TAUGHT by Thee, (for the highest Heaven nor lowest Hell hide nothing from Thee) let me relate what was the Cause that mov'd our first Parents, when they were plac'd in so happy an Estate, and favour'd so highly of Heaven, to lose Obedience to their Creator, and transgress his Command, when he had laid on them but one Restraint, and given themPower over the whole world besides; and who it was that first feduc'd them to that foul Rebellion: It was the chief of the fallen Angels (e) conceal'd in the Form of a Serpent, whose Fraud, stirr'd up with Revenge, and Envy, deceiv'd the first Mother of Mankind : Before which his Pride had occasion'd him to be cast out from Heaven, with all the rest of the rebellious Angels, by whole Alistance he aspir'd first to set himself up in Glory above what he was, and imagin'd that he might equal himself to the Almighty, and Most High God, if he did but strive, and oppose him; and with this ambitious Aim made War in Heaven, and fought against his Government, abfolute Power and Dominion, with proud Battle, but the Attempt was in vain, for the Power of the AlMIGHTY cast him down from the Heavens, with most dreadful Ruin, and Burning, down to the bot


B 5

(e) Angels; All the Modern Creatures they come nearest to Languages of Europe borrow this the Eternal Father of Spirits, in Word Angel from the Greek, i. e. their Spiritual Nature and vast A Messenger ; and the Hebrew Perfections; which the Almighty Malachi fignifies the same, be- makes use of as his Servants, to cause these Celestial Beings are execute his Orders through the the Meffengers of God. It de- whole Creation, altho' he stands notes their Оfice rather than in no Need of their Services. their Nature. In other Words Angels of the Presence : And so they are called Spirits, Minifters, they are called Shinan, i. e. SeGods, Sons of God, Thrones, &c. cond: Because they are Second Angels are pure, Intelleétual, or next to God, Pfal. 68. 17. Spiritual Beings, more noble by Here, Satan who had once been far than Man, the Glory and an Holy, but is now an Apoftate Perfection of the Creation ; of all and Rebellious Angel.

tomless Pit, and everlasting Destruction, where he was doom'd to live, in such Pains and Bondage, as are best express’d by Chains and Fire ; who had the Presumption to defy, and set himself against the omnipotent Creator of all Things.

As long as would seem many Days and Nights to mortal Men, he lay with his horrid Companions, totally subdu’d, and restless, as if they had been rolling in a fiery Gulph ; for though they were imnortal Spirits, yet were they confounded: But his Doom was to be reserv'd to more Wrath, for now the Thought of the Happiness he had loft, and the lafting Pain which had seiz’d, tormented him, and speaking after the Manner of Men, he cast his sorrowful Eyes around, which shew'd that he was dismay'd, and very much afflicted; but not fo, but that he retain'd stedfast Hate, and inflexible Pride. At once, as far as it was in the Power of an Angel, to discern, he perceiv'd the dismal Situation, that it was waste, and wild, and his Idea represented to him a horrible Dungeon, that Aam'd round on all Sides, like a great Furnace, and yet there seem'd to be no Light, but only perceptible Darkness ; in which terrible Sights of Woe might be discover'd; Regions of Sorrow, Shades of Hell, where Peace and Rest could never have Habitation, where Hope the only Comforter never comes, but endless Tortures urge continually, and a fiery Deluge, fed with what always burns, and never consumes: This Place eternal Justice had prepar'd for those rebellious Angels, and here given them their Portion, farther remov'd from the Light of Heaven, and from God, than it is from the Center (f) three times to the farthest


() Center ; Fr. Ital. Span, Point of a Circle. Here, the Lai. from the Gr. i. e. A Point, Middle Point of the Earth, i. e. An Afronomical T. The Middle Three Times as far from Hea

Pole, (s) but oh! how unlike was this Place from that he fell from! There he soon difcern'd the Companions of his Fall overwhelm'd as with Floods and Whirlwinds of tempeftous Fire; and weltering by his Side, one that was next himself in Power, and next in Wickedness, who a great while afterwards was worshipp'd in PalæstinE, (b) and call'd BeelZEBUB, (i) to whom the Arch-Enemy (who thence. forward in Heaven, was callid (k) SATAN,) break


B 4

ven, as the two Poles are difant Doctrine of the Holy Jesus and from the Equator, which is a bis Apostles. The Jews expellid vast Distance indeed.

the Philistines for their abomina(8) Pole; Fr. Lat. Gr. i. e. ble Idolatry and other Crimes ; Turning round. An Ajiron. T. the Romans demolish'd those ; The two Ends of an imaginary the Saracens and Turks have been Circle, on which Aftronomers say Masters of it these thousand the World turns round from East Years paft. If Obs. That to Weft daily. The Poles are tho' Idolatry was practised all the two, the Artic or North Pole ; World over, yet our Author mens and the Antartic or South Pole. tions this Nation in particular;

