De Catilinae Conjuratione Belloque Jugurthino Historiae

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Sumtibus G. et C. et H. Carvill, 1829 - 386 oldal

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327. oldal - Each legion was divided into ten cohorts, each cohort into three maniples, and each maniple into two...
375. oldal - As the priests forbade him to approach her, and to have his house defiled with mourning, he sent her a bill of divorce, and ordered her to be carried to another house while the breath was in her body.
167. oldal - Facinus denotes a bold or daring action, and unless it be joined with a favourable epithet, or the action be previously described as commendable, the term is always to be understood in a vituperative sense.
220. oldal - The consuls ordered such as they pleased to be cited out of each tribe, and every one was obliged to answer to his name under a severe penalty, Liv.
186. oldal - Poplicola had a law passed, which took away the securis or axe from the fasces, ie it took from the consuls the power of life and death, and only left them the right of scourging. This last, however, was, at a subsequent period, also taken from them by the Porcian and Sempronian laws. Whether the operation of these laws extended beyond the walls of the city, or whether the consul, when invested with military command, could scourge and behead, is a point not Page.
268. oldal - We hare given lectos with Cortius and others. Some editions have electos, which may be construed as a substantive. The electi, according to Vegetius, (2, 6,) composed the first cohort, which took its post by the eagle, and was regarded as the head of...
194. oldal - Upon his return into the city, after having overthrown the party of Marius, he wrote down the names of those whom he doomed to die, and ordered them to be fixed up...
200. oldal - It was the part of the Patron to advise and to defend his client, to assist him with his interest and substance, in short to do every thing for him that a parent uses to do for his children. The Client was obliged to pay all kind of respect to his patron, and to serve him with his life and fortune in any extremity, Dionys.

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