The Life of Field-Marshal Arthur, Duke of Wellington, 2. kötet

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Chapman & Hall, 1860

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191. oldal - I am one of those who have probably passed a longer period of my life engaged in war than most men, and principally, I may say, in civil war; and I must say this, — that if I could avoid, by any sacrifice whatever, even one month of civil war in the country to which I am attached, I would sacrifice my life in order to do it.
172. oldal - If we could bury it in oblivion for a short time, and employ that time diligently in the consideration of its difficulties on all sides (for they are very great), I should not despair of seeing a satisfactory remedy.
185. oldal - Late political events have convinced me that the whole transaction was intended as a blind to the Protestant and High Church party ; that the noble duke, who had for some time previous to that period determined upon " breaking in upon the constitution of 1688...

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