Kingdom for [England, Scotland, or Ireland, as the Case may be], [here specify some one of the Diplomas or other Medical Titles or Qualifications mentioned in Section Thirteen of this Act,] has been duly registered, according to the Provisions of the said Act, as a Person who is qualified to practise Medicine in any Part of Her Majesty's Dominions, and that he is entitled to exercise all the Powers and Privileges conferred by the said Act.

This Certificate to remain in force until the First Day of February and no longer.


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The Medical Register for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, consisting of the Names and Places of Residence, with a Description of the Medical Titles or Qualifications, and the Dates thereof, of all Persons legally qualified to practise Medicine in Her Majesty's Dominions in the Year 18


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Medical Title or Qualification.

Place of Residence.

A. A. Doctor of Medicine of the University of London, 1851 30, Brook Street,

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A. F.

Doctor of Medicine of the University of Cambridge,
1840; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of
London, 1850.


100, Clarendon Street, Manchester.

10, George's Square Canterbury.

20, Dover Street, London.

Licentiate of the Apothecaries' Society of London, 33, Bishopsgate St.,

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29 Car. 2. c. 3. s. 17. (England), 7 W. 3. c. 12. s. 13. (Ireland), and 9 Geo. 4. c. 14. s. 7. repealed; Sect. 1.

Privilege of Sale in Market overt abolished; 2.

Persons acquiring Title to Goods before they have been seized or attached under a Writ against the Seller protected; 3.

Specific Delivery of Goods sold; 4.

Consideration for Guarantee need not appear by Writing; 5. Guarantee to or for a Firm to cease upon a Change in the Firm, except in special Cases; 6.

A Surety who discharges the Liability to be entitled to Assignment of all Securities held by the Creditor; 7.

Bills and Notes negotiable though not made payable "to Bearer," or "to Order," unless otherwise expressed; 8.

Acceptance of a Bill Inland or Foreign to be in Writing on it, and signed by the Acceptor or his Agent; 9.

What are to be deemed " Inland Bills "; 10.

With reference to Claims for the Repairs of Ships, every Port within the United Kingdom, &c., a Home Port; 11.

Limitation of Actions for " Merchants' Accounts "; 12.

Absence beyond Seas or Imprisonment of a Creditor not to be a
Disability; 13.

Period of Limitation to run as to Joint Debtors in the Kingdom,
though some are beyond Seas. Judgment recovered against Joint
Debtors in the Kingdom to be no Bar to proceeding against others
beyond Seas after their Return; 14.

Definition of "Beyond Seas," within 4 & 5 Anne, c. 16. and this
Act; 15.

Provisions of 9 G. 4. c. 14. ss. 1 and 8. and 16 & 17 Vict. c. 113.
ss. 24 and 27. extended to Acknowledgment by Agents; 16.
Part Payment by one Contractor, &c., not to prevent Bar by certain

Statutes of Limitations in favour of another Contractor, &c.; 17. Rules and Regulations may be made, and Writs and Proceedings framed for the Purposes of this Act; 18.

Short Title; 19.

Act not to extend to Scotland; 20.

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An Act to amend the Laws of England and Ireland affecting Trade and Commerce.


HEREAS Inconvenience is felt by Persons engaged Preamble. in Trade by reason of the Laws of England and Ireland being in some Particulars different from those of Scotland in Matters of common Occurrence in the course of such 5 Trade, and with a view to remedy such Inconvenience it is expedient to amend the Laws of England and Ireland as herein-after is mentioned: Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority 10 of the same, as follows:

c. 3. s. 17.

I. The Seventeenth Section of the Act passed in the Twenty-ninth 29 Car. 2. Year of the Reign of King Charles the Second, Chapter Three, (England), intituled "An Act for the Prevention of Frauds and Perjuries," 7 W.3. c. 12. whereby it is enacted that "no Contract for the Sale of s. 13. (Ireland), and 15" Goods, Wares, and Merchandises for the Price of Ten Pounds 9 G. 4. c. 14. "Sterling or upwards shall be allowed to be good, except the Buyer s.7.repealed. "shall accept Part of the Goods so sold and actually receive the



same or give something in earnest to bind the Bargain or in part

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