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Preambie recites 5 & 6 W. 4. c. 76.

The City to be divided into Wards; Sect. 1.

Secretary of State to appoint Persons to set out the Wards; 2.

Right of voting for Alderman, Common Councilman, or Ward Officer; 3.

Occupiers may claim to be rated; 4.

Compositions not to be disturbed, and Landlord's Liability not to be affected; 5.

Provision as to successive Occupation; 6.

In case of Titles by Descent, &c., how Occupation is to be reckoned; 7.

Ward Clerks to make Lists of all Persons entitled to vote in their respective Wards; 8.

Rate Books to be produced; 9.

Provision for Case of Death or Incapacity of Officer, and for the Discharge of Duties of Ward Clerk until the Appointment of such Officer; 10.

Notices by Persons omitted in Ward Lists, and claiming to be put thereon, and by Persons objecting to others as not entitled to be thereon. Lists of Claimants and Persons objected to to be made by the Town Clerk; 11.

Recorder and Common Serjeant, jointly or separately, to hold Courts for Revision of Lists; 12.

Any Person on the List of Voters may object to Claimants; 13. Application may be made to Court of Queen's Bench for a Mandamus to put a Person on the Ward List; 14.

Power of Court to adjourn, and to administer Declarations, &c. Persons or Person holding Révision Courts to sign Ward Lists;


Lists to be kept by Town Clerk, and be in force from 1st December inclusive for One Year; 16.

Copies of Lists to be sold; 17.

Five Common Councilmen and One Alderman to be elected in each Ward; 18.

Where and before whom periodical Elections of Aldermen and Common Councilmen to take place; 19.

Provision for taking the Poll at such Elections; 20.

No Inquiry of the Voter, except as to his Identity, and whether he has voted before at the same Election. Forms of Questions; 21.

When the Poll is to be declared; 22.

Existing Aldermen and Common Councilmen to go out of Office; 23.
Manner of proceeding if a Person be elected an Alderman or Common
Councilman in more than One Ward; 24.

Term of Office of Common Councilmen and Aldermen; 25.
Election of Lord Mayor; 26.

Lord Mayor and Aldermen to be Justices; 27.

Three Auditors to be elected annually; 28.

Provisions as to Ward Elections to apply to Election of Auditors; 29.

Persons vacating Office may be re-elected; 30.

Casual Vacancies; 31.

Lord Mayor to appoint Time and Place of Election where not appointed in the Act; 32.

Who are not qualified to be chosen Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Common Councilmen, or Auditors; 33.

Qualification of Sheriffs; 34.

Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, Common Councilmen, and Auditors not to act until they have made a Declaration of Acceptance of Office, and, where qualified by Estate, of such Qualification; 35. Every Person not accepting Office to pay a Fine; 36.

Disqualification of Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Councilmen; 37.

Penalty on Persons acting who are disqualified; 38.

Penalty on Ward Clerks and Town Clerks for Neglect to comply with the Provisions of the Act; 39.

Accounts of Receipts and Disbursements to be audited, and published; 40.

Accounts to be transmitted to Secretary of State, and Abstract laid before Parliament; 41.

Power of Sale and Leasing restrained; 42.

Power to renew Leases, &c.; 43.

Leases of certain Buildings, and of Ground for building on, or for
making Gardens, &c., may be made for Seventy-five Years; 44.
Common Hall Elections transferred to Common Council; 45.
Court of Aldermen abolished, and their Functions vested in Common
Council; 46.


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