which is in Jerusalem, lem. V. Kyrie eleison. V. Lord have mercy on R. Christe eleison. V. us. R. Christ have mer- Kyrie eleison. Pater nofcy on us. V. Lord have ter, &c. V. Et ne nos inmercy on us. Our Fa. ducas in tentationem. ther, C. V. And lead us R. Sed libera nos à malos not into temptation. R. V. Salvos fac fervos tuos. But deliver us from evil. R. Deus meus sperantes V. Save thy servants. R. in te. V. Mitte eis, DoWho put their trust in mine, auxilium de sancto. thee, O my God. V. R. Et de Sion tuere eos. Send them help from thy V. Esto eis, Domine, Sanctuary. R. And from turris fortitudinis. R. A out of Sion protect them. facie inimici. V. Domine V.O Lord hear my pray- exaudi orationem meam. er. R. And let my cry R. Et clamor meus ad te come unto thee. V. May veniat. V. Dominus vothe Lord be with you. biscum. R. Et cum fpiR. And with thy spirit. ritu tuo.

Let us pray. Refpice.
OOK down, we beseech thee, O Lord, upon

these thy servants, and vouchsafe graciously to favour this thy institution, by which thou haft ordained the propagation of mankind; that they who are joined together by thy authority, may be preserved by thy aid. Thro' Chris our Lord. R. Amen.



UR help is in the V. Arrum in nomine

The BLESSING of a WOMAN with

CHILD, when in danger.

of the Lord. R. Who made Domini. R. Qui fecit both heaven and earth. cælum & terram. V. V. Save thy handmaid. Salvam fac ancillam tu

Vol. II.


R. Who puts her trust am.

R. Deus meus, in thee, O my God. V. fperantem in te. V. Esto Be to her, O Lord, a illi, Domine, turris fortower of strength. R. titudinis. R. A facie inFrom the face of the e imici. V. Nihil proficiat nemy. V. Let not the inimicus in eâ." R. Et enemy prevail against filius iniquitatis non apher. R. Nor the fon of ponat nocere ei. V. Mitiniquity hurt her any te ei, Domine, auxilium more. V. Send her help, de sancto. R. Et de Sion O Lord, from thy fanc- tuere eam. V. Domine, tuary. R. And from out exaudiorationem meam. of Sion protect her. V.0 R. Et clamor meus ad Lord hear my prayer. te veniat. V. Dominus R. And let my cry come

vobiscum. R. Et cum unto thee. V. May the spiritu tuo. Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit.


Let us pray. Omnipotens.
Almighty and eternal God, who haft given

thy servants in the confession of the true faith, to acknowledge the glory of three divine persons, and to adore them as one God in the power of majefty; we beseech thee, that by the strength of this faith, this thy handmaid may be always defended from all misfortunes. Thro' Chrif our Lord. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Domine Deus.
Lord God, creator of all things, strong and

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and compassionate : who deliverest Ifrael from all misfortunes: who didst make choice of our forefathers, and fanctify them by the gift of thy holy fpirit : who didit prepare, together with the Holy Ghost, the body and soul of glorious Mary the Virgin, to become a fit habitation for thy Son : who didit cause John the Baptist to be filled with the Holy Ghost, and leap in the womb of his mother:

receive the sacrifice of a contrite heart, and the earneit request of thy bandmaid N. who humbly intreateth thee for the preservation of the tender fruit of her womb, which thou haft granted her to conceive: preserve thy fervant at her bringing-forth, and protect her from all the wiles and insults of her cruel enemy, that, by the affiítance of thy mercy, the fruit of her whomb may come to this light in fafety, and be preserved for a new birth, and may constantly serve thee in all things, and obtain eternal life. 'Thro' the same. R. Amen.

Pf. Ixvi. TAY God have EUS misereatur mercy on us, and

nostri, & benedibless us :*may he make cat nobis : * illuminet his countenance shined vultum fuum super nos, on us, and have mercy & misereatur nostri.

