Catalogue of Books: New and Second-hand, in All Branches of Literature. 1866-1878

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Macmillan & Company, 1878 - 461 oldal

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417. oldal - WILLIAM STUBBS, MA, Vicar of Navestock, Essex, and Lambeth Librarian. 1864-1865. The authorship of the Chronicle in VoL I., hitherto ascribed to Geoffrey Vinesauf, is now more correctly ascribed to Richard, Canon of the Holy Trinity of London. The narrative...
418. oldal - Library at Paris, and is believed to be the only complete and nearly contemporary copy in existence. The work, as originally bound, was comprised in six volumes, since rebound in morocco in 12 volumes, folio maximo, vellum, and is illustrated with exquisite miniatures, vignettes, and initial letters.
302. oldal - Messrs. Macmillan have, in their Golden Treasury Series especially, provided editions of standard works, volumes of selected poetry, and original compositions, which entitle this series to be called classical. Nothing can be better than the literary execution, nothing more elegant than the material workmanship.
408. oldal - CUM TRITICO. Ascribed to THOMAS NETTER, of WALDEN, Provincial of the Carmelite Order in England, and Confessor to King Henry the Fifth. Edited by the Rev. WW SHIRLEY, MA, Tutor and late Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.
276. oldal - Richardson's Philological Dictionary of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Combining Explanation with Etymology, and copiously illustrated by Quotations from the Best Authorities. New Edition, with a Supplement containing additional Words and further Illustrations. In 2 vols.
419. oldal - MRIA 1866. There is, in this volume, a legendary account of the peopling of Ireland and of the adventures which befell the various heroes who are said to have been connected with Irish history. The details are, however, very meagre both for this period and for the time when history becomes more authentic. The plan adopted in the chronicle gives the appearance of an accuracy to which the earlier portions of the work cannot have any claim. The succession of events is marked, year by year, from AM 1599...
416. oldal - Collected nnd edited b;/ the Rev. T. OSWALD COCKAYNE, MA, of St. John's College, Cambridge. 1864-1866. This work illustrates not only the history of science, but the history of superstition. In addition to the information bearing directly upon the medical skill and medical faith of the times, there are many passages which incidentally throw light upon the general mode of life and ordinary diet. The volumes are interesting not only in their scientific, but also in their social aspect.
407. oldal - Price 10*. each Volume or Part.] On 25 July 1822, the House of Commons presented an address to the Crown, stating that the editions of the works of our ancient historians were inconvenient and defective : that many of their writings still remained in manuscript, and, in some cases, in a single copy only.
83. oldal - Svo, 6s. The Book of Common Order of the Church of Scotland, commonly known as John Knox's Liturgy.
408. oldal - It does not throw any new light on the reign of Edward the Confessor, but is valuable as a specimen of the Latin poetry of the time. The third, also by an anonymous author, was apparently written for Queen...

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