chaplain to be

made up to

since the death

of the late


17. In case and so often as the pew rents payable to the chaplain in any year The stipend of shall be less than the clear sum of 607. the amount thereof shall be made up to the sum of 607. for the benefit of the chaplain by the trustees out of the general stated amount. income of the Charity, so far as such income, after providing for the other payments hereby directed to be primarily paid thereout, shall be sufficient for that purpose, and the stipend or income of the chaplain, including his share of the pew rents, may hereafter be made up by the trustees in like manner to any yearly sum not exceeding 100%. out of the general income of the Charity, with the approbation of the said Charity Commissioners under their seal, if and when on account of the increase of the duties of the chaplain, or in consideration of the improved resources of the Charity, or for other reasons to be submitted by the trustees to the said Commissioners, it shall be thought expedient so to do. 18. All the pew rents which have become due since the death of the late Stipend to be paid in respect master, and all the rents, dividends, interest, and general income of the charity of the services which respectively have accrued or become due since the same event, which shall be collected by or on account of the trustees under the foregoing direction, shall be applied by them, in the first place, in or towards the payment of all such salaries, wages, and monies as have become due during the same period to any persons or person on account of the maintenance of the said chapel and the services therein other than to the minister by whom such services have been performed or provided for, and of all expenses incurred in the maintenance or for the benefit of the last inmate of the said hospital until her decease, or on account of her burial; and the surplus of all such rents and income shall be applied in or towards the payment to the minister, by whom the services of the said chapel have been performed or provided for during the same period, of a stipend in respect of such services at the rate of 607. per annum, to be computed from the decease of the late master, for the whole period during which he has so discharged or provided for the same services; and if such surplus rents and income shall be insufficient for the last-mentioned purpose, then the said stipend shall be made up to the said minister out of the before-mentioned principal sum of 70%, or some other capital, funds, or property of the Charity, and in the meantime shall be a charge on all the same funds and property, and the income thereof.

the surplus

19. All the clear residues or surplus of the income of the Charity which As to the remain after providing for the several payments herein-before directed to be application of made thereout shall be received by the trustees, and invested by them from money. time to time in the public funds in the names of the Stock Committee, or, under the authority of the said Commissioners, in the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds; and the dividends and income arising from such investments shall also be invested and accumulated by the trustees from time to time in like manner until the stock so accumulated shall amount to 5,0002.

or more.

idiots to be established.

20. When the stock to be so accumulated shall amount to or exceed 5,000l., Hospital for the trustees shall apply the same, and the dividends thereof, and the then future general income of the Charity which shall remain after answering the purposes herein-before provided for, in or towards the establishment, endowment, and maintenance of an hospital or asylum, to be called the Magdalen Hospital, to be governed and managed according to the provisions of this scheme, for the reception, maintenance, and improvements of poor idiots.

Situation of the hospital.

i ower to appropriate or acquire buildings or site for the purposes of the charity, and to erect or adapt and fit up buildings.

Objects of the charity.

Payments to be required from the inmates.

21. The hospital shall be established as near as conveniently may be to the said chapel, if suitable buildings, or a suitable site for buildings to be erected for the purposes thereof, shall be obtainable in the vicinity of the said chapel, and shall be approved by the said Commissioners for this purpose, or the said hospital may, for any special reasons or considerations of advantage to the Charity, to be submitted to and approved by the said Commissioners, be established in any other locality not distant more than ten miles from the Abbey Church, in the city of Bath.

22. The trustees, with the sanction of the said Commissioners, may appropriate any suitable buildings or land belonging to the Charity for the purposes of, or as a site for, the said hospital, and may purchase or obtain the surrender for that purpose of leasehold or other interest subsisting in such building or any site, or, with the like sanction, may obtain, by way of purchase, exchange, demise, or otherwise, any other suitable buildings or land for the same purposes, and may erect, alter, enlarge, improve, adapt, and also furnish and fit up any buildings necessary for the purposes of the Charity, and apply to the purposes aforesaid, or any of them, any principal funds belonging to the Charity, or may raise any funds for the same purposes upon the security of the Charity Estates, with the approval of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, under their seal.

23. The hospital shall be for the reception, maintenance, training, and improvement, to the utmost attainable extent, of poor idiot children, of whom those born or whose parents or next friends shall be resident within the City of Bath, or within thirty miles thereof, shall be entitled to a preference of election, and all of whom at the time of their admission shall be under the age of fifteen years, and shall be free from any contagious or loathsome disease; all such children may be retained in the hospital for such periods, to be determined particularly with reference to their continuing or supposed capacity of improvement, as shall be prescribed or permitted by any general rules established by the trustees for the government or regulation of the Charity.

