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Note.-The Page and Line refer to the Bill as first printed by the Lords. (224.)

Page 2.

Line 10. After ("Parish") insert (" and in like Manner on the
"Occasion of any Vacancy in the Office of Schoolmaster
"in a Parish the Minister and Heritors of such Parish,")

Page 3.

Line 1. After (" receive ") insert (" at least ")

Line 2. After ("Pounds") insert Clause A.

certain Cases

Assistant or


CLAUSE A. "When it shall appear to the Minister and Heritors and
"Heritors of any Parish that it is more advisable to Minister in
"appoint an
Assistant or Assistants to the Parochial may appoint
"Schoolmaster than to establish another School, it shall be
"lawful for the Minister and Heritors, at a Meeting to
"be called for that Purpose, to resolve that One or more
"Assistant or Assistants shall be appointed, and to grant a
Salary of not less than Twenty Pounds nor more than
Thirty Pounds per Annum to each of such Assistants
"while so employed, and such Salaries shall be payable
"and collected in like Manner with the Schoolmaster's



Line 4. Leave out ("every") and insert ("One"), and after
("School") insert ("in every Parish")

Page 4.

Line 15. Leave out ("Complaint") and insert ("Proceed-
ings"), and leave out from ("against ") to ("School-
"master") in Line 16, and insert ("a")


Page 5.

Leave out Clauses XII., XIII., and XIV. and insert
Clause B.

CLAUSE B. "If any Person elected to the Office of School-
"master in any Parochial School shall not before Admission
"to the said Office, hold either a Certificate from the Com-
"mittee of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council

on Education, or a Diploma from the Educational Institute "of Scotland, or Certificates of Proficiency from at least "Two Professors in a University whose Classes he shall "have attended, such Person shall before Admission be "examined by the Inspector of the District, and the "Minister and Heritors shall not be bound to admit such "Master unless the Inspector report that his Examination "has been satisfactory."

Line 40. After ("Parish )" insert (" of which the Minister of "the Parish within which such School is situate shall, for "the Purposes of the said rccited Acts and of this Act, "be considered the Minister ")

Page 6.

Line 1. Leave out (" of") insert ("to")

Line 15. After ("Act ") insert (" and the Heritors entitled to "attend or vote at such Meetings, or to originate any Pro"ceedings under this Act, shall be possessed of the Quali"fications required by the said recited Act of the Forty"third Year of the Reign of George the Third")

Leave out Clause XVIII.

[blocks in formation]
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