On the Origin of Species: Or, The Causes of the Phenomena of Organic Nature

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D. Appleton, 1877 - 150 oldal

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61. oldal - ... and perhaps, in addition to that, you notice the impress of a hob-nailed shoe on the gravel outside. All these phenomena have struck your attention instantly, and before two seconds have passed you say, " Oh, somebody has broken open the window, entered the room, and run off with the spoons and the tea-pot ! " That speech is out of your mouth in a moment.
57. oldal - There is a well-known incident in one of Moliere's plays where the author makes the hero express unbounded delight on being told that he had been talking prose during the whole of his life. In the same way I trust that you will take comfort and be delighted with yourselves on the discovery that you have been acting on the principles of inductive and deductive philosophy during the same period.
150. oldal - The Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britain. By JOHN EVANS, FRS With 2 Plates and 476 Woodcuts. 8vo.
59. oldal - ... and in North America. In short, I find it to be the universal experience of mankind wherever attention has been directed to the subject.' Whereupon your friend, unless he is a very unreasonable man, agrees with you, and is convinced that you are quite right in the conclusion you have drawn. He believes, although, perhaps, he does not know he believes it, that the more extensive verifications...

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