24. The trustees may require the payment on behalf of such poor children of any such yearly sums, not exceeding 107. each, towards the expenses of the institution, as the circumstances of the Charity for the time being may render necessary or expedient, or such yearly sums, not exceeding twenty pounds each, for the same purposes, as the Charity Commissioners shall from time to time, upon the application of the trustees, authorize to be taken, but may also remit such payments, wholly or partially, in any cases where the poverty or condition of the inmates, or of their parents or next friends, shall render the payment of such yearly sums impracticable or specially onerous.

The trustees may also receive from time to time into the institution any idiot children not exceeding the before-mentioned age, or afflicted with any such disease as aforesaid, whose parents or next friends, in order to obtain for them the benefits of maintenance and discipline therein, shall be willing to pay on their behalf such larger yearly sums as shall be required by the trustees for the profit or benefit of the institution, so, nevertheless, that the reception of any such children other than poor idiots shall not be the means of preventing the reception or maintenance in the said hospital of any such poor idiots as aforesaid, for whose reception or maintenance the income of the Charity for the time being shall be sufficient.

25. The

25. The whole rents, dividends, interest, and yearly income of the Charity The whole which shall not be applicable to such purposes as are herein-before directed to income of the be primarily provided for therewith, and which shall remain after payment Charity to be applied for the also of the necessary outgoings, including the expenses of repair and insurance, benefit of the and rent (if any) payable in respect of the buildings and premises used for the inmates of the hospital. purposes of the Charity, and also all the yearly or other sums to be received from any inmates of the hospital, shall be applied by the trustees to the maintenance, medical treatment, training, instruction, and care of the inmates of the hospital, of whom so many shall be received and maintained therein from time to time as the capacity of the buildings and the income and yearly resources of the Charity will permit.

government of

26. The trustees, so soon as the said Charity shall be brought into active Rules for the operation, or previously, shall make such general rules for the government and the Charity to regulation thereof as in their judgment shall be best calculated to develop and be established. extend its benefits, particularly in promoting the health and comfort and moral improvement of the inmates, according to the experience which may then have been acquired of the wants of the locality, and of the means by which the improvement and benefit of such patients may be most effectually advanced, and shall submit such rules for approval to the said Commissioners, and the same rules, so far as they may be approved by the said Commissioners, shall be established and thenceforth binding on all parties to whom they shall be applicable, but may from time to time be altered, extended, or annulled by the like means and authority as occasion may require.

accelerate the

case of any

or to unite it

27. The trustees, also with the sanction of the said Commissioners, may Power to bring the said Charity into active operation before accumulating the prescribed foundation of sum of 5,000l. stock, and in the same manner, and subject to the same the Charity in regulations, as if such accumulation had been made, in case by the aid of sufficient means benefactions to the Charity, or by the improved management of the estates being obtained, thereof, or by commuting any leases of such estates now subsisting for terms to any similar of life into leases for terms of years at larger present rates, or by the yearly Charity. or other subscriptions of benevolent persons, or any other means, the income for the time being of the Charity shall be rendered sooner sufficient for that purpose, or they may, with such sanction as aforesaid, agree to and effect the union of the Charity with any other Charity established for the like purposes, and within the distance of ten miles from the Abbey Church in the city of Bath, in order to render both Charities more effective, so, nevertheless, that the income of the Magdalen Charity shall be applicable only to such purposes as are hereby prescribed, and according to the regulations herein contained, with such modifications only, if any, required upon such union thereof, as shall have been submitted to and approved by one of the Judges of the Court of Chancery, or the said Commissioners.


28. This scheme shall be printed, and any person interested in the Charity Scheme to be shall have access thereto, under any reasonable regulations to be prescribed for that purpose by the trustees.

[blocks in formation]




An Act for amending the Law of Marriage in


[Note. The Words printed in Red Ink are proposed to be inserted in Committee.]


HEREAS it is expedient to amend the Law touching Preamble. Marriages in Scotland: Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, 5 in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows:

under what

I. After the Thirty-first Day of December One thousand eight Declaring hundred and fifty-six no irregular Marriage contracted, had, made, or Circumsolemnized in Scotland shall be valid, unless both the Parties were stances Mar10 born in Scotland, or had had their most usual Place of Residence riages solemthere, or had lived in Scotland for Twenty-one Days next preceding Scotland such Marriage; any Law, Custom, or Usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

nized in

shall be valid.

II. If any Persons married in Scotland after the Day and Year Certificated Copy of 15 aforesaid shall prove to the Satisfaction of the Sheriff or Sheriff Entry by Substitute of the County where such Marriage was contracted that Sheriff Depute that they have been married to one another, and that they had lived in Scotland for Twenty-one Days next preceding such Marriage, such married, and

Parties were

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