasion of acknowledging with all thankfulness your extraordinary Respect to his Perfon whilft alive, and to his Memory after his Decease: One particular Instance of which I must by no means omit, I mean your generous Present to his Widow; a kindness which as I am confident he never expec

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