Pr. D Eceive, dear brother, [or fifter] as a pro

having said, Misereatur tui, &c. and Indulgentiam, Absolutionem, &c. as in Ordinary of the Mass, p. xii. takes the sacred Hoft in his hand, and Mewing it the sick person, says: Pr. Behold the lamb of God; behold him that taketh away the fins of the world. And then adds thrice : Lord I am not worthy thou shouldft enter under my roof: speak but the word, and my soul fhall be healed.

When he gives the Eucharist, he says :


vision for thy journey, the body of our Lord Jesus Chrift, to defend thee from the wicked enemy, and bring thee to life everlasting. R. Amen.

But if the Eucharist be not given by way of Viaticum, the Priest says, as usual : Pr. A Y the body of our Lord Jesus Christ

preserve thy soul to eternal life. Then the Priest washes his fingers in some liquid, which is given the fick person by way of Ablution, or thrown into the fire.

V. May the Lord be V. Dominus vobiscum. with you. R. And with R. Et cuin spiritu tuo. thy spirit.

Let us pray. Domine fanale.
OLY Lord, almighty Father, eternal God,

we, with a lively faith, beseech thee, that the facred body of our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, may be to our brother, for fifter who hath received it, an eternal remedy both to body and soul. Who liveth. R. Amen.



UNCTION. Pr. Eace be to this Pr. AX huic domui. house. R. And

R. Et omnibus to all that dwell therein, habitantibus in eà.



Then he gives the fick perfon the crucifix to kiss

, and sprinkles him, the room and all present, with holy water, saying the Anthem, Thou İhalt sprinkle, as above, p. ccx. Then he says :

V. Our help is in the V. Adjutorium noftrum name of the Lord. R. in nomine Domini. R. Who made both heaven Qui fecit cælum & ter: and earth. V. May the ram. V. Dominus voLord be with you. R. biscum. R. Et cum spiAnd with thy spirit.

ritu tuo.
PRAYER. Introeat, as p. ccviii.

PRAYER. Oremus.
ET us pray and beseech our Lord Jesus Chrift,

that blefling he would bless this house, and all that dwell in it, and that he would appoint a good angel for a guard, and make them all serve him, and consider the wonderful things of his law: may

he drive from them all the power of the enėmy, deliver them from all fear and disturbance, and preserve them in health in this house. Who with the Father and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth God world without end. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Exaudi, as p. ccx. Then is said the Confiteor. And the Priest having said : Misereatur, &c. and Indulgentiam : be


goes on thus :

I of

all the power

Pr. IN the name of the Father, and of the Son,

may of the Devil be extinguished in thee by the laying on of our hands, and the invocation of all the holy Angels, Archangels, Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Confeffors, Virgins, and of all the Saints together. R. Amen.


Of the Eyes.
Y this holy unction, and by his own moft great

thou hast offended by thy fight. R. Amen.

Of the Ears. Y this holy unction, and by his own most great thou hast offended by thy hearing. R. Amen.

Of the Nostrils.
Y this holy unction, and by his own great mercy,

may the Lord pardon thee whatever thou hart offended by thy smell. R. Amen.

Of the Mouth.
Y this holy unction, and by his own great mercy

may the Lord.pardon thee whatever thou hart offended by thy taste, and by thy words. R. Amen.

Of the Hands.
Y this holy unction, and by his own most great

mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatever thou hast offended by thy feeling. R. Amen.

Of the Feet.
Y this holy unction, and by his own most great

mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatever thou hast offended by thy walking. R. Amen. V. Lord have mercy on

V. Kyrie eleison. R. us. R. Christ have mer- Chrifie eleison. V. Kyrie cy on us. V. Lord have eleison.

Pater nofter. mercy on us. Our Father V. Et ne nos inducas in in Secret. V. And lead tentationem. R. Sed lius not into temptation. bera nos à malo. V. SalR. But deliver us from vum fac fervum tuum. evil. V. Save thy servant. R. Deus meus, fperanR. Who puts his or her] tem in te. V. Mitte ei, trust in thee, O my God. Domine, auxilium de 1. Send him (or her] fancto. R. Et de Sion help from thy fanctuary. tuere eum. V. Esto ei, R. And from out of Sion Domine, turris fortituprotect him (or her]. V. dinis. R. A facie inimiBe to him for her] O ci. V.Nihil proficiat inLord, a tower of strength. imicus in eo. R. Et fiR. From the face of the lius iniquitatis non ap



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enemy. V. Let not the

ponat nocere ei. V. Do. enemy prevail against mine, exaudi orationem him for her]. R. Nor meam. R. Et clamor the fon of iniquity hurt meus ad te veniat. V. him [or her] any more.

Dominus vobiscum. R. V. O Lord hear my Et cum spiritu tuo. prayer. R. And let my cry come unto thee. V. May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy fpirit.

Let us pray. Domine Deus.
Lord God, who haft made this declaration

by thy Apostle James: Is any one fick amongst you? Let him Jend for the Priests of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith mall save the fick man, and the Lord will ease him, and if he be in fin, his fins shall be forgiven him: Cure, we beseech thee, O our Redeemer, by the grace of the Holy Ghost, the disease of this fick person, heal his [or her] wounds, and forgive him [or her) all his [or her] fins: and remove from him (or her) all pain of mind and body, and mercifully grant him (or her] perfect health both inwardly and outwardly, that being restored by thy mercy, he [or the] may return with health to his (or her) former employments. Who, with the Father and Holy Ghost, livest and reignest for ever and ever, R. Amen. Let us pray. Look down, as p. ccix.

Let us pray. Domine fanéte.
Holy Lord, almighty Father, eternal God,

who by pouring the grace of thy blessing on fick bodies, doft variously by thy mercy preserve what thou dist make: graciously affift, while we call on thy name, that having freed this thy fervant from fickness, and restored him (or her] to health, thou may ft raise him [or her] by thy right

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Keeleison. Kyrie

hand, strengthen by thy might, and defend by thy
power, and restore him [or her] with desired suc-
cess to thy holy Church. Thro' Chrif our Lord.
R. Amen.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ORD have mercy

Yrie eleison. Chrion us, Christ have mercy on us. Lord have

eleiton. mercy on us.

Holy Mary. Pray for Sancta Maria. Ora him (or her.]

pro eo [or eâ]. All you holy Angels Omnes fancti Angeli, and Archangels. Pray & Archangeli. Orate ye.

pro eo [or eâ.]. Holy Abel. Pray. Sancte Abel. Ora. All you choir of the

Omnis chorus Justo Just. Pray.

rum. Qrate. Holy Ábraham. Pray. Sancte Abrahan. Ora.

Saint John the Baptift. Sancte Joannes BapPray.

tiffa. Ora. All you holy Patri Omnes SS. Patriarchs and Prophets. Pray archæ & Prophetæ. Oye.

rate. St. Peter. Pray.

Sancte Petre. Ora. St. Paul. Pray.

Sancte Paule. Ora. St. Andrew. Pray.

Sancte Andrea. Ora. St. John. Pray.

Sancte Joannes. Ora. All you holy Apostles Omnes fanéti Apoftoand Evangelists. . Prayli & Evangeliftæ. Orate ye.

pro eo [or ea). All you holy Disciples Omnis fancti Disciof the Lord. Pray ye.

puli Domini. Orate. All you holy Innocents. Omnes sancti InnoPray ye.

centes. Orate. St. Stephen. Pray. Sancte Stephane. Ora.

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