Parliamentary Papers, 5. kötet

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1856
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20. oldal - An Act for the further limitation of the Crown, and better securing the rights and liberties of the Subject...
13. oldal - ... shall be liable for every such offence to a penalty not exceeding twenty shillings per day during such infringement ; and in the case of nuisances under Sub-section (6), (8).
14. oldal - ... be actually made, procured, or provided, or fit or ready for delivery, or some act may be requisite for the making or completing thereof, or rendering the same fit for delivery...
9. oldal - Register"; and a copy of the medical register for the time being purporting to be so printed and published as aforesaid, shall be evidence in all courts and before all justices of the peace and others, that the persons therein specified are registered according to the provisions of this act...
18. oldal - Enactments or either of them, so as to be chargeable in respect or by reason only of any written Acknowledgment or Promise made and signed by any other or others of them...
15. oldal - ... shall be deemed invalid to support an action, suit, or other proceeding to charge the person by whom such promise shall have been made, by reason only that the consideration for such promise does not appear in writing, or by necessary inference from a written document.
5. oldal - Acts with respect to the purchase and taking of lands otherwise than by agreement...

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