Men of Judah, and the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, because we have finned against thee.

But unto the Lord our God belongeth Mercy and Forgiveness, though we have rebelled against him ; neither have we obeyed the Viice of the Lord our God, to walk in his Laws which he fet before us.

O Lord, according to all thy Righteousness, we beseech thee, let thy Anger and thy Fury be turned away from thy City Jerusalem, thy holy Mountain; 'Because for our Sins, and the Iniquities of our Fathers, Jerusalem and thy People are become a Reproach to all that are about us.

Now therefore, O God, hear the Prayer of thy Servants, and cause thy Face to shine upon thy Sanctuary.

O God, incline thine Ear and hear: Open thine Eyes, and behold the City which is called by thy Name.

O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, hearken and do. Defer not, for thine own fake, o our God: For thy City, and thy People, are called by thy Name.

"And whilst Daniel was thus praying and confessing his Sins, and the Sins of his People unto the Lord, and supplicating for his City Jerusalem ; behold the Angel Gabriel was sent unto him from the Lord, with the glad Tidings that God had heard his Prayer for Yerusalem, and that it should be built, and the Lord would dwell in it. . () may we all thus Fast and Pray, as Daniel did, and may God Almighty give us such a Return of our Prayers, Amen, O God, for Jesus Christ his sake: To whom, &ć.


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St. GILES's in the Fields,

On the Twenty-eighth of June, 1691.

Phil. iv. 8.
Finally, Brethren, whatsoever Things are True,

whatsoever Things are Honest, whatsoever
Things are Just, whatsoever Things are Pure,
whatsoever Things are Lovely, whatsoever
Things are of good Report; if there be any
Virtue, and if there be any Praise, think on

these Things.
P SC Have the Two laft Lord's Days, made
Si it my Business to treat of this Text, in
Be a Way that I have thought did most

tend to the informing your Judgments: And to that Purpose, I have raised several Ohservations, and drawn several Inferences from it.

I mean now to treat of it in another way, and apply myself wholly to the pressing you to the Practice of it.

And indeed, the Nature of the Sermon I am to make, doth call for this from me.


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For I am now to take my leave of you: this
being the last Time, in all probability, that
I shall preach among you as your Minister:
And therefore, I suppofe, good Advice and
Exhortation, will more become me, at this
Time, than a close Discourse upon a Text. .

And yet my Text doth afford Matter enough, without straining it for such a Purpose: Nor, indeed, do I know a Text in the Bible, that could more willingly pitch upon to leave with you as the last Advice I would give you, and as the Sum and Conclusion of my Preaching among you; than these Words of St. Paul, I have now read to you. .

Let me, therefore at this Time, address my self to you all, as the Apostle here did at the Conclusion of his Epistle to the Philippians, Finally, Brethren, whatsoever Things'are true, &c.

Here are a many great Things recommend-, ed by the Apostle to our Thoughts and Pursuit. If we would make a Distribution of them, I believe they will all naturally enough fall under these Four Heads. For the Things here recommended, are not so many as the Words by which they are expressed, there being several Words ufed in this Enumeration, that are of the same Importance, and seem to express much the same thing.

The Four Heads I would reduce them to, are these,

I. A constant Adherence to the true Religion.

II. Honesty and Yustice in our Dealing sa : III. A Life of frict Purity, in Opposition to Sensuality and Lewdness.

IV. The

IV. The adorning the Doctrine of God we do .:' profess, by the constant Practice of every

other Thing that is Virtuous or CommendaEce z ble, or well thought of by Mankind. af This, as I take it, is a fair Account of the Text Parts of this Text; and these I shall make the cene Heads of my following Exhortation. Ei! I begin with the First: Finally, my Brethren, is, is whatsoever Things are true, think on those Things. 21 The Truths that St. Paul here exhorts them TOL! to think on, are undoubtedly the Truths of the Pa Gospel of Jesus Christ, which he had delivered tof to them. These he would have them to think

upon, and persist in, and never to be prevailed di upon by any Temptation to depart from them. de Let me now apply this Advice of his to you.

It is the particular Blessing of God to this King

dom, and an inestimable Blessing it is, that he com has not only youchsafed us the Light of his d Gospel for many Years, but he has also taken fo Care that the Truths of it should be delivered

to us with greater Purity and Sincerity, and

freer from the Mixtures of Error than to moft, e I was going to say than to any other, People C in the World. his If it lay in your way to make Observations connon cerning the State of Religion in other Countries;

nay, or but to read the Accounts that are given of it; I am sure you would be convinced how

exceedingly happy we of this. Church are, pk above all the Churches in Christendom.

therefore, let us all firmly adhere to the Truths we have been taught; to the Truths we have hitherto made Profeilion of: And let us


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firmly adhere to that Church which hath held forth these Truths to us, and taught us this Profession.

We do not pretend that any Church is infallible, and therefore not ours: But this we dare Say, and we can Justify; That if we take our Measures concerning the Truths of Religion from the Rules of the Holy Scriptures, and the Platform of the Primitive Churches, the Church of England is undoubtedly, both as to Doctrine and Worship, the Purest Church that is at this Day in the World; the moft orthodox in Faith, and the freeft on the one hand from Idolatry and Superstition, and on the other hand from Freakishness and E»thufia[m, of any now extant.

Nay, I do farther say, with great Seriousness, and as one that expects to be called to Account at the dreadful Tribunal of God for what I now say, if I do not speak in Sincerity, That I do in my Conscience believe, that if the Religion of Jesus Christ, as it is delivered in the New Testament, be the true Religion (as I am certain it is :) Then the Communion of the Church of England, is a safe way to Salvation, and the safest of any I know in the World.

And, therefore, I do exhort you all in the Name of God, itedfastly to hold and to perfevere in this Communion. .

Here you have the Things that are True. Think of them, and embrace them Heartily; and Live and Die in the Profession of them This is the Doctrine I have always Taught you, and by the Grace of God, I mean to pra&ife accordingly,

II. The

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