(b) Palafline; Heb. i. because the Idols hereafter descri. Sprinkled with Duft and Sand; bed, were chiefly worshipped in because it is a very dry Land. it. A Country of Afia upon the Me- (1) Beel-zebub, Baal-zebub, or diterranean Sea. It was call'd, Bel-zebub; Heb. i. e. The Lord 1. Canaan, from Canaan the of Flies ; either because the PeoSon of Ham; 2. Pbilifæa or ple believed, that he drove away Paleftine, from a mighty People and destroyed Flies, which very descended from Mizraim, ano- much infested them ; or because ther of his Sons, Gen. 10. 14. Multitudes of these Vermin swar. who inhabited some part of it. med about the Blood of the Sa3. The Land of Promise ; because crifices offered to him. He was God promised to give it to Abra- worshipped first at Babylon, and ham and his Pofterity, for an In- then every where ; but chiefly by heritance. 4. Judæa ; from Ju- the People of Ekron, 2 Kings, dah, whose Offspring had it 1. 2. Here it is the Name of long in Possession. And 5. the one Grand Prince of the Devils, Holy Land; because it was ho- and next to Satan; our Saviour noured with God's extraordinary calls him the Prince of the DePresence, Worship, Mercier, Blej- vils, Mat. 12. 24. fings, Miracles above all Coun- (k) Satan ; Heb. i. e. The Ad. tries upon Earth ; and with the versary. The very Prince of Nativity, Life, Aaions, and all Devils. As there are diffe.


ing the horrid Silence with bold Words thus began to 1peak:

If thou art he, who in the happy Kingdoms of Light, cloath'd with excessive Brightness, didst outfhine Millions of the other Angels, though they were bright! If Misery hath now join'd with me in the same Ruin, him whose united Thoughts, and Counsels, whose equal Hope, and Hazard with mutual League, join'd with me once in the glorious Enterprize: How art thou fallen and chang'd! Thou seest into what Pit, and from what Height we are thrown down; so much stronger He prov'd with his Thun

; ders, and till then who had ever known the Force of those fatal Arms? And yet not on the Account of those, or what the powerful Conqueror in his greatest Anger can inflict elle, do I either change, or repent of that fix'd Mind, (tho' my outward Lustre may seem diminish'd) nor of that high Disdain which arose in me from a Sense of injur'd Merit, that rais'd me to contend with him who is call'd MIGHTIEST, and brought along to the fierce Contention, a numberless Force of arm'd Spirits, who durft disapprove of his Government; and preferring me, with adverse Power oppos’d his utmost Power, in a doubtful Battle fought in Heaven, in such a Manner as shook his Throne. What though we have suffer'd some Loss? We have not lost all, our Will still remains unconquer'd ; immortal Hate, and Study of Revenge yet remain, and a couragious Resolution never to yield or submit, that Glory his greatest Wrath or Power shall never extort from me, (what other Proof needs there, that we are not overcome ?) To bow and pe


rent Orders and Degrees of the For as every good Angel is not a Holy Angels, so there are still a- Michael or a Gabriel ; so every mong the wicked ones : Their Devil is not a Satan, a Lucifer, Chief Prince is called Satan, &c. And a Kingdom is ascribed Bel zebub, the Old Serpent, &c. to him, Mat, 12. 26. Eph. 2. 2.

tition for Grace, and with Supplications and bended Knees, acknowledge a Power to be infinite; and divine, who so lately had Reason from the Terror of my Power to doubt the Continuance of his Dominion: That would be low indeed, that would be worse Disgrace, worse Shame and Ignominy than this Downfall. Since we have (as well as He) by Fate (2) the Strength of Gods, and the Substance of which we are, is immortal and cannot fail ; since by this last great Event we have gain'd much Experience and Foresight, and for Opposition still are not worse, we may now make a Resolution, (and hope well for Success,) to make either by Force or Fraud eternal and irreconcileable War upon our great Enemy; who now indeed triumphs in the Excess of Joy, and having no Competitor arbitrarily holds the Ty

ranny of Heaven.

Thus vaunting aloud spoke the apostate Angel, tho' he was in great Pain, and stung with Tortures of the deepest Despair ; and his intrepid Companion BEELZEBUB soon replied.

GREAT Prince ! Chief of the many throned Powers, (m) that lead the Seraphim (n) to War in Order of Battle under thy Conduct, and fearless,


(1) Fate ; Fr. Lat. i. e. The still retained that high Order aSpeech or Decrue of God. A mong themselves, which they Word much used by the Stoicks, had before their Fall. and other Heathen Philosophers (1) Seraphim and Seraph; Heb. for the Providence of God; the i. e. Burning and Flaming like eternal and unchangeableCourse Fire, to sew the vast Love and of Things, the unalterable Law Zeal of those blessed Spirits to of Nature, Destiny.

God. In Scripture this Word (m) Powers ; Fr. from the Lat. denotes holy Angels of the first Such Angels as have Ability, Au- Order of the Celestial Hierar. thority, Might and force in chy. Here, Satan, who had Heaven. Here, such Princes a- been one of that high and happy mong the Fallen Angels, who Order.

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