Metropolis Local Management Act Amendment Bill (No. 2.)

Page 1.


Note.-The Page and Line refer to the Bill as first printed by the Lords. (217.)

Leave out ("Clause I.")


Page 2.

Line 16. After ("Rates ") insert ("or Rates of the Nature of Church Rates"), and in the same Line leave out ("such") Line 17. Leave out ("Meeting as aforesaid ") and insert ("in any Meeting in the Nature of an open Vestry Meeting, "or in any Meeting of the Parishioners, Inhabitants, or "Ratepayers generally, or of such of the Parishioners,

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Inhabitants, or Ratepayers as were rated at or above any "specified Amount or Value (whether such Vestry or Meeting were holden for the Parish at large or for any "Liberty or other District therein")

Line 33. After ("by ") insert ("any open or elected or other "Vestry, or ")

Line 34. Leave out ("Vestry or ")

Line 37. After ("such ") insert ("last-mentioned")


Page 3.


Line 3. Leave out ("the then existing") and insert ("any open or elected or other"), and in the same Line after ("any") insert ("such ")

Page 4.

Line 7. Leave out from ("Act") to ("shall") in Line 10, and in Line 10 and in Line 11 leave out (" or Appoint"ment"), and in Line 11 leave out (" and this Act")

Payment of Church Rates not necessary as a Qualification.

Regulation of Meetings of Vestries constituted by 18 & 19 Vict. c. 120.

District Boards and Vestries empowered to take Ground to be maintained as an open Space or Pleasure Ground.

Page 4.

Line 19. Leave out ("he") and insert ("this Act"), and in the same Line after ("passed") insert Clause A.


CLAUSE A. "The Provision in Section Sixteen of the said "Act requiring all Parochial Rates, Taxes, and Assessments (except as therein excepted) to have been paid shall not "be taken to include Church Rates."

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Lines 37 and 38. Leave out ("Gross estimated Rental") and insert ("Rateable Value ")

Line 39. After (" Act ") insert Clause B.


CLAUSE B. "Every Meeting of any Vestry constituted by "the said Act of the last Session, of which and of the special Purpose whereof Notice is now by Law required to be affixed on or near the principal Doors of the "Churches and Chapels within the Parish, may be con"vened by transmitting through the Post or otherwise. "Notice, signed by the Clerk to the Vestry, to each "Vestryman, at his usual or last-known Place of Abode in

England, of the Place and Hour of holding the same, and "the special Purposes thereof, Three Days before the Day "appointed for such Meeting, and also by affixing at the 66 same Time Notice thereof on or near the Door of any "Building where the said Meeting is to be holden, and it "shall not be necessary that Notice of any such Meeting "shall be further or otherwise signed or published."



Page 5.

Line 14. After (" Applications ") insert Clause C.
CLAUSE C. "Any District Board or Vestry may take, by
"Agreement or Gift, any Land, or any Right or Easement
"in or over Land, for any Estate or Interest therein, and



on such Terms and Conditions as they may think fit, for "the Purpose of such Land being either kept as an open Space or being kept and maintained as a Pleasure Ground "for the public Benefit of the Inhabitants of the District or "Parish; but this Enactment shall not authorize any "Expenditure to be defrayed by Rates."

[blocks in formation]


Preamble recites 10 G. 4. c. 44. and 2 & 3 Vict. c. 47.

One Commissioner of Police only to be hereafter appointed; Sect. 1.
Two Assistant Commissioners of Police to be appointed; 2.
Salaries of Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners; 3.
Assistant Commissioners to be within the Superannuation Act,

4 & 5 W. 4. c. 24.; 4.

The Powers of the Commissioners of Police to be vested in the sole Commissioner; 5.

Duties of Assistant Commissioners; 6.

Matters now required to be done by One of the Commissioners of Police to be done either by the Commissioner or an Assistant Commissioner, as the Secretary of State may direct; 7.

In case of Vacancy of Office of Commissioner of Police, or of his Illness or Absence, an Assistant Commissioner may be authorized to act for him; 8.

Certain Provisions applicable to the Commissioners of Police to be applicable to the Assistant Commissioners; 9.

Acts done by One Commissioner during the Vacancy in the Office of the other confirmed; 10.

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