M mer

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on us.

That we may know Ut cognoscamus in thy way on earth :*in terrâ viam tuam:*inom. all nations thy salvation. nibus gentibus falutare

tuum. May nations praise Confiteantur tibi pothee, O God :*may all puli Deus :*confiteantur the nations praise thee. tibi populi omnes.

Let the Gentiles be Lætentur & exultent glad and rejoice : * be- Gentes :*quoniam judicause thou judgest the cas populos in æquitate, nations with justice, and & Gentes in terra dirigis. ruleft over the Gentiles on earth.

May the nations praise Confiteantur tibi pothee, O God, may all puli Deus, confiteantur the nations praise thee:* tibi populi omnes :*terthe earth hath yielded ra dedit fructum suum. her fruit.

d Expl. May be cast a favourable look on us.

May God, our God,

Benedicat nos Deus, bless us, may God bless Deus nofter benedicat us : * and may all the nos Deus :*& metuant bounds of the earth fear eum omnes fines terræ. him. Glory

Gloria. V. Let us bless the V. Benedicamus PaFather, and Son, and trum, & Filium, cum Holy Ghost.

R. Let Sancto Spiritu. R. Lauus praise and extol him demus & fuper-exaltefor ever. V. May God mus eum in fæcula. V. give his Angels a charge Angelis suis Deus manover thee. R. To pre- det de te. R. Ut curserve thee where-ever todiant te in omnibus thou goeft. V. O Lord viis tuis. V. Domine, hear my prayer. R. And exaudi orationem melet my cry come unto am. R. Et clamor me. thee. V. May the Lord us ad te veniat. V. Dobe with you. R. And minus vobiscum. R. Et with thy spirit.

cum spiritu tuo. Let us pray. Visita. "Ifit, we beseech thee, O Lord, this dwelling,

and drive from it, and from this thy handmaid, all the inares of the enemy; and may thy holy Angels dwell in it, who may preserve both her and the fruit of her womb in peace: and may thy blesling be always on her: fave them, O almighty God, and grant them thy eternal light. Thro'. R. Amen.

CAY the blessing of almighty God, the Fa-

ther, Son, and Holy Ghost, come down on thee, and upon the fruit of thy womb, and remain with thee for ever. R. Amen.






After CHILD BIRTH. The Woman, who after childbirth desires to come to Choo ch to give God thanks, and receive the Priest's

T Lord's, and all


blessing, kneels down at the Church-door with a lighted taper in her hand, and the Priest sprinkles her with boly water, saying : V. UR help is in V. the name of the

trum in nomine : Lord. R. Who made Domini. R. Qui fecit both heaven and earth. cælum & terram.

Anth. This woman Ant. Hæc accipiet beshall receive a blessing nedictionem à Domino, from the Lord, and mer & mifericordiam à Deo cy of God her Saviour; falutari fuo ; hæc eft for she is of the genera enim generatio quærention of those that seek tium Dominum. the Lord.

Pf. xxiji.
THE earth is the Omini est terra, &

Lord's, and all plenitudo ejus : * that it containeth :*the orbis terrarum, & uni. globe of the earth, and verfi qui habitant in eo. all that dwell on it.

For it was he who Quia ipfe fuper maria founded it above the fundavit eum :*& fuper feas:*and settled it above flumina præparavit eum. the rivers.

Who is he that shall' Quis ascendet in mongo up to the mountain

tem Domini ?*Aut quis of the Lord? *Or who is ftabit in loco fanéto ejus? he that shall abide in his holy place?

He whose hands are Innocens manibus, & innocent, and whose mundo corde :* qui non heart is clean: * who accepit in vano animam hath not taken his soul fuam, nec juravit in dolo in vain, nor sworn against proximo luo. his neighbour in deceit.

That man fhall re Hic accipiet benedicceive a blessing from the tionem à Domino : * & c Expl. Sworn falsely, to the prejudice of bis own forsko

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