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Poor Law (Ireland) :

96. Bill further to amend the Acts for the more effectual Relief of the destitute Poor in Ireland

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Poor Law Amendment (Scotland) :

137. Bill to amend the Law relating to the Relief of the Poor in Scotland


Prisons (Ireland):

Bill to further amend the Laws relating to Prisons in Ireland

Procedure and Evidence:

111. Bill for further amending the Law touching Evidence and Procedure

Public Health Act Amendment:

Bill to amend the Public Health Act, 1848

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206. Same [as amended in Committee]

Procedure before Justices (Scotland):

Bill, intituled, An Act for amending the Procedure before Magistrates and Justices of Peace in Scotland


Proctors in Ecclesiastical Courts:

260. Bill to repeal the Eighth Section of the Fifty-third George the Third, Chapter One hundred and twenty-seven, whereby Proctors in Ecclesiastical Courts in England allowing their Names to be used by Persons not entitled to act as Proctors, or allowing such Persons to participate in any Profit and Benefit, shall be struck off the Roll


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Public Health Supplemental Bill:

141. Bill to confirm Provisional Orders of the General Board of Health applying the Public Health Act, 1848, to the Districts of Waterloo with Seaforth, West Ham, Sowerby Bridge and Moss-side; for Alteration of the Boundaries of the Districts of Rusholme and Bishop Auckland; and for other Purposes


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545 579

Public Works:

79. Bill to authorize for a further Period the Advance of Money out of the Consolidated Fund for carrying on Public Works and Fisheries, and for the Employment of the Poor


Public Works (Ireland) :

80. Bill to authorize for a further Period the Application of Money for the Purposes of Loans for carrying on Public Works in Ireland


Queen's Colleges (Ireland):

197. Bill to extend the Provisions of an Act of the Eighth and Ninth Years of Her present Majesty, for enabling Her Majesty to endow new Colleges for the Advancement of Learning in Ireland 633


Definitions; Sect. 1.

Court of Chancery empowered to authorize Leases of Settled Estates for any Purposes, subject to certain Restrictions; 2-6.

Mode in which the Court may authorize such Leases; namely, either by approving of particular Leases, or vesting general Powers in Trustees; 7.

What Evidence is to be produced to the Court on an Application to authorize Leases; 8.

How Leases are to be effected under the Direction of the Court; 9, 10. Court may authorize Sales of Settled Estates and of Timber; 11. Land may be sold for Building, reserving a Fee-farm Rent; 12. Minerals, &c. may be excepted from Sales, and Purchasers may be required to enter into Covenants; 13.

Court may authorize Dedication of Parts of Settled Estates for Roads, &c.; 14.

How Sales and Dedications are to be effected under the Direction of the Court; 15.

Applications for Exercise of this Act to be made by whom, and with

what Consents; 16-19.

Notice of the Exercise of Powers conferred under this Act to be given where practicable; 20.

Court may appoint Trustees to receive and apply Monies arising from Sales; 21.

Trustees may apply Monies, in certain Cases, without Application to Court; 22.

Until Application, Money to be invested in Exchequer Bills, &c. ; 23. Parties may avail themselves of this Act, whether the Settlement contains Provisions for the like Purpose or not; 24.

Court may not authorize any Act that might not have been authorized by the Settlor; 25.

The Restrictions imposed on the Court by this Act to be directory only; 26.

Costs; 27.

Lord Chancellor may make Rules and Orders; 28, 29.

Power to Tenants for Life, &c. to grant Husbandry or Occupation

Leases for Twenty-one Years; 30, 31.

Evidence of Execution of Counterpart of Lease by Lessee; 32.

Repeal of 32 Hen. 8. c. 28. and 10 Car. 1. sess. 3. c. 6. (Ireland),

except as to Ecclesiastical Leases; 33.

Provisions as to Infants, Lunatics, married Women, &c. ; 34-37.
No Equity to compel any one to avail himself of this Act; 38.

Tenants for Life, &c. may exercise Powers, notwithstanding Incum

brances; 39.

Exception as to Entails created by Act of Parliament; 40.

Saving Rights of Lords of Manors; 41.

Extent of Application of Act, and Time of Commencement; 42-44.



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An Act to facilitate Leases and Sales of Settled

[Note. The Words printed in Red Ink are proposed to be inserted in Committee.]


HEREAS it is expedient that the Court of Chancery should Preamble. have Power in certain Cases to authorize Leases and Sales of settled Estates where it shall deem that such Leases or Sales would be proper and consistent with a due Regard for the 5 Interests of all Parties entitled under the Settlement; and it is also expedient that Persons in possession of Land for certain limited Interests should have Power to grant Agricultural or Occupation Leases thereof, at Rackrent, for a reasonable Period: Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice 10 and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows:



ment :"

I. The Word "Settlement," as used in this Act, shall signify Interpreany Act of Parliament, Deed, Agreement, Copy of Court Roll, Will, tations: or other Instrument, or any Number of such Instruments, under or by virtue of which any Hereditaments of any Tenure or any Estates or Interests in any such Hereditaments stand limited to or in trust for any Persons, by way of Succession, including any such Instruments affecting the Estates of any One or more of such Persons exclusively; 20 and the Term "Settled Estates," as used in this Act, shall signify all Hereditaments of any Tenure and all Estates or Interests in any such Hereditaments which are the Subject of a Settlement: and for the

"Settled Estates:"

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